‘Doubling Down with the Derricos’ Stars Karen & Deon Derrico Are Officially Divorced: Details On the Couple’s Secret Split

From Doubling Down to Divorcing…

Another reality TV couple bites the dust!

In a shocking report from TMZ on Friday, it was revealed that Deon and Karen Derrico of TLC’s Doubling Down with the Derricos officially ended their marriage earlier this month, just two days after filing for divorce. The couple reportedly filed for— and proceeded with— their divorce so fast that their fans weren’t even aware they had split.

According to the outlet, Karen and Deon filed June 4 and a judge signed off on the split June 6. 

“We Derricos don’t waste any time!” 

Karen and Deon– who have appeared on TLC with their 14 children since 2020– will split legal and physical custody of their 13 minor children. (The couple’s oldest child, Darian, is 18 years old so she is not mentioned in the divorce filing.)

In addition to daughter Darian, Deon and Karen are parents to 13-year-old son Derrick; 12-year-old twins Denver and Dallas, 10-year-old quintuplets Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician and Daiten; seven-year-old twins Diez and Dior; and four-year-old triplets Dawsyn, De’Aren and Dyver. 

Court documents obtained by the outlet state that Deon will pay $1,166 a month in child support, while Karen will not pay child support, as she is responsible for the minor children’s medical insurance. The documents also state that Karen intends to keep her married name. 

On the current season (Season 5) of ‘Doubling Down with the Derricos,’ viewers have watched Deon and Karen’s relationship suffer, partly due to the chaos in the Derrico home. 

“I am so over this house,” Karen said in a recent episode of the TLC series. “Like, nothing in here seems to work and the walls are closing in … .” 

UPDATE! Deon and Karen released a statement after news of their divorce went public.

“Together, we remain unified in the parenting of our 14 beautiful children — their well-being is our priority,” the couple told People on Saturday. “We thank everyone for their understanding and support as we move forward for the good of our family.”

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  1. Yeah, she’s responsible for medical alright… I guarantee you that is only because she is now a “single mom” of 14 and they will all quality for medicaid. (And will likely quality for lots of other $$$$ aid.) As others have said, this divorce is for financial reasons only, i.e. so the taxpayers can subsidize the cost of raising their family (not unlike the Brown’s-sister wives).

    1. You are fucking ignorant! They are all probably going through so much emotionally and you’re gonna sit there and be a little an amazing family during this time thinking that they’re just trying to get government assistance if they wanted to do that they could have a long time ago. They are very successful and educated people they just weren’t happy together anymore and that’s okay. Clearly they are making it work peacefully for their children.

    2. They are worth $6 million. I don’t know how since 6 of his houses in Detriot were foreclosed. And the small house they lived in was in foreclosure. That’s why they had to move…not b/c of renters.

  2. I admire this family. They both wanted a large family. Before reality tv, and support their family. I see love, laughter and happiness. The children are clean, well dressed , well mannered and articulated. Yes he made some bad investments. And filed bankruptcy. I’m also sure he had a lawyer or financial advisor to guide him down that road. Wealthy people file bankruptcy all the time. So I don’t understand the problem. Whatever reason they divorced is their business. It could be financial. I personally would like to see them raise their children together in one home. They are a modern day black family. Working and providing to make ends meet. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. He was a scammer and involved in identy theft. He adopted (before Karen) a young man and then stole his identity. He had 6 houses in Detroit that were foreclosed on. The small house they lived in was in foreclosure, not because of renters. No one in LV wanted to do business with him. That’s why he had only one “contractor”. The kids are so intelligent and well behaved. Those kids are wonderful and happy.

  3. The judge who too quickly put through the Derrico divorce should be strongly reprimanded! That couple needed counseling & help of some kind. I could criticize both the husband & wife but choose compasst& empathy as the Grandma is dying of cancer adding extra stress on the couple. Reverse the divorce & get counseling as well as an extra paid helper. If the Mama is too worried order she hire a pro. God Bless you working separately to raise the kids. The courts will take away your babies lb/c no professional judge would order you to family or couples’ counseling? Outrageous! I hope you read this .
    Sincerely from a Canadian who has been married 40 yrs w/chronic diseases & financially destitute life but working out prblms through true commitment to Christ in action not just in words! I love your family & it should be worked out not split up.

  4. Very surprised to hear this. I really enjoyed the show. Kids are so happy and well behaved. There must be more to this for them to divorce so fast. Thoughts and prayers.

