‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: David Eason Gets Caught (Allegedly) Texting His Ex-Wife; Ryan Edwards Gets His Gross Tattoo Covered Up & More

“Barbara sent those texts to my ex, pretending to be me! I swear!”

From getting caught (allegedly) texting their ex to getting their disgusting tattoo covered, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last few days…


David Eason Gets Caught (Allegedly) Texting His Ex-Wife During Fight with Jenelle Evans; Jenelle & David Unfollow Each Other On Social Media 

You’re telling me this relationship isn’t just like “The Notebook?” I don’t believe it!

It looks like there’s (even more) trouble in (swamp) paradise for Jenelle Evans and David Eason!

The couple has put on a united front in recent weeks, despite child abuse charges being filed against David for allegedly assaulting Jenelle’s son Jace, and a CPS investigation being launched against the swampy soulmates. However, on Friday, The Sun published a story showing that David had not only been dissing Jenelle but also pining for his ex-wife, Whitney Rich

On Tuesday, The Sun posted texts supposedly sent to Whitney (who is the mother of David’s oldest child, Maryssa) by David in May 2022— around the time David and Jenelle were fighting and Jenelle left The Land to go to Briana DeJesus‘ party in Orlando against David’s wishes. While home alone, David allegedly began to text Whitney, admitting he still “dreams” about her. He also called her “perfect” and expressed sadness that they didn’t end up together.

David’s ex-wife Whitney and her current husband Shane…

Jenelle seemed unbothered about the post (and didn’t respond publicly). However, after another series of texts were posted by The Sun on Friday, Jenelle and David unfollowed each other on social media. (In the past, this has indicated that the couple is fighting.) 

In the new texts, which were also allegedly sent in May 2022, David disses Jenelle for her poor housekeeping. He also told Whitney— whom divorced him in 2012 after six years of marriage— that he “can never win” with Jenelle. 

In a series of allegedly verified texts sent from David to his ex, David complained to about Jenelle’s lack of tidiness, even including a photo of their bedroom, which Jenelle had allegedly trashed with all her clothes and crap piled everywhere. 

“She’s mad because I have two loads worth of laundry,” David texted. “She has the entire room covered with her clothes. Literally, this is all her s**t. Not one article of this clothing is mine but I’m a POS for cleaning.” 

David went on to apologize to his ex for venting, claiming he had “no friends” to otherwise direct his talkin’ words to, other than his pal JD (who made a few appearances on ‘Teen Mom 2’). However, David said he doesn’t like to confide in JD because he “runs his mouth when he gets drunk.” 

“As if cleaning my own mess is worse than cheating. LMAO,” David continued in his texts. 

In an interview with The Sun, Whitney said she thought it was “crazy” that David sent her a photo of his and Jenelle’s bedroom, as it’s “their intimate place.” 

“From what I can recall from then- they were on the verge of separating,” Whitney said of Jenelle and David. “I’m not sure what [their fight] was over, but they had been fighting at the time and he made it sound like they were on the verge of splitting up. I know that was also around the time that she started her OnlyFans. I don’t know if that had something to do with it.

“If this was my marriage, I’d be leaving him,” Whitney said. “I would get upset, it would have bothered me very much….I left him in July of 2012, so I don’t want him dreaming about me…

“When they’re laying in bed together and he’s dreaming about me all the time, that would hurt if I were Jenelle, I’d have to think about that too.”

While she’s had been sitting on the trash-tastic texts for more than a year, Whitney noted that her husband, Shane Rich, was privy to the exchange with David and even urged her to keep the conversation going. 

“I was sitting right next to her,” he told The Sun. “She was showing me the texts like, ‘Can you believe this?’ and I was telling her to keep responding to see where David was going with all of this.” 

“I, for one, can believe this.”

As David’s word vomit continued via text, he allegedly expressed his regret to Whitney over the way their relationship ended and admitted that he still dreams about her. 

“You were perfect,” David reportedly told his ex. “You just deserve so much better than everything you’ve been through. That’s why it makes me so sad. I think about it so much.

Jenelle, crying her eyes out at the top of her lungs after reading these texts.

“And I dream about you all the time,” he continued. “I don’t know how I ended up here instead of where I wanted to be. I don’t know how WE ended up here instead of where I wanted US to be.” 

David also said he wished her could “turn back the clock” and admitted to letting both Whitney and their daughter Maryssa down. 

“That’s officially the understatement of the century, Pops, but go on…”

“ … And I should have done more to keep you,” he stated in another text. 

After the initial series of texts on May 5, 2022, Whitney said David went on to text her days later for her birthday and Mother’s Day. 

Jenelle and David have been uncharacteristically silent about the texts.

(Back in 2019— when Jenelle and David had custody of their kids taken away— The Ashley spoke to Whitney’s husband Shane. You can read that interview by clicking here.) 

