Kate Gosselin Lashes Out In Comment Section of Her Post About Son Collin; Claims She Did Visit Collin in Mental Health Facility & Makes Other Shocking Claims

“Why doesn’t everyone understand that I was the victim here?!”

Kate Gosselin is fighting back against statements recently made on TV by her estranged son Collin— and against people who came for her in the comment section of her recent Instagram post about Collin.

In a series of comments, the Kate Plus 8 star clapped back at fans who criticized her for not visiting Collin in the mental health facility she dropped him off at when he was 12. She also accused her now-19-year-old son of telling “many, many lies” during his recent interview for VICE‘s Dark Side of the 2000s.

Kate denied claims made by Collin (and her ex-husband Jon Gosselin) that she abandoned Collin, insisting that she did visit him, despite what Collin says. 

I’ve kept quiet for a LONG time but I’m tired of Collin and Jon controlling what has become my narrative— and it’s ALL false. Time to take back my own story!”

On Collin’s claims that she never visited him during the 2+ years he was in the facility:

Both Collin and Jon stated on ‘Dark Side of the 2000s’ that Kate never came to see Collin at either of the mental health facilities that Kate put him in.

Kate, however, insists that she did go see Collin.

“I did visit him. Every time it was approved by his treating physicians,” Kate told someone in the comment section of her post. 

“Sure, Jan…”

When someone else asked her why she never wrote letters, or made phone calls to Collin at the facility, Kate said she did that too.

“I did all of those things [phone calls, visits, letters] as often as it was beneficial to do so, according to his doctors,” Kate wrote. “You’re going off of one statement that I reluctantly shared and forming your entire opinion from it. Rest assured, there is so much more you’ll never know.” 

“[I] gave it all I had and more. Exactly what moms do!” Kate told another person. 

On why she didn’t give Collin to Jon to raise instead of checking him into the facility:

“OK, everyone smile and say ‘mom is a liar’ on three…”

Jon has stated in numerous interviews (even going back as far as 2016 when Collin was in the facility) that Kate refused to tell him where she had placed Collin. Kate hasn’t denied this, but in the comment section of her post, she explained why she did this. 

“The court initially disallowed Jon from knowing where Collin was for a number of valid reasons,” Kate wrote. “The rest of us knew and I visited [Collin] as often as was approved by his doctors.”

Kate defended her decision to institutionalize Collin, telling one person, “I ask you, would you not do ANYTHING to protect your child/children from an attacker, even if the offender was someone in your own home? And if the offender was one of your…children would you turn your head and allow it to continue? I seriously doubt it.” 

On the backlash she’s gotten since her post:

In the statement Kate posted on Instagram days after the ‘Dark Side of the 2000s’ episode aired, she wrote that Collin had “received multiple psychiatric diagnosis over the years,” and stated that Collin once allegedly attacked someone with a weapon. She also stated that Collin has a “distorted perception of reality” and that he has continued to exhibit “unpredictable and violent behaviors,” even into adulthood. 


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Kate’s willingness to put her son on blast did not go over well with a lot of people. In the comment section of her post, Kate explained why she made the public comments about her son.

“I didn’t expect anyone to understand, I just wanted to set the record straight considering I had been wrongly accused of crimes by my child,” she wrote. 

“Conrad is such a liar!”
“Um…his name is Collin, Kate.”

When another woman showed support to Kate in a comment, describing her own experiences dealing with her mentally ill child, Kate bonded with the woman.

“You get it and described exactly as it was. I didn’t go into what it cost my other children (in terms of my time and availability to them) bc I didn’t want to speak for them, but THAT is one of the worst parts of it all. It hurts and that pain never goes away!” Kate wrote. 

Kate told another person that she was not surprised by the hate her post got. 

“I have a thick skin and expected people who have not dealt personally with mental illness in their immediate family to attack me,” she wrote. “It’s the most misunderstood category of illnesses out there and is the one that people are most judgmental about.”

