‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Reveals What Her “Breaking Point” Was To Leave Husband David Eason; David Responds to Jenelle’s Claims

“I think this picture is all the explanation I need, dude.”

Jenelle Evans recently made her return to the Teen Mom franchise following her separation from husband David Eason, and in a new interview, Jenelle revealed that she ultimately kicked David to the curb broken boat because she was afraid that staying with him would cause her to lose custody of her oldest son, Jace, yet again.  

Jenelle told E! News that she and David had been “going through ups and downs for six months to a year” before she ultimately filed for legal separation in February. Right before filing, Jenelle got Jace back into her custody after several months of turmoil.

According to Jenelle, she decided to end her marriage after David was indicted by a grand jury in January on child abuse and “assault by strangulation” charges stemming from an altercation with 14-year-old Jace back in September. Jenelle claimed that she “didn’t want anything”– including David’s case, which is still pending– to come in between her regaining custody of Jace from CPS and/or her mom, Barbara Evans. 

“So for [David] to come in between that, it was just a real breaking point for me as well,” she said. “I’ve been at the battle for [custody of] Jace for years and it’s like, he’s finally here. So I’m not messing that up.” 

“Congrats, kid. I finally chose you over a man!”

(It’s worth pointing out that Jenelle’s statement seems to conflict with her actions immediately following the September incident. As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle vehemently supported and praised David on social media after David was charged with child abuse for his alleged attack on Jace. In fact, she later went on to insinuate that it was Jace and not David who was a danger to the family.)

In her new interview, though, Jenelle insists that she was ready to split from David and that she used the fact that David was not allowed near Jace as her way to get David out of their shared home on The Land.

“I was over it for a while and would tell friends that I’m over it and I’m going to leave,” Jenelle claimed. “But at the same time, it’s hard to leave when you’re both on the same deed to the house. It took me a while to actually get a little window of opportunity to leave, to file everything I had to file.” 

“This is the most work I’ve ever done in my life, y’all.”

As The Ashley previously told you, after parting ways with her aspiring rapper husband, Jenelle continued to live on The Land with her three children, while David began residing nearby on his and Jenelle’s broken-down boat. (Per North Carolina law, married couples must be separated for a year before they can officially file for divorce; during this period of separation, both spouses must reside at different locations.) 

Jenelle noted that when she and David previously separated back in 2019, she briefly moved to Tennessee but returned to The Land after she “realized that if you just leave your house within a marriage, it’s called abandoning your house.” 

“Yeah, and what a shame it would be to let the beaut go…”

“ … I didn’t want to do that and I had to come back,” she claimed. 

In her return to the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, Jenelle has opened up about some of her estranged husband’s other unsavory behavior, telling Briana DeJesus that David was both mentally and emotionally abusive towards her– allegations that David recently denied. 

“I cannot elaborate on any of that at this time but I can tell you that those things did not happen,” he told E! News. “When the truth does come out, you will all be very, very surprised!” 

“That’s a line taken straight from the Jenelle Evans Handbook ‘o’ BS!” 

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle was granted a protective order against David in May that is in effect for a period of six months; however, she is still required to allow David to see their daughter Ensley. Jenelle– who has been spending plenty of time in Las Vegas with her new boo/manager August Keen— told E! she can’t wait to get out of North Carolina.

“I feel like so much stuff has happened here that it’s like, I’ve got to get out and relocate and get that fresh start, leave all the bad memories behind,” Jenelle said. 

“In otha words, Juh-nelle’s gonna HIGH! HIGH-tail it to Nevada to be with her new boooooyfriend!

New episodes of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ air Thursdays on MTV. 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 

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  1. So she has a new boo. This didn’t take long. And it’s her manager? Poor Jace will be getting abandoned again and for the love of God, someone save Kaiser!

  2. Issues for 6 mos to a year? What about that broken collarbone years ago, sweet cheeks?

    Her lies are really headache inducing.

    She is a crap person, a shitty mother, and a complete fucking joke.

    1. Every goblin she’s ever been with she defended until they left her! Her fans seem to forget all about that!

  3. Her being back on mtv shows what garbage the network is. Allowing child abusers on the network and paying them. Sickening. And ppl are actually defending her and praising her , acting like she is a DV victim

    1. Now that right there is some real revisionist history. Sadly, Swamperella has forgotten all of the social media posts of her vehemently defending Bobo the Broken Boat Boy’s various assaults and anti social behaviour. She’s absolutely deluded if she thinks anyone is buying it. For the sake of her children I hope she gets her head out of her backside and gets her act together. However, until she owns her own mistakes and stops trying to rewrite her history, it doesn’t look promising.

  4. Jenelle is a pathological liar. She has thrown Jace under the bus time and time again. I wish the kids had a parent or someone in their life that loved them unconditionally, would protect them from all and wouldn’t blame them for things that the adults in their lives have caused. Looking at you Jenelle, David and Nathan.👀

  5. I wonder what it’s like to live a life lying so easily with no shame. She has to know we all saw everything she said and did on social media. That was heeeeer maaaan.

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