Ryan Edwards Gets His Gross NSFW Hand Tattoo Covered Up

That face you make when no one else thinks your edgy tattoo is cool…

This week we had to say farewell to what may have possibly been the worst ‘Teen Mom’ tattoo of all time. (And that’s saying something, considering Amber Portwood‘s Leah portrait monstrosity, and Bar Smith‘s “four eyebrow” horrorfest and the cornucopia of tattoo frights sported by the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise).

Ryan Edwards scurried down to the tattoo parlor this week to get his very NSFW tattoo hand tattoo covered up, just days after The Ashley exclusively revealed what the tattoo was. (You can click here to see it, if you must.) 

Whatever it is, it’s gotta be better than what it was.

Ryan made fans curious when he posted a photo of himself with his son Bentley on the golf course. Ryan mysteriously blurred out his hand, causing The Ashley to investigate why he randomly chose to censor his hand…only to discover that he was trying to hide his new (and disgusting) tattoo.

Basically, the tattoo ran longways above Ryan’s knuckles and showed two fingers that are bloody due to, um, having had some “hand sexy time” with a girl who was having a visit from “Aunt Flo.” Ryan’s own finger was also incorporated to signify a specific “hand sexy time” act that involves placing fingers into two parts of the female body.

It is unknown what Ryan chose to tattoo on his hand to cover up the bloody hand horror-show.


Leah Messer Gets “Let Go” From Her Real Estate Job Just Weeks After Getting Hired 

“I was only employed a few weeks, but that’s longer than most ‘Teen Mom’ stars have had a job!”

Just weeks after landing a job at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Central in Cross Lanes, West Virginia, Leah has sadly revealed that she was let go from the job.

Leah— who recently passed her tests to become a real estate agent in West Virginia— took to Instagram this week to tell her followers that she was surprised when her boss told her the news that she could no longer work with them.

“I wasn’t prepared when I walked into my current sponsoring broker’s office a couple of weeks ago that I would be told that because of unforeseen circumstances, it wouldn’t be a great fit for me at their company,” Leah wrote on Instagram Stories. 

“So I redirected and started this interview journey with new potential sponsoring brokers,” Leah added. “Wish me good luck during the rest of my interviews this week.” 

West Virginia law states that a real estate salesperson must work under a sponsoring broker.

Leah is still a real estate agent, and had her license issued to her on September 25. However, she is unable to work as one until she finds a sponsoring broker. 

“Leah Dawn, I done told you to scream ‘MONKEY!’ while they was firing you but you don’t listen!”

Despite being let go from her real estate broker, Leah is not unemployed. The ‘Teen Mom 2′ star has been working as a server in a restaurant for several months. This week, she spoke on Instagram about having “mom guilt” from having to miss her kids’ events because she had to work. 

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

33 Responses

  1. Hey Jenelle, how does it feel having the one person that you have continued to put above your own children to turn up trying to get his ex back all while putting you down again. This has been very entertaining, but I don’t predict something positive coming out if this. How many fire arms are in the house? Ammo? Children in an unsafe environment? Unhinged adults? Mentally unstable adults?
    You have been on TV since 2009. You haven’t changed. You xan see the same behaviors, along with escalation.
    Is it going to be Jenelle or David?
    Murder suicide?

    He’s continuously showed
    Is this a pride thing?have to prove everyone that’s not apart of your life, or know uou personally. We only judge you off social media TV and interenet. Is it Insecurities? Delusions? Attachment issues? Denial?

    Not sure where to begin?
    You dug this grave and only you can get it out. Every one in thus world is only going to continue judging for every little thing you say or do. Good or bad. Why not give them something that’d we’d all be shocked to hear, admit to everything so you can figure iut how to get out and improve your circumstances.

    Is this still about how David is going to black mail you?
    This man knows you so well. If he’s smart, he’ll be able to use all that against you. Get your self level headed. Your other two kids clearly have no one else if they’re still stuck with you.
    If that’s the case, why not do what’s best for them.

    1. That’s the one that he got the cops called on him for interacting with him in a grocery store. I don’t think that he’s allowed to have any contact with the son or the mother. So that kid has a chance at life.

      1. Holy Toledo! I did not know this, and if he is absolutely prohibited from contact with this child does he have custody of his daughter, that clearly has a stable mom. Very strange.

  2. Jenelle deserves every last bit of this embarrassment. She has defended this shit head until she’s blue in the face, even throwing her children under the bus for him, and here he is emotionally cheating on her. She can defend his child abuse, but she can’t defend his cheating. Crazy how she went dark about this, hasn’t spoken out about this, unfriended him over this, but she firmly and defiantly stands by his side about child abuse charges…as if getting cheated on is worse and more embarrassing to address than child abuse.

    She is so foul.

  3. I’m not putting any stock into Whitney, you have to be a garbage parent to give custody to David.

    1. Supposedly Whitney was an addict but has been sober for awhile….so I’m wondering why she isn’t fighting to get Maryssa out of there. I know Maryssa will be a legal adult relatively soon (isn’t she 16 or 17?), but still. That being said, I definitely believe David was trying to hit her up for some side action. He does not love Jenelle and frankly, I don’t think he loves anyone but himself.

