The “Jenelle Factor”: ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Ratings Rise as Jenelle Evans is Added to the Cast for Episode 3

“Saving the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, one heap of my trashery at a time!”

Well Juh-nelle, we see ya gettin’ ratings up!

Jenelle Evans made her first appearance on the new season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter on Thursday, and it appears that fans of the very long-in-the-tooth ‘Teen Mom’ franchise were eager to see her (and her “dramastic” life) back on their screens.

The Ashley can confirm that Season 2 Episode 3— which is the first episode to feature Jenelle since a one-off appearance at Briana DeJesus‘ “lawsuit” party back in Season 1— had dramatically dramastically higher ratings and ranking than the previous two episodes of the season.

Episode 3 brought in 255,000 same-day viewers, which is a decently significant jump over the ratings for Episode 2 (197,000 same-day viewers) and Episode 1 (194,000 same-day viewers).

“Hey, MTV: ya know ya could have had an ‘9’ in front of that numba instead of a ‘1’ if ya had brought me in! Give tha people what they want!”

More importantly, the episode featuring Jenelle had a huge jump in ranking for the night. Episode 3 was the 17th-highest original cable show for that night, while the previous episodes were ranked at No. 43 and No. 49, respectively. Also important is the hike in percentage for the coveted group of viewers aged 18-49 (which is the most-coveted group for advertisers).

Jenelle’s episode had a .10, which essentially means that 10 percent of adults ages 18-49, who had their TVs on at that hour, watched it. Episode 2 had a .06 ranking, while the premiere episode had a .09. 

Jenelle realizing that if she just asked every man she’s ever considered to be her “soulmate” to tune in, that would garner a big jump in ratings right here…

(If you’re interested in learning how to decipher ratings data, this is a great resource to read.) 

During the episode, Jenelle spoke to Briana about the demise of her marriage to David Eason, as well as her desire to move away from the swamps of North Carolina (not to mention David and her mom Barbara Evans). Jenelle also spoke about her manager-turned-potential-soulmate August Keen.

Viewers’ reactions were mixed about Jenelle— who was fired from Teen Mom 2 back in 2019— being brought back to the franchise.

“I’m happy asf they brought back Jenelle on ‘Teen Mom,'” one person wrote on X after the episode aired. 

“Super happy Jenelle is back. No one can bring the drama and toxicity quite like her,” another person tweeted.

Others were angry that MTV skimmed over vital parts of Jenelle’s story over the past few years, including how she vehemently defended David after he was charged with assaulting her son, Jace.

“Hey @TeenMom,” one person tweeted. “You forgot to add to Jenelle’s recap how David killed her dog, beat her kids & she stood by his side then called her kid a liar over the allegations. Disgusting.”

“Maybe we just don’t talk about that stuff, OK dude?”

“I’m not interested at all in Jenelle coming back. She was and is horrible. #TeenMom,” another person wrote.

‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ (now featuring Jenelle’s mug) airs Thursdays on MTV. 

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(Photos: MTV)

21 Responses

  1. MTV should get rid of all the girls as the main cast and do something like Teen Mom: The Other Side, where the supporting cast becomes the main. It could follow people like Gary and Kristina, Barb, Jo and Vee, etc. I’d tune in.

  2. They never should have gotten rid of her in the first place. She was always ratings gold. It isn’t like reality tv shows are known for being the bastions of morality.

    1. Actually I hadn’t watched in years and read she was coming back and decided to binge watch these 2 seasons…
      People are so unforgiving but love to hate on her and comment and follow what she’s doing.
      Yes, what happened was atrocious and beyond awful.
      However, she’s been in an abusive relationship grew up with a very abusive parent.
      She’s not exactly had the best experiences.
      To think about where she could be seeing her old episodes with Keefer and where he is now, let’s be real she’s came a long way.
      Nobody is perfect nobody has the secret to living perfect and having a perfect existence without faults, but if you’ve found that, please let us all know about it. This is a TV show, you’re here commenting on her, so…

      1. STFU-not sorry for saying it either.

        ANYONE that can defend someone who abuses their kids, regardless of what type of “experiences” they have had in their lives, needs to just STFU. There is NO defense for the abuse she has doled out on her kids since the day they were conceived. No one “loves to hate”-because it means we have something to “hate” and in this case it means children are being harmed. Stop glossing over the fact that she is a grown ass adult, perfectly capable of making grown ass decisions, and is still choosing to act not only like a child but a child that doesn’t give a shit about anyone around her (most especially her own children).

        You don’t have to be a perfect human being (it’s not even possible) to know that abusing your own children is wrong. You don’t have to be a perfect parent to know that allowing others to abuse your children is wrong. You don’t have to be a perfect parent to know that taking care of the children you choose to bring into this world, and keep, should always be your top priority. Her children are suffering in every way possible, medically, developmentally, emotionally, educationally, psychologically….but yeah, sure, she could be worse.

        I have children who came from a home just like hers. Stop downplaying what it can do to them, stop acting as if it’s not terrible and doesn’t have lifelong effects. Quit acting as if everything she has said and done (or not said and done) is “just a tv show”. It’s real life for those children. People who defend her in any way, shape, or form, piss me tf off. You have no idea how hard it is to get kids out of situations like this, and they do truly need to be removed. We can write, we can call, hell we can go down there in person to the county offices, and nothing gets done. Why? Because……”she could always be worse”. ffs.

  3. I watched 16&P when it first came out and maybe some of the initial seasons of Teen Mom but lost interest quickly, especially when it wasn’t really the teen parent experience–just a bunch of girls being rewarded and living their best lives because they got pregnant young. Jenelle is the only reason I watched Teen Mom 2 and it was genuinely because of the news about her and her antics. I had to see it to believe it and I promptly stopped watching it as soon as she was off the show.

    1. The BEST seasons are the beginning before they made any money. The teen mom 2 early seasons were gold, I just rewatched then about the time Leah divorces Jeremy and Chelsea meets Cole it gets really boring IMO but early janelle and Keifer and all those dudes she met were classic. Every episode she had a new bf or was arrested

  4. Nooooooooooooo… we will have to hear how she saved the show. Ironically I opted to fast forward through the Jenelle parts.😬

    1. Hate to tell you, but that is exactly what she did. The show was beyond life support. I don’t like Jenelle but I will take her any day over lying ass, alcoholic Maci. Keep Jenelle and fire Maci.

    1. I agree! Plus how trash Amber’s been treating Leah seems to have a lot of interest online. People may be tuning in to see what crap she does next.

      1. @j² & @l² ~ agree 💯 that it most likely has more to do with amber’s bday (mis)behavior and missing soulmate than with swamp queen 🧟‍♀️ skulking her way back onto the show.

    1. I happen to suspect it has more to do with Ambers missing fiancé being plastered all over every media source. It’s hard to ignore that as a possible factor when that has easily been the most mainstream TM new story in years.
      I will never ever watch anything JE either. I don’t support animal and CA

    2. Same. I also refused to watch Kails portion of the show on her seasons and Farrah too- I honestly can’t stand any of the three because their drama is not entertaining… It literally makes me cringe and I’m embarrassed for them. They’re grown adults now. This crap shouldn’t still be going on. SMH.

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