Kate told another commenter that she did not post her statement because she wanted to “be right,” as some accused her of doing.

“Nothing to do with being right or controlling things,” she said. “Everything to do with TELLING THE TRUTH.” 

On if she feels bad that she’s not in Collin’s life anymore:

“Sure. I feel bad that Collin keeps talking smack on me on TV.”

During his recent interviews, Collin has expressed that he’s sad that does not have any relationship with his mom or with six of his seven siblings. 

Kate actually acknowledged that she feels bad about this… but then blamed Collin for being unsafe to be around. 

“Yes! I agree with you [that it is sad],” she wrote. “It makes me sad everyday but safety (my safety and that of my other kids) has to take priority!”

On the type of person Collin has grown up to be:

Someone pointed out that Collin hardly sounds like a “deeply disturbed young man”— as Kate described him in her post— given that he has joined the military and recently graduated from high school.


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Kate disagreed. 

“Your comment proves how LITTLE you now about the entire situation full stop,” she told the person.

When another commenter told Kate that Collin seems to have been doing OK while living with Jon and Hannah, Kate told the person, “No. He’s definitely not [doing OK]. More of what goes on in private that you know nothing about.” 

On Collin and Jon lying:

Kate straight-out called Collin a liar regarding his statements that she never visited him in the mental health facility. 

“This is one of many, many lies he told in that interview,” Kate replied. 

“I do not support fiction no matter who it comes from,” she told another person. “I can’t support ANY reports that are distorted and fictitious. That’s why I didn’t add to my statement that I support Collin’s untrue version of events.”

A number of people pointed out that Collin wouldn’t have been allowed to join the Marine Corps. if he had a mental disorder, as Kate claimed in her Instagram post.

“That’s assuming he was truthful [during his recruitment],” she replied. 

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  1. The military recieves ALL MEDICAL RECORDS… she obviously knows very little about what’s going on if she thinks they were deceived in any way along with a physical and a psychiatric evaluation, you have to submit all medical records, so she’s talking out her ass as usual looking for fame and feeding into her narcissistic ego what she really needs to do is change her handle it’s not Kate plus my eight it’s Kate plus about six… hopefully soon those children will get past her programming and abuse and start to think their own thoughts and then we’ll see how many she can add after her name… furthermore, I doubt there wouldn’t be more stories about this kid, being violent in school, etc. sold to the media if there were any… the way she placed him in an institution and hid it from everybody and pretends. It’s for concern, reeks of a control, freak, psycho, who wants to silence a child. Any child under those kind of pressure cooker circumstances might irrupt throw something or be mean I mean hello where did he learn it from Kate there are many stories about your anger issues, your control issues, and your obvious mental illnesses, and frankly, no parent who truly love their child would blast them in the media the way she does mental illness aside. She’s a disgusting human being and when she’s gone, the world will be a better place for it.

  2. Why.did u take Hannah and collins money kate why didn’t u take the other kids money too you are a piece of work

  3. I was sent to a mental health facility aka nut hut shortly after I turned 14. Few months after that,
    I was literally kidnapped out of my bed stripped searched and shoved into a car, driven half way across country and dropped off in middle of desert for survival wildness camp and then went to DRA aka Diamond Ranch Academy in 2007.

    I hate my mom for years but it took me to grow uo and learn about the school to see how they manipulated her. She wanted best for me, not me just going away. There were several kids that wrre sent there like Collin. They were in the way and they didn’t get visits or mail.

    I didn’t get much mail and we git a 10 minute therapy phone call every other week with a therapist, all mail was a tiny note card size and they read everything, everything in and out.

    My mom had no problems driving across the states to come out snd visit me and one time even took me back home on the over night visit when we werent suppose to.

    Kate did the bare minimum so she can say she tried. She will miln that

  4. I think the truth is somewhere between the John/Collin version and Kate’s version. I don’t think either side is being 100% accurate.