    1. At some point, you’d think he’d realize the benefits of being with her are almost in the negatives.

      She’s no longer on a top TV show, and hasn’t been for years. Every new toy he does manage to get is saddled with more debt. They can’t make any legit business venture happen.

      He chooses not to work or leave the land and chooses to be up under her 24/7.

      If he left he’d have to be an adult man and get a job and fend for himself. He ain’t doing that.

    1. I feel like that was not done by a professional.
      At least I hope not.
      Design is atrocious but execution is not great either.

  4. didn’t know leah was working as a server ??‍♀️ ~ good for her for making an honest living!!

    1. She has absolutely no choice but to work. She has fines, taxes and past bills she needs to pay, on top of current expenses. The owed taxes is what caused her to get an actual job in the first place, though. She definitely wasn’t out there looking for a job before the tax man came calling and making threats. I think it was somewhere around $780K (USD) she owed earlier this year after the latest lien.

      That said it IS an honest living, and I’m glad she’s doing it, necessity or not. Hopefully, even if she does find a broker, she sticks with this server job and doesn’t try to pursue the real estate thing full time until she’s got a better handle on things (like finances, which she’s terrible with). It’s a good reality check for her too. She’s lucky she can’t get jail time with those liens.

      1. Lmao, I have no idea why anyone would downvote my comment. It’s literally Leah’s own words. She said she had to get the job, because of the liens on her, back taxes and bills. She has said, numerous times now, that she’s not very good with money and never has been (she used to blame poor advice from accountants but she’s since admitted it’s always an issue for her). She owes a pretty significant amount of money that would, easily, put her and her kids in the poor house if she doesn’t work. She may not be able to do jail time, but she could literally lose everything they own. Lienholders CAN seize your property to satisfy debts, and those are really significant debts.

        This is a good experience for her, and a good place to get her foot in the door when it comes to having actual, honest, employment where she has to work for what she has. I’m glad she got the job. I hope she sticks with it for a good long while. That will give her time to work on the skills she struggles with.

      2. The fact that she didn’t automatically go to Only Fans and start flashing her cooter and instead got a job as a server busting her fully-covered ass makes me respect her a little!

  5. Wonder what they found out about Leah to let her go.

    Jenelle. This man HATES YOUR GUTS. You are a paycheck to him. That’s it. Grow a pair and kick him out.

    Is Ryan being regularly drug tested? He needs to be.

    1. And after you kick him out, clean your room you pig!
      Once again we can see what a great mother you are.
      I can only imagine what the bathroom, kitchen, and the kids bedrooms look like.

      1. Omg. Well we know she spends all day online filming, defending her huzzzbind, not cleaning.

        The trailer is probably condemnable. Those poor kids.

  6. It’s crazy that the texts from over a year ago are causing a fight but not her husband abusing her child just a few weeks ago.

    Why did Whitney wait over a year to go public with these texts though? That seems really strange to me.

    1. I was just thinking the same thing. So he can kill your dog…and …beat on your first born but dammit if you text your ex im unfollowing you. I was in a bad abusive relationship he didnt horrible things to me. The day he even threatened to touch our child i was gone. No one will ever get violent with my child. When we split up and he hurt him on one of his visitations the second I found out I called the cops and cps. How could she know he abused him in front of her two other children and stay? She needs to get the hell out of there. What kind of voodoo has he done to her to keep her there after beating her kid up?

  7. After I watched a previous CPS interview of the she monster on FB teen mom page (can’t remember what page it just showed up) the she monster said Kaiser hasn’t got to see the monster again, so clearly she left the monster to win the kids back from CPS and when they closed the case she brought the monster back. So she is gonna leave him again play the whole whoo me card hoping it works again. These two know how to play the system, let’s hope the system don’t fall in their trap this time and gets the kids away from them. They also need to make sure these monsters get no access to even see the kids, the monsters thankfully don’t have the MTV’s $ anymore.

  8. THIS will probably be the thing that finally makes Jenelle break up with David.

    NOT him assaulting her CHILD.

    I hope this divorce leaves both of them in a huge stinking pile of debt.

    1. We all know that the texts to the ex-wife are likely more upsetting to Jenelle than this abuser assaulting her son.

      However, they’ve unfollowed and/or blocked each other in March, June, August, and December of 2022; and in March and August of this year prior to this episode. This won’t last, this is just their idiotic MO.

  9. Whitney had a previous substance addiction. I believe Maryssa was living with her grandmother at that time. Then David met Jenelle & her MTV $ got custody of her.

  10. Just curious as to why Jenelle & David were awarded custody over Maryssa?
    This article is making it out to be like Whitney & Shane are well put together individuals but most courts don’t take away custody from the mother if they’re well put together individuals in a loving marriage.

    1. Shane’s interviewed with the Ashley before about this topic. Essentially, Whitney had addiction issues but has been sober for awhile.

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