It’s Over! ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Stars Olivia & Ethan Plath Confirm They’ve Split: “It Just Didn’t Work Between Us”

But…but…they were so happy together….every once in a while.

Another Plath marriage bites the dust!

Ethan Plath and his wife Olivia announced on Friday via their Instagram accounts that they are no longer together.

The Welcome to Plathville stars— who got married in October 2018— have been at the center of public scrutiny about a possible split for months but had not directly confirmed that they were no longer together. On Friday, though, the couple finally confirmed that they have split, with each posting a statement to their Instagram account.

“Olivia and I have parted ways,” Ethan wrote. “It just didn’t work between us, though Lord knows we both gave it all we had. It seemed like we were constantly pulling each other in opposite directions in life with different goals.

“I wish Olivia the best in the future ahead,” he continued. “I care for her deeply and always will.”


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In her own statement, Olivia alluded to the fact that she and Ethan had simply outgrown each other.

“Ethan and I have decided to go our separate ways,” she wrote. “I have ambivalent memories of us being 18 years old, innocently dreaming of forever– but the partner you choose is a reflection of the world you want to live in, and at 18 I didn’t know who I was or what kind of life I wanted to create for myself. Seven years later I’ve already begun my journey of questioning, reconstructing and rebuilding and I know that is a process that I will continue to prioritize throughout my life.

“There were good moments and I want to remember and honor those,” Olivia added. “We fell in love as children and are going our separate ways as adults. Wiser, older and braver. We will be okay. Thank you for the good times Ethan. I wish the best for you.”


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Even before Friday’s announcement about the split, fans had noticed that Olivia’s Instagram feed had been pretty much void of any photos of Ethan after May 2022.

The couple rarely addressed the rumors about a divorce, with Olivia stating in June on Instagram that, “There is a lot of speculation going around, but if Ethan and I had something to share, we would.” (That comment came after her estranged sister Sophia Meggs-Roberts blurted out on Instagram that Olivia and Ethan were “in the middle of a divorce.”)

“Anyone know of any dating apps for fair-haired former Fundies?” 

This is just the latest divorce to shake up the Plath family. Last year, Ethan’s parents, Kim and Barry Plath, announced that they were divorcing after 24 years of marriage.

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14 Responses

  1. @TeenMomOG2Fan If you watch carefully, you’ll see that Olivia is a controlling bitch. Watch how she reacted when Moriah told her everyone was invited to go to the grave for her brother’s birthday. Watch how she was pissed was that Ethan put going to the gravesite, whether Kim was there or not, ahead of how it would effect her. Look at how she pissed she got at Micah and Moriah when they kindly called her out in Jamaica. Watch how she spun out when Moriah didn’t hold her hand each step of the way for the day at the river. I promise you I’m not wrong about her.

    1. I do think the way Olivia handled the grave thing was terrible. She should have just gone shut up and not engaged with anyone stood off to the side or stayed in the car, just be there for Ethan. This is his brother and Kim’s child, they are the ones who this is for. Kim has a right to be at her child’s gravesite.

      However, if Kim was my MIL I would not want to be around her either. She’s terrible.

      Kim is no angel and neither is Olivia. But I think when your ILS are Kim and Barry, it’s hard to find a balance. I mean Olivia and Ethan moved to get away from them, and Kim and Barry moved in like down the street. I can’t imagine that, they tried to instill a physical boundary we need space from you while we figure out our marriage, and they were like we are going to give you the opposite.

      I don’t think Olivia is a bad person, I do think Kim is. I find Kim selfish, entitled, overbearing.

      1. I’m no Kim fan either, but Olivia is so fake. Those moments I pointed out are unguarded, unlike her sidebars. At least Kim talks about what she’s doing wrong and says “but I have to be happy.” She at least owns her selfishness, whether she means to or not. Olivia is always playing victim and is consistently snaps her cap every time she’s not in full control of a situation with people doing exactly what she wants.

        Again, not a fan of Kim either. Also, I suspect her relationship with the plane guy was in play long before what she’s saying, maybe even before she left Barry. If so, I hope the truth eventually comes out.

  2. Olivia is beautiful and Ethan looks like Santa’s helper. I would give Oliva any show she wants. Those long ? she can get anything she wants.

  3. Lucky guy, freed from the emotionally abusive swine that is Olivia.
    She’s the most toxic reality character out there.

  4. I’m surprised it took this long. I wonder what that means for the show?

    Ethan has the personality of a wet noodle, and Olivia now is going to run as far from his family as possible.

    1. Exactly! I couldn’t be more happy for him. He can finally be himself again.

      But the way they portrayed this breakdown on the show was very disjointed. One episode they’re happy as can be, having just landed in Minnesota, and the next episode they’re both contemplating the possible end of the marriage.

      1. I think when your marriage is failing and you’re trying to save it, you try really hard to make it work. Almost to a fake point of pretending to be happy thinking it will trigger something.

        I know they went to Europe over the summer to try to work on it. But you never really know how bad something is unless you are in it.

        At the end of the day, they are so far personality-wise from each other. Even the way the resolve conflict is a problem for them. Ethan is a closed book, wants to leave and never talk about his feelings, problems, Olivia is an open book, she wants to talk about everything to a fault. Both super unhealthy in their own way. They never learn how to fight and how to resolve conflict properly, which made each fight worse, since they still had solved the last fight.

        1. They just never belonged together. It’s his parents fault that they got married right out of the gate. His anger over that is justified, but I hope he can move past it in time. He’s a lovely person. She’s a controlling, manipulative bitch. He deserves much better and I hope he eventually finds it.

          1. I don’t think Olivia is a controlling manipulative b!tch. But I find her need to talk everything to a point over talking about it very annoying, exhausting, and mentality draining.

            I also find Ethan’s need to leave and not tell his wife that he’s leaving and just disengaging super problematic.

            I think they brought out the worst in each other.

            Just THANK GOD that didn’t have children. What a disaster that would have been.

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