  5. A few notes as a mother –
    if one child needs mental health help you stop filming. Filming a show about being a mother doesn’t circumvent the actual duty you have to your children
    If your child sees them self as being all alone in a treatment center then they were sll alone in that center. A child’s reality is their surroundings.
    I think Jon partied and gave Kate the job as parent while he sat back . I think Kate loved the money and fake fame more than her own children.

  6. Narcissists (Kate) will ALWAYS try to poison everyone around their perceived enemy (Collin) in an effort to pull those people over to their side. When that does not work, you (Jon) are in the narcissist’s (Kate) sights for life and must be destroyed at all costs.

    My theory has always been that Collin wanted his Dad when Jon and Hate broke up. And that made Collin a forever enemy of Hate. Anything that boy said, did, or breathed after that was and continues to be viewed as a threat to Hate.

  7. I don’t buy her BS. At all. There’s a lot behind her “I did visit him. Every time it was approved by his treating physicians” and “I did all of those things [phone calls, visits, letters] as often as it was beneficial to do so, according to his doctors” comments… For all any of us know, and without her using specific verbiage, the se “doctors” never approved or found it “beneficial” to visit or contact him. Let me also say that by no means am I just being judgmental… I have experience with having children (TWO) with mental health issues. I have two ten-year-old sons (twins obviously) that have severe ADHD and sensory issues. One was thought to have ODD, but that has since been ruled out. In facilities where the child is separated and even children that still reside in the home (which is the majority), parents, and most of the time, family, of any juvenile are often encouraged to take part in family therapy. The goal is to integrate the child into the family- not alienate them. Second, it is crucial for PARENTS of the juvenile to get into therapy for themselves and/or be advised by their childs therapist/doctor on how to deal with the child based on their diagnosis. A lot of that takes major work, major patience, major compassion and major attention. All of which that I can tell you, Kate did not have. I find it odd that she felt SO threatened by her child, but there is no actual record of him acting out with a weapon or in a way more harmful than regular children acting out. I also don’t think he has a diagnosis… because he doesn’t fit the criteria of any- which is EXACTLY why Kate (who isn’t privy to HIPPA or whatever else some of you are throwing in), isn’t disclosing it. She’s disclosing everything else so why not that? “Rest assured, there is so much more you’ll never know.” Well, Kate, I am SURE Collin (and Jon AND Hannah) could say exactly the same so why does it make them liars but we should see you as truthful? Anyway- my boys, when completely overwhelmed would “threaten” to do all kind of things to themselves, me, others… it’s my responsibility to be the voice of reason, calm myself down instead of amping up which would amp them up… learn how to handle their behavior and how I need to respond and keeping myself and anyone else in my home- safe. At school they took measures in the event that they actually DID act out but it was pretty much all talk with the occasional normal tussle with another student that never resulted in any serious injury. We had a plan. I was never going to send them away- ever. I believe, especially at their age, it would have damaged them further. After I took steps to learn how to respond (and not react) and ways of disclipline that made sense for THEM, things changed and they are now relatively normal kids that take medication throughout the school year. They honestly, and I believe SO many others, just get overwhelmed and lash out because their sense of responding has not been developed- and really, they are simply sensitive to their own feelings and emotions, others feelings and emotions, reactions from others and get easily over stimulated and need to often be taken out of situations so that the behavior doesn’t escalate. They take breaks and are often fine. But again- it’s taken a LOT of work at home.

  8. I have experienced similar issues in re/ to having a child starting at age 8 with violent outbursts. We went From therapy to in-patient to day programs up until age 17. I also have other kids, we helped ALL our kids, my chil with the issues, to my other kids to feeling safe in their home to safely have a relationship with their sibling.
    Never did we “cut him off” from our family or siblings- and now our child is a adult they are able to regulate their emotions and WE all learned so much in the process of getting where we are today. My kids have empathy for those with mental health issues ( unlike Mandy Gosselin who does not!) was it easy, no-

    we had the police here, we’ve had to sign commitment papers for a child and let me just say it breaks your heart- but always always was our child fully aware we were a family and together we would help him.
    Kate is a horrible mother. She should have had all the kids in therapy both individually and has a Family- including their father- but nope! Because Kate wouldn’t be able to control the narrative of her kids are healthcare professionals.

