‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Briana DeJesus Goes Through One of Her Worst Breakups Ever; Chelsea Houska Comes to Terms with Her ‘Teen Mom’ Past & More

“Being on ‘Teen Mom’ was, um…great. I learned to dodge crazed girls who came out on stage ready to box, so there’s that…”

From dealing with a breakup to dealing with a past that includes appearing on a trashy TV show, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last week or so…

Briana DeJesus is Bummed Because She No Longer Has a Boo. 

Briana’s message to any and all potential soulmates. (Probably.)

Briana DeJesus is going through it, guys…in her car…while admittedly wearing a shirt she stole from her kid. 

The ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ star took to TikTok this week to vent about the fact that she is currently without a man, following her recent breakup. 

“I’m literally going through the worst— I wouldn’t say the worst heartbreak— but close to it,” Briana revealed in her TikTok video.

“Why is life so hard– for me,” she asked followers while sitting in her car and tearing up. “I don’t even want to say that because I sound so selfish, because I’m f**king blessed. There’s a lot of things I have that other people don’t have … .” 

You’re not wrong, girl.

One of the things Briana doesn’t have, however, is a boyfriend, and the mom of two isn’t happy about it. Briana told fans this week that the last year has been “so hard” for her and emotionally, she is “not well.” 

“Breakups are hard,” she stated. “I think for me the hardest part is like, I’m about to be 30 years old and I have everything I ever wanted, except for a partner. And that’s like, the one thing that I want. Like, I would trade everything else for like, my person, my partner.” 

While Briana was tweeting about a mystery man earlier this year, she revealed on social media February 8 that the short-lived relationship had come to an end. 

“My heart broke into a million pieces and I just have to pick them all up and try to put it back together,” she wrote.

Briana, whose dating history includes men who have worked in front of AND behind the camera on ‘Teen Mom,’ also assured fans that her soulmate isn’t her baby daddy–- or at least not the first one, anyway.

“I really think you and Devoin [Austin] are meant to be 2gether but ur too scared to let him all the way in so ur looking elsewhere,” one person commented on Briana’s TikTok. “It will all workout!” 

“No ma’am we are not meant to be lol,” Briana replied.

“Sounds like you still have a chance, Lu.”

Watch Briana’s parking lot vent sesh below. 


Crying in my daughters shirt that I stole😂 this cant be life?? And is it really stealing if I bought it???

♬ original sound – Briana Dejesus

Chelsea Houska Reflects on Her Time on ‘Teen Mom 2’; Says It “Doesn’t Even Feel Like That Was My Life” 

“If we could all just never mention ‘The Adam Years’ again, that would be great, thanks!”

It’s been over three years since Chelsea jumped ship from the sinking vessel that is the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, but it appears that the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star has made amends with that period of her life. Chelsea even reflected back on it with gratitude during a recent interview on The Jennifer Hudson Show.

Jennifer asked Chelsea about her time on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and Chelsea responded that the person people saw on the MTV show is very different from who she is today. (Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer were on Jennifer Hudson’s talk show recently to promote the second season of their HGTV show Down Home Fab.) 

“I feel like it’s so interesting. When I look back, it doesn’t even feel like that was my life,” Chelsea said of her ‘Teen Mom’ days. “I don’t know; it just feels like it was forever ago.”

“But, truly, I’m able to look back and just be so appreciative to watch the journey. It’s very rare that you’re able to revisit all the things that made you who you are,” Chelsea said. “I think it just helps me appreciate where I am now, and everything that I’ve gone through.

“So I feel like it’s cool.”

“You made it cool, that’s why,” Jennifer told Chelsea. 

An actual photo of Chelsea leaving ‘Teen Mom 2’ in 2020…

Last year, in an interview with The Ashley, Chelsea made it clear that she has put her ‘Teen Mom’ days far behind her, stating that she and Cole are unlikely to return to the MTV franchise—not even for a guest appearance.

“I feel like that chapter to me is so hard closed that I don’t think I would even want to open up that door, even the smallest bit at this point,” Chelsea told The Ashley. “Not that there’s bad feelings, I just feel like I’ve moved on past that.

“…It’s just something that is over,” Chelsea added, stating that she isn’t even open to making a one-off appearance on one of the franchise’s current shows.

