‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Briana DeJesus Reveals Her Current Thoughts on Her ‘Teen Mom’ Nemeses; Leah Messer Gets Hired & More

“I can handle being sued on but not spit on!”

From talking about their co-stars to talking about spin-offs that could have been, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last week or so…

Briana DeJesus Says She Wants Kail Lowry Back on ‘Teen Mom’ & Reveals Her Feelings About Ashley Jones & Leah Messer

“God knows we could use the ratings boost on this trainwreck of a show!”

Briana made some surprising (and not-so-surprising) statements during an Instagram Q&A on Monday after asking Teen Mom: The Next Chapter fans what they’re hoping to see during the next season of the show. (It was revealed during the Season 1B Reunion that the show has been renewed for Season 2.) 

Briana addressed her feelings about two of her co-star nemeses– Kail Lowry and Ashley Jones— both of whom she has feuded with verbally and physically on the show in the past.

When a fan wrote that they wanted to see more of Briana and Ashley “working on working things out,” Briana responded with a firm, “Um…no.”

(As fans will remember, Briana and Ashley had a spit-filled sparring match during Teen Mom Family Reunion Season 2. It ended with Bri swinging from a kitchen chandelier, Ashley spitting on Briana and both of them–and their moms— getting the boot from the show.)

While Briana clearly has no desire to reconcile with Ashley, her response when someone suggested Bri’s other ‘Teen Mom’ nemesis, Kail, should join the show was surprising.

“I like this idea,” Briana said.

“But keep throwing money at me and maybe we can talk again…”

Although Kail and Briana have been battling for years over things including their shared ex Javi Marroquin, Reunion fights, clownsuits and lawsuits, the girls have not mentioned their feud for a long time publicly, so it’s possible they’ve buried the hatchet and/or decided to finally act like adults and just ignore each other.

When the topic of Leah Messer came up, Briana made it clear that she is still friends with her. (It was suggested by the @TeenMomFanz Instagram account that Bri and Leah were not close anymore, due to Leah’s name being left off of a list with the other girls’ names and Briana commenting that she wanted to go on a girls’ trip with those girls and their kids.)


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In a comment, Briana clarified that she did not intentionally mean to leave Leah out. She also revealed why she doesn’t want to be friends with Ashley.

“Just chill! I love Leah! Didn’t realize she wasn’t named,” Briana wrote in the comment section of the post. “That’s my bitch! And no I don’t wanna be cool with someone who spit on me. Stop tryna make something its not…”

Leah Messer Gets a Real Job at a Real Estate Firm 

“Mom, are we even allowed to say ‘JOB’ or does that violate our MTV contracts!?”

Well, slap my face with bacon and pretty me up with Mary Kay because I’m ding-dang shocked y’all: Leah Messer is officially employed somewhere other than MTV. 

According to The Sun, the ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ star has been hired by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Central in Cross Lanes, West Virginia, and is now working as a real estate agent.

“If y’all thought I was standin’ in my power before, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

(Leah’s agent bio does not yet appear on the Better Homes and Gardens Central website.)

As The Ashley told you last month, the mom of three revealed on social media that she had passed both of the exams–- state and national–- required to sell real estate in her home state. (This was after a 2022 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ showed her attempting to take one of her required exams and being unable to, due to a “system flaw.”)   

“It was flawed, y’all. I couldn’t do a dang thing about it.”

Leah marked the milestone on Instagram last month by posting a photo from one of her many (many) professional photoshoots, along with a caption listing her achievements to include completing the Real Estate Salesperson Exam. 


Leah had 90 days from the time she passed her exams to file for her real estate agent license; things were official as of September 25 when her license was issued. 

Kail Lowry Claims She Was Planning Her MTV Comeback While Expecting Baby No. 5

“With all these damn kids and baby daddies, it would take like 10 minutes of show intro to introduce everyone!” 

Kail Lowry recently confirmed that she gave birth to her fifth child last year, but according to the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star, she wasn’t just expecting a baby for the better part of 2022, she was also planning her return to MTV.

(Kail and boyfriend Elijah Scott welcomed son Rio in late 2022. Kail also shares Isaac with Jo Rivera; Lincoln with ex-husband Javi Marroquin; and sons Lux and Creed with Chris Lopez.) 

Kail and her co-stars litter, minus Rio…

Kail claimed on Friday’s episode of her Barely Famous podcast that “there was a show in the works” with the network last year while she was pregnant with her fifth child. As viewers know, Kail exited ‘Teen Mom 2’ in April 2022 after more than a decade. 

“When I was essentially bamboozled into having to give all this information to ‘Teen Mom 2’ in order to go forward with my own show, I pulled back and said, ‘Never mind.’

“Go never mind yourself, MTV!”

“I’m not giving this to ‘Teen Mom 2’ in order to get my own show,” she continued. “This is my own show.” 

While Kail’s solo MTV series isn’t happening, she said she did film a two-part “situation” with the network in which she addresses and explains the rumors that have been circulating about her. 

Kail, revealing what 99.9 percent of the rumors about her have been about.

The mom of four five–- who remains under contract with MTV–- said the project is set to air sometime this fall. 

Cory Wharton is Building a New House With His Hard-Earned Reality TV Money

Cory, thanking MTV for the swanky new pad he’s building.

Appearing on 319 different MTV reality shows has finally paid off for ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ star Cory Wharton. 

