EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans Granted Restraining Order Against Estranged Husband David Eason; Judge Reminds ‘Teen Mom’ Star “This Is Not TV”

“I shined up my best more-classier courtin’ heels for this! Look out, David!”

Jenelle Evans and David Eason went head-to-head again in court today, fighting over whether or not the protective order Jenelle requested in March against David would be granted. The Ashley can confirm that Jenelle was granted the protective order she requested against David. The order is in effect for a period of six months. 

As The Ashley previously told you, the exes— who split in February when Jenelle booted David off their home on The Land— met in court twice before but each time had the case continued, due to David being too broke to afford an attorney.

The Ashley can reveal that David still has no attorney and fought the protective order on his own, while Jenelle– accompanied by her newly reinstated bestie, Tori Rhyne,— sat with her straight-from-TikTok lawyer. Jenelle and David appeared as required in the morning, but had their case scheduled to be the last one heard for the day by Judge Bryan Wilson.

“I’m ready if you need me, Jenelle!”

“The reason it was granted basically was that the amount of times David texted or talked about Jenelle could count as harassment,” The Ashley’s source stated. “The judge granted it on the fact that Jenelle’s lawyer specifically claimed it was harassment, because David constantly talks about her, whether it’s in texts or social media or whatever. The restraining order was basically because they proved David was ‘harassing’ Jenelle.”

“That’s all it is. Just courtin’ talkin’ words!”

Because the protective order was granted, the judge has ordered David to surrender any weapons he has in his possession.

No witnesses were called. (Although Jenelle was recently hired back to appear on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, The Ashley can confirm that no MTV cameras were present for the hearing.)

“David and Jenelle did have to testify,” a source stated, adding that Jenelle seemed to get caught in some lies.

“For instance, she told the judge that David had gone [to The Land] four times, but David stated that he had only been there twice, and once was with the cops,” the source stated. “And the other time was when Jenelle called him [after] the break-in on The Land happened.”  

At one point, the judge even reminded Jenelle that dramatic antics will not be tolerated. 

“Me dramatic?! Never! Leave me alooooone, dude!”

According to The Ashley’s source, the judge told Jenelle’s lawyer that he didn’t want to be in court all night. He also added that he wasn’t interested in hearing about incidents from a long time ago. 

“The judge basically told Jenelle something like, ‘This is not TV. So whenever you go to tell me something, remember you’re not on TV. You need to answer the question and move on,'” The Ashley’s source stated.

Jenelle’s lawyer presented texts (submitted by Jenelle) that David has sent her. The lawyer also tried to present a social media video about Jenelle that David had posted, but the judge wasn’t having it, according to The Ashley’s source.

Now that the protective order has been granted, David can’t go around Jenelle or her house. He is also not allowed to have any contact with her, and can’t talk about her on social media.

Jenelle must allow David to see Ensley, but the judge did not specify how David could see her. (The protective order Jenelle filed for against David to keep him away from her sons Jace and Kaiser was not granted, since David isn’t their father and has no parental rights to them. There is already a no-contact order in place forbidding David from being around Jace, though.)

If Jenelle wants to keep the protective order after the six months, she will have to re-file but the judge made it clear that he is hoping they won’t have to.

The judge to Jenelle and David…basically.

“The judge said that he hoped that, by that time, David and Jenelle would get their act together and stop this petty stuff and focus on their kid they have,” the source said. 

If David contacts Jenelle and breaks the protective order, he will be arrested and will likely have to serve 48 hours in jail.

To read more details of what happened between Jenelle and David during Thursday’s court hearing, click here! 

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19 Responses

    1. It’s such a shame Ensley is inside all of this mess…I am sure she is a bright girl but just like Kaiser she really didn’t hit the jackpot with who her parents are!

      1. Why are we assuming she’s a bright girl? Her parents are both idiots and abusers, and Jenelle seems to be homeschooling her now?? Wasn’t she also born with drugs in her system? I’m not sure what or why being “bright” has to do with why we should pity her.

        I would say “she’s a perfectly innocent child who deserves better than to grow up in abuse and chaos, even if she isn’t particularly smart, bright, talented, or special.”

  1. If Delujanelle fought as hard for her kids as she does for herself or her abusive partner of the moment, those kids would be safe, well-adjusted, and happy.

    I hope every moment she spends in court trying to protect herself is flooded with the same fear her children have had to endure since birth. The same fear Jace experienced when David was strangling him. The same fear Kaiser has felt over and over while both Janelle and David have abused him. And the same fear the animals they have killed felt when they were murdered by these horrendous people.

    She gets Z E R O sympathy from me.

  2. I feel like UBT is unhinged enough that a restraining order won’t keep him from harming Jenelle if he wants to.

    As much as I can’t stand her, I hope she and the kids are safe.

  3. Time to grow up, Easons.

    No one wants to be supporting cast in your little drama. You are not the main characters.

  4. David should file for interim spousal support. He can prove Jenelle has supported him for at least 6 years.

  5. I’m sorry, she was granted a protection order because he talked about her online? Jenelle flaps her gums multiple times a day on social media. I think it’s interesting that Jenelle turns on the waterworks and goes to court to fight for her rights but when Jace ran away multiple times due to abuse she did nothing to protect him. When he was hospitalized by David’s last attack that she saw witnessed she did nothing to help Jace. Instead she went on social media discussing Jace’s private business once again calling Jace a liar and discussing what an amazing father and husband Lord Douche is.

  6. not a jenelle fan but this is a win for dv victims and i’m glad the judge even called them both out!! also loving the fact that loser is now forced to turn in his weapons

  7. So this Judge is new?
    Hoping they will have their shit together 😆.
    Also the Judge didn’t care that JE talks about him or goes to his hang out?
    Did DE show her antics too?

    1. The way I see it, UBT didn’t file against her for harrassment so they won’t address it. She did and it got addressed. I’m sure he can do the same if he was smart enough to do so, not sayin JE is smart lol. Just saying she beat him to it.

  8. I’m glad the judge is calling them out. But what’s David going to do now that he can’t sit on live talking about Janelle 24/7?

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