Splits, Single Life & Shots of Milk: TLC Releases the First Trailer for ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Season 6

Get ready for another wild season with the Plath family…

Welcome to Plathville returns with a new season this summer and quite a few new beginnings. 

TLC released the trailer for Season 6 this week, which kicks off with a very on-brand night out at the bar with sisters Moriah and Lydia Plath. 

“Whiskey, please,” Moriah tells the bartender in the clip, before her closet-praying sis Lydia requests a “shot of chocolate milk.” 

“Way to live on the edge, Lyd.”

While Moriah is busy seemingly attempting to corrupt her sister, her brother Micah Plath is shacking up with a new mystery woman and telling viewers that his days of clothed confessionals are over. 

“I will not answer one more question with my shirt on,” he tells the camera. 

“If you want me to talk, you’re gonna have to look at my nipples.” 

Micah, now living in South Florida, explains that he’s keeping the identity of the “beautiful girl” he’s dating under wraps because he’s “seen a lot happen with relationships” in his family. 

Case in point: Plath parents Kim and Barry, who are divorced and transitioning into single life. (The pair announced in 2022 that they were divorcing after 24 years of marriage.) 

“I’ve changed through the process of this divorce,” Kim says in the trailer. “I’m real sure Barry hasn’t loosened up as much as I have.” 

Barry has officially entered his fitness era.

To prove just how “loosened up” she is, Kim partakes in some four-wheeler riding and guitar strumming in the trailer.

“Anyway, here’s ‘Wonderwall.'”

While Kim and Barry find their footing post-divorce, their son Ethan Plath does the same following his split from wife Olivia. (As The Ashley previously reported, Olivia and Ethan confirmed their split in October.) 

“It’s intimidating a little bit to approach a beautiful woman,” Ethan says in the trailer, before awkwardly offering to buy a drink for a random woman at a bar. 

“I wonder if she likes chocolate milk?”

Viewers also see Olivia getting back on the dating scene, admitting that the experience is especially “wild” because she ended up marrying the first guy she “ever even held hands with.” Later in the clip, Ethan and Olivia discuss why their marriage didn’t last, with Olivia placing the blame on Ethan’s family, whom she claims Ethan ultimately sided with. 

“That’s because you made me choose,” he replies, before questioning how Olivia is able to “move on so easily” after being with him for seven years. 

“Umm, have you met your family?”

“Who said it was easy?” Olivia tells him. 

While it doesn’t appear that Ethan and Olivia’s relationship will improve in the upcoming season, their split does lead to a reunion between Ethan and his family. 

“There are a whole bunch of things I’d love to talk to Ethan about,” Kim tells the family. 

Me, gearing up to watch Kim’s Plath family pep-talk this season…

Former friends and sisters-in-law Olivia and Moriah are seen having a heart-to-heart of their own in the trailer in the wake of Ethan and Olivia’s split. 

“I hope you know I really did love your brother,” Olivia says, to which Moriah replies, “I know.” 

Season 6 of ‘Welcome to Plathville’ premieres Tuesday, July 16, on TLC. Watch the trailer below. 

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(Photos: TLC; YouTube) 

8 Responses

  1. Why is Olivia still on the show she’s not a Plath and frankly I doubt the Angel editing she gets, He’s done a lot in that marriage that causes as much problems as he did and frankly, I think it’s ridiculous. The people can’t see how toxic she was to him. I’m not saying his family wasn’t toxic because they were but she’s no angel.

  2. To the girl that’s living with Micah: I suggest you fuck like you just diagnosed with a fatal illness. It’s not gonna last forever, so make some memories while you have the chance!

  3. Fucking Olivia is so full of shit. Absolutely cannot stand that manipulative bitch. No, she didn’t love Ethan. Her actions showed that a million times over.

    I hope that was the producers doing that resulted in the meeting between Moriah and Olivia and not Moriah’s personal choice. Moriah never should have given her the time of day again once she saw thru her facade.

    Oh boy, Kim got fat! Holy shit.

    Can’t wait to see the new season! Love this show.

    1. I agree about Olivia she’s a manipulative person and frankly she’s as toxic as Kim. Controlling and just as dramatic too.

  4. Ethan moved around the US for Olivia despite the fact he was content with small town life. He almost came to blows with his dad, and sided with Olivia at the expense of his relationship with his family so she could split on him, leaving him neither with his family, nor her. Fortunately, he seems to make amends with his family not that she cares that he sacrificed them for her, only so she could split. Mariah also caused Ethan extraordinary tension with the rest of the family only to return to the family screwing Ethan. Mariah was a big pain in the ass who blames everyone but herself. She walks around half naked because she only feels free with her ass out then blames Olivia for driving a wedge between her and the Plaths. Mariah is a terrible singer with no musical talent whatsoever so Olivia should have kept her music and spared the world from it.

    1. If you saw the end of last season, Moriah took responsibility for ALL of the family strife in a conversation she had with Lydia. She said it was all due to her selfishness. I think she was being too hard on herself. She’s not responsible for all of it. And she needed to be selfish to leave the family and become her own person. She’s more than made amends with all concerned. I think she has a lot of integrity.

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