Rachel Leviss’ Lawyer Fires Back at Tom Sandoval’s Attempt to Have Lawsuit Dismissed; Accuses ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star of Turning Rachel into an”Unwilling P0rnstar”

The irony of Sandoval sporting that stache is not lost on us.

The Scandoval lawsuit filed by Rachel Leviss against Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix is getting messier than the back alley at SUR. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Rachel filed a lawsuit in February suing Sandoval for Eavesdropping; Ariana for claims of Revenge P0rn; and both exes for Invasion of Privacy and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. 

Ariana’s take on this whole lawsuit debacle. (Probably.)

In her lawsuit, Rachel cites alleged NSFW FaceTime videos involving her and Sandoval–- which were discovered on Sandoval’s phone by Ariana in March 2023, ultimately exposing Sandoval and Rachel’s months-long affair–- that Rachel claims were recorded by Sandoval without her knowledge or consent. 

Rachel also alleges that that Ariana obtained at least two of the videos and “distributed them and/or showed them to others” without her consent.

Ariana has denied sharing the video(s) with third parties and demanded earlier this month that the lawsuit be tossed. Sandoval has also filed a motion to dismiss the suit and is requesting that Rachel not be allowed to seek punitive damages in the case. 

According to Radar Online, Rachel’s attorneys fired back this week at Sandoval’s motion, arguing that Rachel has presented enough evidence to have the case move forward. 

“Time to polish up your courtroom platforms, Sandoval.”

“Sandoval engaged in conduct sufficiently despicable to warrant punitive damages,” attorneys for the former ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star claimed in an official response to Sandoval’s motion. “Sandoval is alleged to have surreptitiously recorded sexually explicit videos of [Rachel] without her knowledge or consent, in effect turning Plaintiff into an unwilling p0rnstar and gravely invading her right to privacy.” 

No notes.

Rachel’s attorneys went on to claim that Sandoval’s “torturous behavior” also caused Rachel to incur “significant medical expenses” after she sought mental health treatment at an inpatient facility in Arizona amid the Scandoval fallout. They also claim that Sandoval’s actions cost Rachel in legal fees, which were necessary to “halt the further distribution” of the videos Sandoval allegedly illegally recorded “and failed to secure.” 

“For these reasons, and as further detailed herein, Sandoval’s Motion is meritless and should be denied in its entirety,” the continued. 

Someone better get this man some waterproof Wet ‘n’ Wild eyeliner, STAT.

As you know, Season 11 of ‘Vanderpump Rules’–- on which Rachel did not appear-– concluded last week. The three-part reunion kicked off on Tuesday, with part two slated to air May 21. 

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  1. Rachel needs to let this go! She has,to take responsibility for her actions also& stop being like Arriana & putting all the blame,on Tom! As the saying goes! It takes two; to have an affair!! So suck it up & let’s stop dragging this crap out another 2 years!

  2. Not that I’m following this already beaten to death storyline (how much longer are they gonna milk two people cheating FFS?) but this girl seems to keep showing how dumb she is.

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