Jenelle Evans’ Co-Stars Reveal How They Feel About Her Joining the ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Cast; Mackenzie McKee Says She’s “Rooting For” Jenelle

“Like it or not, I’m back biotches!”


Jenelle Evans is back on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter and, though her mug didn’t appear on Thursday’s Season 2 premiere, she will be shown on upcoming episodes.

On Thursday, some of Jenelle’s ‘Next Chapter’ co-stars spoke to Too Fab about how they feel about Jenelle rejoining the franchise after she was fired from Teen Mom 2 in 2019. In the interview, Leah MesserMaci Bookout and Mackenzie McKee— as well as Jenelle’s pal Briana DeJesus— were asked if they had been in contact with Jenelle, and if they thought it was a good idea for her to come back to the show.

Leah (who was called “two-faced” by Jenelle online last week) said she hasn’t spoken with Jenelle yet, and seemed reluctant to speak about Jenelle. 

“Nice try, lady, but I’m not saying ANYTHING because I know this ends with Jenelle bashing me on Twitter for whatever I say! No thanks!” 

Mackenzie McKee stated that she has spoken to Jenelle recently. In fact, according to Mack, Jenelle contacted her and they’ve bonded over the fact that both girls have been dealing with divorce.

“She reached out to me and we exchanged numbers,” Mackenzie said. “I had never spoken to her or really met her [before].”

(While Jenelle and Mackenzie may have never spoken directly, they have had plenty of beef online over the years. After Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2 in 2019, Mackenzie told The Ashley that she felt MTV made the right decision to give Jenelle the boot. A year later, Jenelle called Mack “thirsty” during an interview. A few months later, Mackenzie addressed how Jenelle’s “thirsty” comment made her feel.)

It appears that Mack and Jenelle have moved past their previous tiffs online and are now bonding over being in their “How Teen Mom Got Her Groove Back” eras.

“I think it’s because we both recently got a divorce,” Mackenzie said. (While Mack is officially divorced from Josh McKee— and very recently engaged to Khessi Hall— Jenelle is separated from her husband David Eason and must wait about eight more months before she can file for divorce.) 

Mackenzie also stated that she and Jenelle have similar stories, in that they were both married to people who dragged them down. 

“That’s kind of like where we connect,” she said. “We got a divorce with someone who kind of ruined what people thought about us, in a way.

“I take accountability for my part,” Mack continued. “After I got through my divorce and got to the other side, and realized how much better life and I became, loving myself, I was rooting for [Jenelle] to do the same. So, we kind of exchanged that conversation but that’s it.”

As for whether or not Leah, Briana, Maci or Mackenzie have been following the saga of Jenelle and David’s separation, some of the girls stated that they have, somewhat.

“I don’t watch any of it. I don’t read any of it,” Leah said. 

“I’ve done got three girlseseses to take care of. Y’all think I have time to keep up with ‘As The Swamp Turns’?”

“I feel like the headlines kind of told all, but headlines can also be, like, very misleading,” Maci said, who then revealed that she was happy that Jenelle was brought back to the franchise.

“But as far as her being back on the show, I feel like everything she’s had going on and currently going through, her story can really help a lot of people,” Maci added. “Especially people who have gone through something similar, or are going through something similar can relate to her. I feel like it’s going to make a difference for people that need to see this– how she got away. I hate to use those words, but I just feel like it’s important for people— men and women— to see her story because they do relate to it.” 

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle has been actively filming for the show. In addition to filming in Florida with Briana, she was spotted this week, filming in Las Vegas with her kids. (The Ashley will have more info on this soon.) 

‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ airs Thursdays on MTV.

You can watch the girls’ full interview with TooFab below! 

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25 Responses

  1. I do not know much about Mack, I have not watched the show in years but when she said she took accountability for her part in speaking about the divorce, maybe Jenelle should take some cues. That girl has never taken an ounce of accountability in her life!
    Also, just throwing it out there, Jenelle is as much an abusive person as David. Period!

  2. If you’re still watching the show, you are the problem. It’s no one’s fault that all these pathetic people are still on TV, but the folks that tune in. Quit supporting these grossos. That goes for the Kardashians too. Let them fade away.

  3. Jenelle didn’t “get away.” She was court ordered not to let her trash husband on the property after he abused her son.

  4. “Homeschool” in Las Vegas…I truly feel bad for Jenelle’s kids. Ensley just had surgery and she’s out partying with Tori.

  5. Oh good, Mac & Jenelle can also bond over their animal neglect & abuse!
    Why is everyone acting like Jenelle was a victim?

    1. Right??!!
      There’s no redemption storyline here.
      She’s back with Trashcan Tori out partying like it’s 2010 and no doubt ‘built-in’ babysitter Jace is minding her kids.

  6. of course leah doesn’t really wanna say much because jenelle picks and chooses who she wants to have a problem with specifically with people who choose peace. she had a problem with mackenzie when mackenzie didn’t do anything and only took a break from that to defend her ignorant racist comment, but there’s also no reason for her to dislike chelsea and leah

    1. She didn’t take a break, she just wasn’t asked back. If your kid shit in a potential new house, would you rent? No…. She is as horrible a parent as Jenelle, Amber, Cheyenne and Jade. They all are atrocious

  7. Wow.. I’m shocked that Maci is using positivity and Leah is not.
    But Leah has probably written Jenelle off many times over the course of many years.

    Now the pressure is on to get better storylines. Splitting the season between, what, 9 girls? I’m sure some will be doing the most to get screen time.

  8. Didn’t read this article but saw somewhere else where Maci is all for it. What a fake ass bitch, she hates Jenelle but she know without Jenelle this show is dunzo,and Ms. pimple face needs her alcohol and has no skills to get a real job.

    1. Ah figures.
      Wonder why she was so gung ho about Jenelle but the show obviously is trying to throw anything at the wall to get ratings, so they all need to be on board since most have no future plans after the show ends.

    2. Her pcos probably causes the acne due to hormonal imbalance. I don’t really know why you would make fun of someone for having acne.

      1. Anyone who supports Jenelle in ANY way, shape, or form deserves to be made fun of!! Jenelle has done nothing but lie and ignore the well-being of her children. For years she allowed the psychotic monster to abuse Kaiser, yet she goes all out to protect Jace! And I’m glad she has gone all out to protect Jace, but why didn’t she do that for Kaiser? David was beating that poor little guy from the time he started walking! So cheers to anyone on here who calls out the stupid broads on MTV who decide Jenelle is a good person and deserves to be on the show!

        1. She not doing this to protect Jace. Shes endangered that kid countless times. She’s done with David for her own reasons and this thing with Jace is just good timing.

        2. He also beat Jace, and the stupid bitch flipped the script and blamed Jace. She did NOT protect that poor boy his entire life, till it served her purpose. She mentally and emotionally abused him, and I am sure still does. And now wanting to exploit her other kids for money? She ruined all their childhoods. I pray she rots in hell!! I will not be watching. I can not in good conscience support this child abuser. FU MTV!

      2. Because I can’t stand fake ass bitches. How many times did Maci say if you bring Jenelle back I quit. She knows this show is 99% dunnzo. Look, she hates Ryan’s guts but is doing a fake story line with him because she has no story of her own and desperately needs that MTV paycheck, without it, stupid bitch has to get a REAL 9-5 job.

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