    I think Colin had/has issues, I think being sent away and feeling like outcast did him more harm then good. I think Jon tries, as does Hannah- but Kate is 1000% to blame for the treatment he received, or did not receive.

  9. She visited “when it was beneficial” and “permitted”? That’s pretty vague and it seems like she carefully chose that wording. Why not say “O visited him several times or called every week? Oh right, because it probably didn’t happen.

    I don’t know if Collin has issues (he probably does given the abuse he faced), but Kate isn’t the innocent mommy she tries to convince people she is. It seems clear that whatever issues Collin has are largely attributable to her.

  10. I gotta say, I seriously do not believe that Collin exhibited shocking behavior and she made the decision to place him in a psychiatric facility… and kept quiet it about it. That right there is very telling. You mean to say she had an opportunity for an attention-grabbing tv special and suddenly her children’s privacy and well-being take priority? I believe everything Collin said about her forcing him to film and her finding it easier to remove him than to deal with his opposition. Their show ended in 2017 and Collin was in the facility some time in 2016. The fact that Jon knew nothing about it for as long as he did is also telling. She did it quietly like she had something to hide and stayed quiet about it for a long time.

  11. Kate sounds unhinged. Someone needs to send her to a mental health facility and drop her off with no visitors, no check-out in sight. Then she can see how she likes it!

    What a nasty woman. I’ve disliked her since the days of her awful, butchered Karen haircut, and she’s just…she’s beyond anything. So wholly awful.

  12. Kate has always equated “loud and abrasive” with “correct.” You can see it all over J&K+8, she yells over everyone to get her way, and she’s still doing it now. I don’t know what’s going on with Collin, none of us do, but I’m never ever inclined to believe her version of the truth.

  13. I’m going to throw something out there that might blow your minds. It is possible that SIMULTANEOUSLY Kate can be a person you simply don’t like and maybe even a sub par parent… while ALSO Collin could be a deeply troubled person who is lying… while ALSO Jon is also a jerk and using this to his advantage. All of those things can be true at the same time.

    So many people are so busy wanting Kate to be the bad guy which means everyone else must be the good guys. But that’s a Marvel movie, not real life. In reality they are all probably pretty effed up and sometimes some or all of them are lying and sometimes a few of them will be telling the truth.

    1. Are you incapable of understanding how an abused toddler can grow to have numerous potential issues psychologically? Kate herself admitted to abusing him, separating him from his siblings 24/7, physically punishing a toddler (under 2!), then dumping him in multiple facilities because she “didn’t want him”. She also lied about his diagnoses, because he’s literally never had any at all and no doctor has ever diagnosed him with anything-which would’ve happened if there was anything remotely as serious as she claims.

      Jon can be a shitty person, has made numerous terrible life choices, was a shitty husband, but has never been a bad parent. It’s the only thing I think he’s done right, lol. He has always taken care of the kids, even when they separated. He didn’t have to steal their money to fund his own personal lifestyle the way Kate admitted, in court, that she did.

      Collin probably does have some issues, it should come as no shock to anyone. Abused children who don’t later in life is a true rarity. Why you’re so content believing Kate is telling the truth about this, despite her having to admit in court that she often lies about everything, is beyond me. Jon is no saint, he’s not “the good guy” in all things, at all. Collin, however, IS the good guy, because he’s the actual victim here. Defending Kate, at all, after she’s admitted many of her lies, is just asinine.

      1. I think my issue with what you’re saying is that you are absolutely convinced you know all details about everything. But you don’t. None of us do. You are saying Jon has ALWAYS been a great parent… but I’ll be skeptical of that for as long as so many of his children (who are now adults and can all make their own choices and minds up) refuse to speak to him at all. I’m not defending Kate so much as challenging the mindset people are approaching this with. Stop assuming you know the full story or full truth. Stop assuming only one person is all bad and everyone is completely their fault. That’s a movie narrative and definitely not real life. You don’t know Collin’s full private medical history. None of us do.

