Deon Derrico of “Doubling Down with the Derricos” Comes to Kate Gosselin’s Defense on Instagram: “So Many Have Opinions When They’ve Never Been in Your Shoes!”

“I’ve got your back, Kate!” 

Kate Gosselin has another TLC star in her corner as controversy over her relationship with son Collin continues to boil on social media.

Deon Derrico, father of four sets of multiples and star of Doubling Down with the Derricos, came to the mother of eight’s defense on Instagram, responding to Kate’s post where she addressed her son’s allegations that he was abused by his mother and placed in a psychiatric facility by her to cover it up.

“Kate, no one truly understands of know the magnitude of mental illness!” Deon posted. “If they’ve never been directly affected with it! It’s a very tuff thing to deal with! Please don’t allow anyone make you feel a way by their lack of knowledge into your personal experience! So many have opinions when they’ve never ever been in your shoes!

“I hate it for all of you’re family that’s involved and I’m not in anyway taking anyone’s side but I’m wise and cognizant enough to know that there’s sooooooo much that we from the outside will never fully know or understand and honestly it’s none of our business!” Deon’s post continued. “I pray that GOD, brings light and love to your family and allow you all to work through this very esoteric issue privately!”

While Kate did not respond to Deon’s comment, it did garner more than a dozen replies, some supportive and some critical.

“hey big papa, my mom was a mother of 7 kids…… 2 have mental illnesses, my mother was a CNA [certified nursing assistant] she did it all, never not once was one of my siblings thrown into a mental facility, even if she didn’t have choice and they were placed in a facility if she had to do it, she would in a heartbeat have all of us including herself visit my siblings,” one person wrote in response to Deon.

“Her other kids are just filled with the same hate as Kate because that’s all she teaches them,” the comment continued. “What a sad and lonely life she is trying to play off, I pray GOD brings light into your family as well and that you don’t blindly follow people who clearly lie, because social media finds out the truth about people sooner than later.”

This was the only comment Deon replied to.

“If you read my post I clearly stated taking any sides because unlike many people I’m willing to admit I don’t know what went on inside that family!” the father of 14 wrote. “And I’m cognizant enough to understand that! There so many sides and perspectives here! I’ve watched the show a couple of times and I never witnessed any abuse!

“That doesn’t say there was or wasn’t abuse!” Deon continued. “But I’m also aware how we live in a day and time where someone ANYONE can make up a story and the mass majority runs with it! If there was abuse please I’ll be glad to read the police report or substantiated CPS [child protective services] case! But until then it wrong for anyone to state things as fact! I hate it for all of them because I’m pro family!

:To be honest I just want them to resolve their differences privately and my prayer is that WE ALL CONTINUE to pray for love, peace, and Harmony amongst them as No Wins when family fight”

Since their show debuted on TLC in 2020, the Derricos have faced their own controversies as details of multiple bankruptcies filed by both Deon and his wife Karen were reported in the press, as well as information on lawsuits and court cases. One court case states that Deon was charged with “13 counts, including theft, false representation concerning title, multiple transactions involving fraud or deceit, and more crimes on June 24, 2014,” according to The U.S. Sun. A mistrial was declared in the case.

As The Ashley reported earlier this week, Kate took time to respond to a few Instagram comments herself.

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12 Responses

  1. That’s the thing Dean- Some of us DO directly have experience with mental illness ourselves and/or children with mental illness… and I do not doubt that there are MANY children out there affected severely enough to require care in a residential facility. I just don’t believe Kate’s BS and I don’t think Collin is that severely afflicted with a condition severe enough to require that- FOR YEARS. And I don’t believe that Kate visited or contacted him. I have two children with Severe ADHD and sensory issues and one of which I have been pretty convinced has ODD but that was ruled out. I, myself, have battled mental illness (anxiety/depression and was diagnosed with BPD) and really, continue to on a daily basis. As far as my children’s behavior improving, it was literally because MY behavior and the way I reacted to them, changed. I know two families in which their child was put in a residential home type facility for mental illness (one schizophrenic and one with ADHD/ODD) and neither was there longer than a year. They are basically kept there until proper and effective medication is determined and behavior improves. As far as the friend with a schizophrenic son goes, she is an amazing mother, and her son is amazing too- he just had a tough time when they were trying to figure out what was happening/having him diagnosed and then properly medicated. The mother with a son with ADHD/ODD had a very similar experience that I did- HER behavior and way she responded to his behavior, made a significant difference and he’s been back home. In BOTH situations, the family took part in family therapy after it was highly recommended. They continue to heal and work on things. I just really think that if Collin was THAT out of control or that mentally ill, there would be more accounts from others. I also just do not trust Kate’s version of the story as she is CLEARLY mentally unwell.

  2. I haven’t condemned Kate either because I have a foster child with ADHD and ODD. Only 10 years old and I have called 911 twice to take the child for emergency crisis care

  3. “I’ve watched the show a couple times and I never witnessed any abuse!!”

    Oh, Deon…most people don’t abuse their children when multiple cameras are filming for a National TV show. Unless your name is Jenelle or Amber.?

  4. This douche is just seeking attention by posting in her comments. If he was really concerned about Mommy Dearest, he would have sent her a dm and kept it out of the spotlight. Let’s be real though, he just wanted another reason to use his favorite word, “cOgNiZaNt”??

  5. This is the guy who can’t stop getting evicted from every home he lives in yet he states that he supports his family?

  6. Oh come on. I watched every episode and she was a complete witch to EVERYONE she came in contact with. All the volunteers that gave their time, energy, money, and supplies when the sextuplets were little. Jon – always. The producers. The housekeeping applicants. Every worker they encountered on all of their trips. Have we forgotten how she was toward the poor guy on that bungee jump off a building thing? She’s a mean person.
    Sure she has 8 kids. A lot of people have 8 kids. Especially in the 70s on back, every family was that big. But that doesn’t give you license to be mean to everyone and scream at people.
    I have 3 severely disabled children, and I’ve never yelled at ANYONE. And I have more on my plate than Kate, hands down.
    Is Jon perfect? No. Collin? No. The rest of the kids? No. But that doesn’t make it ok for her to go psycho on anyone in her path.
    She has some great qualities – her organization, ability to take criticism, maintaining her weight and beauty, feeding her kids healthy foods, etc. But she’s a witch and always has been. So Jon went a little crazy for 6 months, BFD. I would too if I just got divorced and got out from under Kate’s control and daily screaming.
    We’ve never been in her shoes? PLEASE. I have had a 10x harder life than her and am poor AF. She has 8 adorable, healthy kids by choice and is wealthy, has her health. Cry me a river. She can’t stop herself from being nasty to everyone around her & can’t get a grip on her control issues – meanwhile she has enough money for the best therapy available. Cry me a river.

  7. So a delinquent is coming in the defense of an awful person that was exposed and they bonded because both of them have a lot of kids?
    Take several seats, sir

  8. Color me not surprised that no one has anything to say about this but attacking her there is not issues with that.

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