  5. I wonder how this has affected GG? Her + Karen get along so well. I worked at a law office, before any divorce is finalized, there’s a 30 day grace period in case the parties change their mind. What was the hurry here? 2 days + done? What? They just bought a bigger house too.

  6. This divorce is a complete surprise to me just my opinion, but I think she should’ve been quit having kids. The kids are going to be the ones who’s gonna suffer from the divorce for one they not gonna be able to handle being separated from each other for starters.

  7. This may be an unpopular opinion, but you do not have your 14 children’s well being as your priority if you are getting divorced. It would be difficult for two people to parent that many kids together, impossible to do so separately. It seems that these reality shows are the downfall of pretty much every family that goes on them. No amount of money is worth destroying your family.

    1. Karen home schools the children. How does joint custody allow for that? This couple has never been able to provide financially for having more children than they could afford. Evidence is multiple bankruptcy filings and home foreclosure. They were irresponsible from the get go and now the chickens are coming home to roost. Also, who buys all the identical outfits for the children? I totally disapprove of them using bankruptcy and other financial maneuvers to support their too large family. They are grifters, nothing more. Their quickie divorce is a scam.

      1. Really??1.The wealthy file bankruptcy all the time look at Mr Trump. 2. Deion buys and flips homes, He has a hair salon, she has her own clothing line. I admire them for having their children and supporting them. My taxpayer dollars go to other families who refuse to work with one or two children. I also admire how their children are well mannered, well dressed, their hair is well taken care of . The parents stay on top of their medical. I also admire the time they invest with interacting with their kids. Do you have proof the divorce is a scam? I hope they reconsider and remain a whole family.

        1. He adopted a young man and then stole his identity (pre karen). He used that young man’s name to take out home loans. The 6 homes he tried to flip went into foreclosure. He didn’t pay the taxes. He and his business parter were accussed felony fraud, forgery, housing fraud. Deon worked with the authorities. His business partner went to prison. His barbershop was for his kids and in the garage. Her clothing business was buying new clothes and trying to resale those. The house they lived was in foreclosure. They had to get out, but not for renters. They are worth $6 million, don’t know how. Reality must pay really good. Agree his kids are well dressed, well spoken and happy.
          Go to Doubling Down with the derricos: deon’s scams exposed, used estranged son’s identity.

  8. Hopefully, this will be the end of these grifter TV show.

    How she’ll keep those kids on that money is a question, though? I see them fighting for every reality dollar possible.

  9. I have only two kids, easily a week we could spend 300 on groceries, TP, other things the house needs. I think that’s a low amount of child support

  10. Did they divorce over the oldest girl possibly going to college in New York instead of staying closer to home. And mom being for this

  11. They are getting a divorce because he is filing for bankruptcy!! Karen won’t be responsible for his debts. They will still be together, they are just insuring their financial futures!!!

    1. Bankruptcy again? I am astounded that this couple has filed 5 times and it was submitted to court. You must do some form of counseling and pay a lawyer to submit all of this. They really have lost the first house. It went into foreclosure. How does he earn money?

  12. This doesn’t smell right.
    We know they have had a
    ” few” scams & money issues. I also find it weird they don’t count his older son as a sibling? But to each their own. I guess with that many kids you survive how ever you need to survive.
    I do think the children all look clean and well dressed and although chaotic it seemed like a happy well adjusted family.

  13. He’s an ass. He makes them all wear those idiotic sweatshirts with the pronunciation key all wrong. He loves to show how ignorant he is.

  14. A divorce being settled in 2 days is crazy. Never heard of such a thing. $1166/month in child support for 13 kids is actually insane. That’s not even a week’s worth of groceries for a family that big. The math ain’t mathing on any front.

  15. So keep having babies in a failing marriage. Promising your kids a family when you are just trying to exploit them for money.

    1. Well it says their youngest kids are 4 so it doesn’t seem like they “keep having babies in a failing marriage” to me on account of they haven’t had a baby in 4 years.

    2. They don’t ask for handouts.They pay for everything therselves.so what wrong with the shirts.Its easier to keep them together.

      1. They don’t ask money but he just took it. History of scamming people out of money.
        That’s taking money from the general public too. Especially when they also do this because he is going to file for bankruptcy.
        A divorce in two days and not even €100 per child in child support with the inflation? Weird.

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