        1. I don’t think you read anything I’ve said.

          Jon is absolutely with his own faults, he has plenty. Being a shitty parent, however, isn’t one of them.

          Kate is 100% responsible for Collin’s abuse, which started when he was so little. Maybe you don’t realize the impact that abuse can have, lifelong, maybe you do, but it’s significant here. It can take a lifetime to mend some of the issues caused by abuse, especially early abuse. Most issues will never be resolved though, ever, and will always impact a person’s life. I live with it every day, I see it everyday. I watch it play out in the lives of countless children and families, every day. To challenge that at all is just asinine.

          Collin’s issues-which I am certain he has, are a direct result of that abuse, full stop. Him not having a diagnosis doesn’t change the fact that he has issues. Kate’s claims that he has multiple, is, however, another lie she has told. Children can have issues without a formal diagnosis.

          No one has said only one person is “bad”. This story is about Kate and Collin, however, and in that regard Kate IS the bad guy in the story. It’s not some fictional movie or story, it’s Collin’s actual life-which she directly fucked up (and has admitted to, at least some of it, she just forgets she did apparently).

          The fact that the other kids don’t speak with Jon is also not necessarily a reflection on him entirely (again, not saying he’s without fault). It is super easy for an abusive parent to pit children against the other parent. It gets easier the longer it goes on. She’s manipulative, and we know that to be a fact. I have an adult son who is only just started having a relationship with his other parent after being pitted against them most of his life and having no contact for years. It’s not the other parent’s fault, but his abuser’s. This is extremely common in cases where abuse is present-again, we KNOW it is, Kate admitted it herself.

          You can’t challenge the actual facts we do know. You can challenge people’s opinions, of course, and I welcome it. but there are some facts we know, and those can’t be challenged. Kate is and was abusive. Kate did lie and manipulate her children. Kate did steal from her children. Kate did lie about Jon and how he took care of them (including her) even long after they separated. Kate lied about a LOT. Her credibility went out the window with the first lie-every one after compounded that. There is no reason, at all, to believe anything she says.

      2. Collin is definitely the victim, of that there is no doubt. And I am no defender of Kate (whose true character is well-documented) or Jon who, imo, is at best an irresponsible parent.

        But is it possible that there is no (known) diagnosis because it would be a violation of HIPPA for medical personnel to disclose one?

        I also find the timing of Collin’s decision to join the military a wee suspect just as he’s now facing two lawsuits for reckless driving.

        (And let’s be honest, he’s not a millionaire. He’s not really even famous, so I question those who assume that he’s being sued by opportunists.)

        Those “parents” are awful. Collin is a victim, but he’s a victim who needs professional help, and lots of it. If he doesn’t get it, his behavior will be his undoing.

        1. It would only be a violation for a medical representative or employee to reveal that information. That doesn’t apply to everyone, not that it really matters in this case. It is known that he has no formal diagnosis, it’s why Kate went to a second facility in the first place, as the initial one wouldn’t give her a “proper diagnosis for her troubled child” (her words, not mine). It’s why she doctor shopped. It’s normally a good thing when people try to find a medical professional that listens, but that wasn’t her goal, she said so herself that she wanted someone to do what she wanted.

          I’m certain Collin joining the military has a lot to do with the trouble he’s been in. I’m certain he’s been in a lot more than just recent car incidents, actually. It just doesn’t surprise me that he has (not that I am defending all of his actions). Also, people do know who he is, so it’s not that uncommon for people to believe others would sue him because of that. It’s stupid, but yes there are people who would do that. That said, it’s not likely the case here, just, possible.