“That is something we just closed and moved on from. There was nothing bad, it was just time to move on,” Cole said.

You can watch Cole and Chelsea’s recent interview with J-Hud below! (The new season of ‘Down Home Fab’ premieres March 21 on HGTV.) 


Leah Messer Finally Gets a Job As a Real Estate Agent

“I ding-dang did it, y’all!”

Leah’s road to becoming a real estate agent has been bumpy, but the West Virginia native proudly announced on Instagram on Wednesday that she has been officially hired by a real estate firm and is now selling houses. 

Leah— who passed her real estate agent exams back in September and was hired but quickly fired by an agency a month later— is now a realtor with eXP Realty. She also launched her new website, which featured a giant, hologram-looking photo of Leah, next to an intro about the mom of three.

“Jaylan may have done me dirty, but he sure as hell did teach me to stage a good photoshoot!”

“Leah Messer, a television personality, real estate professional, and author born and raised in West Virginia,” the site’s homepage reads. “Millions watched her navigate motherhood at a young age and overcome the trials she faced on the MTV series, 16 and Pregnant and
‘Teen Mom 2.’

On the “real estate” section of her website, Leah explains why you should hire her for all your house sellin’ and buyin’ needs. 

“I’m gonna be standin’ in my ding-dang power to sell yer dang house!”

“Hi! I am Leah Messer,” Leah’s personal message on her site states. “Bringing 14 years of experience in media and relationship building into my new venture as a trusted REALTOR | Salesperson. I’m best known for sharing my story on television and my memoir Hope, Grace & Faith. My passion extends way beyond entertainment!  – I’m an advocate for special needs children and their parents as well as an inspiration to young girls and women around the world.

“I am dedicated to channeling that commitment into my real estate career. My goal as a trusted REALTOR is to serve communities with unwavering integrity and respect,” she continued. “While striving for excellence in both my career and family life, I find fulfillment in the balance of career ambition and motherhood. I look forward to learning more about you and fulfilling all of your real estate needs.”

Leah already has a variety of homes she’s listed as the seller on.

“If you need a place with a basement tub to ‘bath’ yer babies in, with no spiders, gimme a call!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Leah took to Instagram in October to reveal that her previous sponsoring agency had unceremoniously dropped her, just weeks after they hired her. (West Virginia law states that a real estate salesperson must work under a sponsoring broker. Leah was unable to work as a salesperson until she found a broker to sponsor her.) 

“I wasn’t prepared when I walked into my current sponsoring broker’s office a couple of weeks ago that I would be told that because of unforeseen circumstances, it wouldn’t be a great fit for me at their company,” Leah wrote on Instagram Stories at the time. “So I redirected and started this interview journey with new potential sponsoring brokers.”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ḻєαн ᗰєѕѕєя ♕ (@leahmesser)

Leah isn’t the only ‘Teen Mom’ star to get into real estate. Her ‘Next Chapter’ co-star, Jade Cline, recently began selling real estate in Indiana. 


To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; HGTV; Instagram: YouTube) 



  1. Chelsea has done amazing. Of course, she had lots of help, but still nice to see a story have a happy ending once in a while (it’s rare these days). I adore Cole too.

  2. Leah as a realtor at all isn’t a good fit even if she passed. Never seemed the realty type. Doubt it’ll last but I’m sure it’ll help her figure herself out. Chelsea is no different than when she was on teen mom. Still full of herself and a little out of touch with reality.

  3. My family sold real estate in one of the fastest markets for years. I can’t imagine there being a lot of money in real estate there.. sorry but that business is sooooo complicated and there’s a lot that goes into it. Being on teen mom isn’t gonna help

  4. Psychopath there is more to life than opening ur legs to another man and for you to expect more but your childish and psychotic behavior will always be in the way!!!! Go to the psych ward I hear that they have a room for you!!!!

  5. J Hud can relate. She was on American Idol of all shows.
    Good for Chelsea. She’s ages removed from being a teen, unlike any of the ones still on the show.

    Briana is eternally 16, C&T are eternally 16. Even Kail still acts 16.

    Maybe Briana should have led a better life if she wants someone to be with her. Being young and pretty and on TV is not enough to keep a good man. Yeah she can get an UBT or a Javi but not a decent guy. Not with the way she acts and she lives.