The dad of three recently on social media that he and girlfriend Taylor Selfridge are building a home in Los Angeles that is set to be complete in 2024. 

“Not just any new home, but one that we are building from the ground up,” Cory announced on Instagram. “It’s been A-LOT of sacrifice and hard work to give my daughters and my boo a fresh start and a new home.

“ … To build a house from the ground up is nice, we get to pick out everything from the door handles to the light switches [to] really make it OUR home,” he added.

Taylor, thinking about all the mirrors and massive self portraits Cory is going to put in their house…

The Challenge competitor credited his new home (and other successes) to putting his “head down and grinding away,” assuring his fans that he plans to continue taking every reality TV gig that comes his way checking off accomplishments going forward. 

“The future is bright and I can’t wait to watch these little girls grow up in their new home,” he wrote. 

Cory mentioned recently on ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ that he was building a home located near Cheyenne Floyd and husband Zach Davis’ residence. 

As you may remember, Cheyenne– who shares daughter Ryder with Cory– revealed in November 2021 that she and Zach were building a home of their own. The couple officially moved into their new place in 2022. 

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

24 Responses

  1. Does anyone know how big the house is that Karl built? Or will she need to upgrade again to give bedrooms to her gaggle of boys.

    1. She will need a bigger house now.

      Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry has announced she is expecting twins with her boyfriend Elijah Scott.

  2. Wow, Leah getting a job?! (Isn’t this also the reason why Jenelle ridiculed her?) More power to her! Let’s just hope she doesn’t jump into a relationship with any of her male coworkers and rather focuses on doing her job well.

  3. This makes me so happy because this is an amazing example of focusing on herself. She doesn’t seem to need a man to complete herself. She is a great example for all the girlseses in this franchise. She’s got a great paying job set up for when this show fizzles out, and hopefully the taxes are taken out for her. <3

  4. The worst part is they don’t appreciate any of it. Hell they can’t even be bothered to pay their taxes! That alone is such a big slap in the face to all of us struggling to get ahead.

  5. There’s absolutely a few reasons as to only why the psycho wants Kail back on the show over Ashley she wants to continue to harass and physically attack Kail because she knows that she is going to away with it since she has b4!!! She desperately needs to be removed from the show immediately and be committed to the psych ward ASAP because she’s not only a danger to herself but she’s a danger towards her costars!!!! Leah the best thing for u to do is, walk away from the franchise since now u have a job outside of the show and befriend the psychopath because she has been dragging you down through the mud to get 411 about Kail!!!! That’s NO FRIEND!!! That of the many characteristics she knows how to use REALLY WELL BESIDES OPENING HER STD legs in the bathroom stalls for a quickie!!!

  6. A big congrats to Leah! I know some real estate agents who make good money. I also think she is one of the only ladies who haven’t had any beefs with anyone else.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Like, Leah has made a lot of really bad decisions, but not really malicious ones.

  7. I mean it takes a special person to work reality TV but I will say it’s so frustrating seeing them build these expensive houses while the normal household struggles to even save to buy a home, used and old at that. Maybe one day it will be my day. Until now, we rent ?

    1. I feel you. In my country even that it’s nearly impossible. I came to terms with that and my husband and I will soon begin building our own, humble house on my in-law’s property. It’s the only way we’ll be able to stop renting and have our place

    2. Yes one day your time will come.
      In the meantime hold your head high. Be proud you are working toward your goals.
      Most of these so called moms have sold their soles to the devil for
      what they have.

    3. I definitely understand and sympathize. I had to leave my job in London and go home to Kent because I could barely afford the rent for a tiny one bedroom apartment that would have a disqualified my husband and I from getting on the adoption wait list. And even with decent jobs and working full time we probably won’t be able to afford to buy a house until our mid-40s and that’s ten years away. It’s infuriating watching these women make that kind of money without putting in the work the rest of us have to.

    4. Oh my heart, it makes me feel better (in a ‘im not the only one on this struggle bus) to know that this is everyone else’s reality. Times are so hard. And I’ve always had pride in myself for having more than a HS diploma and always striving to learn more skills to move up and not raise my kids in poverty like I did, so it’s a punch to the gut when I feel like this is a dead end (financially). They always tell me how they dream of living in a two story house and having a pool in the backyard and we want to give them that. We were approved for a 475k home loan with 25k down BUT the mortgage itself is $2500. That’s crazy! It’s like no matter how much you put down it only brings it down like $100 for the mortgage payment. It’s so hard. Idk how single people are even making rent for studios in California. It’s crazy expensive out here. My bigger goal is to try and save and have a rental as an investment for my children to have income and never struggle like I had to my entire life. I want to break that cycle. They already know they can live with us until they are 100% financially stable to survive. Ugh Rant over ?

      1. 2500 just for mortgage, add home insurance, property taxes, and since you will be putting less than 20% down you will have to pay for another type of insurance, also. I heard home insurance went up 30% this year.
        Few years ago milk was 1.98 a gallon – same for gas. Now is always over 3 per gallon. Everything went up. Mortgage rates are +or- 7.9%. Used to be 2.99%. Recently read a comment online, a guy complaining about not being able to find a home that payments are lower than 3k. That’s the reality. We’re all going through it. Hang in there.
        Good luck with your new home, refinance when interest goes down.

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