          Collin does need a LOT of help-none of which Jon can give him. The military may actually be able to help here. I know people think that people joining the military don’t undergo psych evals, but they actually do. We just went through this last year in my family. They will absolutely turn someone away, depending on the mental health problems at hand. If the things Kate has said were true, he would have been turned away. I know this for a fact-I just watched it happen. That doesn’t mean he’s without issues, because again I am certain he has them. Just that they are not what Kate claims they are, or were. A record of that magnitude alone would’ve halted his application process early on.

          Regardless of how people feel about the military, or what they’ve heard, or what issues people have developed after being in the military, there are some initial boundaries they won’t cross. That doesn’t mean people’s issues won’t manifest later down the road, of course, as that happens all the time (but can happen in any line of work, at any age, for any number of reasons).

    2. I agree with you. Truth is somewhere in the middle. We know he had a huge fight with his dad and that guy crazy. He is being sued and the court paper said he lives in a one bedroom apartment by himself. Somethings off doesn’t sound like he lives with Jon or Hannah either.

    3. Um, no. Kate is a child abuser. Full stop. Abused children usually have issues as adults. Collin was institutionalized during his young teen years. Those are important years that he spent drugged up in a facility. It’s honestly ridiculous to expect him to be without issues.

  14. KATE why don’t you change your name to AKA HATE…lol. One name describes you “Controlling” Those 6 kids will move out one day and be free from your prison. Everybody who gets a divorce wants to preserve a fatherly figure in their lives. Oh wait, you also act like one? Look down and check….ROFL

  15. This comment section screams paid trolls as a medical professional people don’t even understand what is required when someone was in the care he was in. It’s sad she felt the need to address other mentally ill people who don’t know them and should be this invested. It’s feeding their mental illness as well.

  16. Kate’s a monster. My sister-in-law is related to her and the stories I’ve heard……….I wish my SIL would be vocal about the truth about Kate.
    She’s just truly a bad person. Sad.

  17. If she didn’t support fiction, she’d shut her mouth and stop running to the media and social media to “tell her side” constantly. She’ll literally do anything to keep her name out there and relevant(in her eyes) because she thinks she’ll make money off it. Lazy ass SOB.

    I notice she didn’t address the abuse she put Collin through starting when he was a toddler, long before any mental health professional would even be able to diagnose anything. Which, again, Collin has never been diagnosed with anything, even Kate admitted this some time back (she had to, in court!).

    She’s such a narcissistic ahole, she just can’t stop. I feel horrible for all of her children, and anyone else that has ever had to spend any amount of time with her. It’s 24/7 me me me, and no one else, ever. If someone even dares get mentioned, Kate has to open her tap and remove all doubt that she’s a narcissist.

    1. If you trolls want her to shut up don’t read the article. Pick up a book. That kid and his father deserve each other. Just a few months ago they were yelling abuse at each other. She’s lucky to be rid of them.

  18. my cousin was instaltionzed at 13 for dangerous behaviour. was drugged with no diagnoses for over a year. one day he ran away and didnt speak to the larger family until he was 18.
    hes on the spectrum and raised by absuive narasscists (this includes my parents) he was justifible angry for a long time about what the family did to him. which made the family feel justified in their actions…..
    back in 2002 or whatever it was when i heard about colin i knew this was a similar story… kate is full of bs and so is maddy holding it against someone for their actions as a 12 yr old is beyond the pale. and his very justifibale anger that will take him years to unravel from

  19. So Collin lies, Jon lies, Collin’s friends lie, Hannah lies too. Everybody lies except you, right Kate?
    The only mental issues you have to deal with are your own.

  20. I wonder why she didn’t address the fact that she apparently didn’t speak to him at his recent HS graduation.

  21. If Collin is as disturbed as Kate claims, it will come to the surface eventually and he will be medically discharged from the Marine Corps; I know someone who followed a similar path. Their mental disorder came to light while in the military and that was that.