  6. Briana, along with many of the TM girls, isn’t capable of being single for a long time. Does she know you can ENJOY singlehood because you actually learn something about yourself? Society is so fixed on “everyone needs to be coupled” that they look down on single people as if there’s something wrong with us. I am not stuck with the wrong person, that’s where I’m at. I wish she realized that it’s not all about being with someone but ofc she will soon find someone and the cycle continues.

    Chelsea was no drama (except that POS Adam) so that’s why people prob forgot about her story anyway. Never seen the new show but it looks like it’s going well.

    On the other hand, it looks like since Leah embraced single mom life, her life is going great. Having a JOB (the word Jenelle and David strictly avoid) is more than any of these girls have done.

  7. Leah as a realtor is scary AF. She’ll do well just b/c she’s pretty and thin though, and famous for those that know the show. What a world. Imagine buying the biggest purchase of your life and trusting Leah Messer with it lmao.

    Brianna might not have so much trouble if she was actually a nice person. Also saying she would trade EVERYTHING to have a partner is just sad. Really? Your money, your health, your kids, family, friends? What are you talking about? You’re 30, not 70, relax.

    Nothing makes me happier than imagining Adam seeing Chelsea all over the internet and tv being hot and married with a bunch of adorable kids and wealthy and happy. He was so cruel to her and knew he could do ANYTHING and she’d still be with him. Funny how the tables have turned. Sometimes, the nice guy does win in the end.

    1. Leah has her papers so she knows her stuff plus her sponsor checks everything legally while she is not that experienced yet. I would feel safe buying a house from Leah.

      Her sponsor actually can’t permit Leah making a mistake. It will be public knowlegde in days and their firm will be mentioned too because of her other job. They’ll double check.

      Leah has said stupid things but she’s far from unintelligent.

      1. I agree with this… The test she had to pass, is NOT an easy test. I know people that have had to take it beyond a handful of times… Leah was just born into that hillbilly life, but I don’t think she’s stupid either. I think she’s book smart- just maybe not street smart. Honestly, all of the successful real Estate agents I’ve seen, have a few things in common- they have good personalities and can hold a conversation, they are physically decent-good looking, dress for success and are capable of faking it until they make it. They also have to be very determined- I think this could be a good fit for Leah.

        1. I’ve worked with a lot of realtors. Honestly some of the dumbest people I’ve ever known. Some are great, don’t get me wrong. But the market is saturated with them and everyone thinks it’s a good way to make easy money. It’s not a hard test. The hard part is getting your name out there and marketing yourself. Leah basically has that done for herself.

          1. That may be true in West Virginia, but in the state I am in (California) and I believe I read overall, only 50% will pass the first time… That is pretty bad and telling. I have seen the test and taken a practice test for shits and giggles- I’m pretty book and street smart, but I also have a moral compass and the questions that bring that aspect into it, is where I failed personally. I don’t believe in screwing others over in an attempt to sell something and I don’t lie to people.
            The test itself has a little to do with someone’s intelligence level per se, but it’s because of HOW they ask the questions and the fact that they often give you two correct answers but one will be “more” correct than the others. There are also questions that can conflict with morally competent people, but do not apply to the actual test so that is typically what will get a failing score. Yes, the market is saturated with realtors but most do not want to take on other peoples problems (my parents both sold real estate and my mom said the toughest part is listening to buyers’ and sellers’ issues/wants that are not reasonable), do not have the stamina to continue with the profession long term and some just are NOT people-people.

    2. She went to school and she got her license so she knows what she needs to know to be a realtor.
      Remember when Jenelle supposedly went to school to become a doctor’s assistant or something? Now THAT is scary

      1. A medical assistant, which basically means she draws blood and takes vitals. It’s like an 8 week course. But that cray cray belittled her mom at the reunion for working at Walmart and said she’s gonna work as a medical assistant saving people’s lives! Lmao. As a nurse, I’m offended 🤣🤣

      2. She took an online course and took a test. Having your real estate license does not mean you know what you’re doing at all

  8. Jenelle’s gonna be so pissed her train wreck of a life hasn’t made it into this news pile 😂😂😂 “duuuuude, I was on teen mom 2, I’m still relevant!!”

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