Former ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Rachel Leviss Is Suing Tom Sandoval & Ariana Madix For Emotional Distress, Invasion of Privacy & More; Claims Ariana Knew About Scandoval Affair in Fall 2022

“Happy 1 year anniversary of Scandoval, everyone! Here’s a lawsuit!” 

Exes Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix are being taken to court by their former Vanderpump Rules co-star Rachel Leviss over claims of Revenge P0rn, Invasion of Privacy, Eavesdropping and more. 

As you know, it was revealed (almost exactly) one year ago that Rachel and Sandoval had engaged in a months-long affair behind Ariana’s back, spawning the infamous Scandoval and resulting in Sandoval and Ariana splitting after nearly 10 years of dating. In her lawsuit, Rachel accuses Ariana of being aware of the Scandoval affair as early as Fall 2022, but told Sandoval and Rachel to “save it for Season 11.” 

While ‘VPR’ has continued without Rachel, Deadline reports that the former SURver filed a lawsuit Thursday against Sandoval and Ariana (along with a bevy of John and Jane Does).

In the lawsuit, Rachel is seeking unspecified damages over alleged NSFW FaceTime videos involving her and Sandoval. (As ‘VPR’ fans may remember, these videos were reportedly discovered on Sandoval’s phone by Ariana, ultimately exposing the Scandoval affair.)

Sandoval is named in the suit for claims of Eavesdropping; Ariana for claims of Revenge P0rn; and both Sandoval and Ariana  for claims of Invasion of Privacy and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.

Time to polish up your courtroom platforms, Sandy.

Since last year, Rachel has maintained that the explicit videos were recorded without her knowledge or consent by Sandoval. As you may recall, this resulted in multiple individuals–- including members of the ‘VPR’ cast–- receiving cease-and-desist letters from Rachel’s lawyers last spring, citing California’s law regarding “nonconsensual p0rnography.” 

Obligatory Darrell shoutout.

Mark Geragos, one of Rachel’s attorneys, told Deadline this week that Rachel has apologized for the part she played in the Scandoval, noting that the affair was “not a crime.” He went on to explain that the former pageant queen’s lawsuit “is squarely about illegal behavior and those who traffic in it and enable it.” 

“Tom and Ariana are alleged here to have engaged in criminal acts,” he said. “They then doubled down and used those actions to shame, bully, belittle, and intentionally try to destroy Rachel’s mental health.

“The law makes it clear that recording someone without their consent and distributing that illegal recording is punishable by law; however, doing so while knowingly enticing them to engage in sexual acts deserves the harshest of penalties allowable under the law,” Rachel’s attorney added. 

Rachel, summing up her affair with Sandoval AND her run on ‘VPR.’

While Rachel’s lawsuit alleges that there may be additional videos/photos that were obtained by Sandoval without her knowledge, she believes Ariana obtained at least two of the videos and “distributed them and/or showed them to others” without Rachel’s consent.

“At a minimum, [Ariana] circulated the illicit videos to herself and Rachel,” the lawsuit alleges. “She also immediately informed production about what she had found. In addition, many other individuals have demonstrated intimate familiarity with their contents, leading [Rachel] to believe the circle of recipients is wider.” 

Rachel claims in her filing that, while her and Sandoval’s affair was purportedly a secret one, it was “well-known to many cast members and suspected by others”– including Ariana. 

Ariana, after reading this lawsuit. (Probably.)

“[Rachel] is informed and believes… that [Ariana] knew about [the affair] as early as the Fall of 2022,” the lawsuit states. “Indeed, in December of 2022, [Ariana] scolded [Rachel] and Sandoval for being handsy in public, admonishing them to save the story for Season 11.” 

Great job saving it for Season 11, you two.

According to the filing, the Bravo series was “facing an uncertain future” at the time and that Ariana, in particular, “was reportedly on the chopping block.”

Although Bravo is not named in the lawsuit, the filing alleges that the network “deliberately sacrificed Leviss for the sake of its commercial interest for its refusal to allow her the opportunity to tell her side of the story and defend herself, which she repeatedly begged for permission to do.” 

“Podcasting world, here I come.”

Rachel–- who checked into a mental health facility amid the immediate Scandoval fallout and did not return to ‘VPR’ for Season 11-– also claims in the lawsuit that she was misled by both Bravo and Evolution Media into believing she was “contractually barred from speaking out about her mistreatment,” causing her to be “humiliated and villainized for public consumption” and hindering both her reputation and career prospects. 

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(Photos: Bravo) 


  1. If it’s about “illegal” behaviour, why is it a civil case not a criminal one. I’d love to see her most podcast figures to see if this is possibly a bid to stay relevant…

  2. This lawsuit sounds like a whole lot of bs. The only thing I stand behind Rachel for is the revenge porn accusations. Everything else sounds ridiculous.

  3. Getting the judicial system to say that you aren’t responsible for having an affair won’t change public opinion of you.

  4. I see Rachel must still be using that same “Mickey Mouse Lawyer” that sent LaLa that personal e-mail…How are you going to do something so diabolical to your friend, and then turn around and sue the person you hurt. Rachel is burning soooooo many bridges.

  5. Emotional distress? Is that like spending years sleeping with your best friend’s boyfriend behind her back?

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