    I still find her story about visiting him in the institution as total BS. I have had a family member involuntarily committed (more than once), and we were regularly asked to participate in therapy sessions. We were also brought in alone, to teach us how to deal with this person and how to help them manage their mental health. You cannot tell me that Kate wouldn’t have been asked to come in and do therapy WITH Collin, or that she wasn’t asked to bring the other kids in to help them and to teach them and Collin how to interact with each other better.

    1. Her adding of “when his doctor approved” to the details of her visits and calls is very interesting. Maybe they doctors saw the negative influence she had and told her to stay away.

    2. I noted her specific wording about visiting/writing/calling when MD’s said it was safe or when it was permitted

  22. She NEEDS to set record straight because she’s a narcissist. Ok, let’s assume that he has issues…were they caused by your parenting? How did he pass the boot camp mental health test?

    Look, sometimes I wonder about Collin’s anger/lashing out…especially after recent revelations about 2 car accidents (Jon why does Collin have all these sports cars?) due to recklessness (could be bad judgement by teenager). But I still say most most mothers would stay mum on past and try to work on future. Or, work it out with him in therapy. But Kate put the kid on blast because he impacted her carefully crafted image.
    If you and Mady (mini-Kate) are so concerned…did you try group counseling or just write him off?

    Kate HATES Jon and Collin reminds her of Jon. Always has. Enough said.

    1. Yeah she would have been better off not saying anything at all but she’s incapable of doing so.

      Jon was little more than a compliant, handsome sperm donor to her. When he started to get a little older and assertive she torched him. Then she did the same to his son when he also started to object.

    2. There are no mental health tests for military entry. You fill out mental and physical health forms-if he was in prior to MHS genesis-all he needed was a form signed by a doctor that he had no previous mental or health concerns. That is easy to obtain if you use a new doctor.
      If he came in AFTER MHS genesis-that’s a different story. All medical and mental health documents are accessible. That being said..some record for minors are not accessible without expressed permission from the patient-mental health is one.

      1. Thanks for sharing. I’m a former military dependent and know several active duty Marines who had mental health assessments. Maybe that was before the process you describe.

      2. There are definitely mental health screenings and testing done. We just went through this last year. The fact that records aren’t as easily accessed online if they are older records doesn’t change this. They are still easily accessible to the government (and most that were not already on such systems have been since added to them).

        Records as a minor, especially significant mental health records that include being institutionalized are absolutely accessible, which all applicants agree to. Not agreeing to having your records accessible will result in you being denied regardless (though the military doesn’t actually need a reason to deny an application at all, no employer anywhere in the US does, that’s besides the point though, lol).

        They definitely do screen for mental health issues, that doesn’t mean someone will be denied, of course. You can still be in the military and have a record of mental health issues. It depends entirely on what they are though. If what Kate said and says about Collin’s past were even remotely true, it would require an immediate denial, he wouldn’t even get to the screening processes. Collin does have mental health and even behavioral problems, they’re just not what Kate says they are.

      3. What on earth are you talking about? I’ve known MANY (I used to live with someone in the navy and I dated someone in the Navy and Marines), my cousin is in the Army, one of my best friends is in the Navy, I know many Marines since I lived in Kailua, right by Kaneohe base in Hawaii… There absolutely is a mental health assessment… they also look into your records. Now, the most sophisticated (which I tend to call narcissists because they know exactly how to “control” themselves when it benefits them) could theoretically get past the initial assessment if dedicated to doing so, but sooner or later the mask falls. Depending on what “job” you take in the military, more in depth evaluations are performed as well… As I’ve said in the past, I’ve also known many that attempted to get into all branches of the military and several could not because of their mental health diagnosis (some with ADHD) so I’m really not sure what you are talking about. You can’t even get into the military if you use certain medications for mental illness… For them to take on individuals knowing they suffer from mental illness is a huge risk and liability for them.

    3. Agreed, but a few genuine questions about the sports cars: were the in Jon’s or Collin’s name, how much of his money does Collin have access to, and if Collin had access to enough money to buy a sports car, would Jon be able to stop Collin (as a minor) from doing so?

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