Mother of Seven! Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Announces She & Boyfriend Elijah Scott Are Expecting Twins

“…err…I mean, seven.”

Two weeks after confirming that she (somewhat) secretly welcomed a fifth child in late 2022, former Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry has revealed she and boyfriend Elijah Scott are now expecting twins.

Kail made the announcement on this week’s episode of her Barely Famous podcast, revealing to guest Allison Kuch– who is currently expecting her first child with husband and NFL star Isaac Rochell– that they both coincidentally returned home with “permanent souvenirs” after vacationing in Thailand earlier this year.

“Wait, you came home with a permanent souvenir?” Allison asked Kail, to which Kail then panned the camera down to reveal her growing baby bump. “Oh my god, why did I not know this? We both got pregnant in Thailand.” 

Kail noted that she “had no idea” she was expecting on the trip and “must have got pregnant right before” leaving for vacation. 

“So when I got there, I was eating everything,” she said. “My face was flushed, but I didn’t think anything of it because I was like, there’s no way. There’s no way I am [pregnant].” 

Kail referred to her current pregnancy as number “six and seven,” confirming she has not one, but two buns in the oven. 

Who could’ve guessed how often The Ashley would have been able to use this photo? 

In addition to Rio, whom Kail and Elijah welcomed in late 2022, Kail shares Isaac with Jo Rivera; Lincoln with ex-husband Javi Marroquin; and sons Creed and Lux with Chris Lopez.

As you may recall, Kail exposed the fact that Chris was expecting his third child (with another woman) in September 2021 and in turn, Chris leaked information about Kail’s pregnancy with baby number 5. Naturally, baby daddy No. 3 was quick to comment on the news of Kail’s growing litter. 

“There’s a bunch of morals of the story here but imma use like 2: the truth will set you free and stop doing shit to ppl knowing you wouldn’t be ok if it was done to you…,” Chris posted to his Instagram Story. “Also condoms.” 

As for Kail, she told followers on social media that she isn’t planning to return to the Teen Mom franchise, nor is she here for those hating on her ever-expanding family. 

“I’ve never been mad about someone else’s uterus so hating a pregnancy is such a weird concept to me,” she replied to comment on Instagram. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 



    1. This is all stereotypical Borderline Personality Disorder. A fear of abandonment, that is either caused by a genetic predisposition to BPD (I would bet her mom, Suzie, was BPD), and/or/plus childhood trauma. Unstable, constantly changing romantic relationships, risky behavior (either sexual, or drugs/alcohol, gambling, self-harm, eating disorders, etc), an obsession with babies and/or brand new relationships with people who will always love, want, and be dependent on you for at least awhile…..A baby WITH a new flame lust/love interest would be the ultimate high.

      Unfortunately, when those babies get older and start to differentiate from mom and become individuals who need her less, she will either “split” on them: going from characterizing them as “all good” to “all bad…” so as to keep the drama factor high enough, and/or will replace them with more babies so the hole in her soul/heart/psyche that craves immediate unconditional love can be filled again by a baby who obviously will unconditionally love and want it’s mom.

      And when any relationship moves out of the of the dramatic love-bombing, chase, honeymoon phase, into the normal, settled, loving, everyday life that most people who have long term partners get to….they feel it as abandonment. They need the frenetic, drama filled, goosebumps, immediate, frantic neediness of a desperate, new love at all times. It can either be romantic or maternal (a new baby).

      But also, making a baby with someone quickly, when you’re both in the “I’m so into you, you’re the best,” phase of a new relationship, will obviously prolong the “dramatic, ever-changing, emotional connection” during the pregnancy. And then, even if it wear off or just dulls down, a few weeks or months after baby is born, at least now you have a baby who is desperate to be with you and love on you for a year or 2. Until you can find a New partner….

  1. I love how kail claim she didn’t want anymore kids but here you go now 7 and with different dads.. and you hop on another guy still living in joe parents house so why would anyone think you didn’t already have another guy line up while your husband is away for his job/military. Like your like the song on to the next.. yea you might take care of your kids but your definitely not a role model. All you show is it’s okay to keep having children with who ever shows you some love..

    1. True…but she’s going about this whole motherhood thing all wrong…babies shouldn’t have to handle men coming in and out of their lives and a mama that allows it…babies need stability.

  2. I bet these ones were also “a surprise”. She’s a child hoarder at this point, sorry, no better than Duggars. I will laugh my ass off if she ends up with 2 other boys. xD

  3. You shouldn’t be following the Fibonacci Sequence with kids per baby daddy. Keep this up and the next guy will expect you to pop out 5 with him!

  4. Clearly I was way off but I was not expecting this from her 16&P episode. She seemed more stressed than anything (not that that disqualifies someone from being a good parent). For the first couple of seasons of “Teen Mom” she was the girl who actually seemed serious about college. Would not have been shocked if she ended up being “one and done” with Isaac.
    Baby with Javi? Makes as much sense and anything in that relationship did. After that breakup I would have bet more on “swearing off men forever and hating them” before I would have guessed she’d just keep shacking up and reproducing with randos.
    The takeaway from this is “disregard any predictions I have about the cast members if we ever get a pool going”. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. I think no one is mad about her pregnancy or hating on her pregnancy. It is the playing stupid thing that gets on our nerves. After having 5 children already you know how conception works. Stop acting surprised it happened again…for the sixth time.

  6. Everybody is on here complaining and worrying about her kids. Go be foster parents and help the children in need.

  7. Poor Issac, taking care of 6 younger siblings. He probably loves going to Jo’s house where there is only one other kid, and he doesn’t have to do diaper duty.

    1. Funny there was an episode I specifically remember him saying he didn’t wanna go to Jo’s house bc he was boring and didn’t do anything

      1. He was a little boy then, all little boys prefer to be with the “fun parent”. Plus, Javi was still in the picture. That made being at home a happy place.

        I remember a YouTube video (from like a year ago) where he literally told Kail that she needed to have her men wear condoms…so it sounds like he’s coming to his senses.

        Im sure he loves going to his dad’s now, I sure as hell would.

  8. Is Kail trying to get to be the next 18 kids and counting? Like girl you need your tubes tied.

    4 different fathers, 7 kids. How do you even schedule custody time?

    Kail is the girl who was never loved, so she seeks validation from children, which is a terrible burden to put on a kid.

    Get someone therapy, and close up shop.

    1. It’s so obvious. And you know she’s trying for a girl to validate herself against her relationship with her mother. The problem with that is, people like her will eventually become hated by the very hoarde she created.

  9. From the girl who tried to convince the world 4 babies ago that she’d have trouble conceiving.

    I blame Smirnoff Suzie…..and I worry about how she’ll afford 7 kids for the next 18+ years…

    1. Her mom is a shitty ass mom, like someone named Jenelle. Let’s hope Kailynn is a better mom than those two. Big time hope. 😬

    2. Four different fathers on child support.

      Kail podcast, she talked about how she knows how child support works, she said you should always be the first baby mama because they get the most.

      By like the fourth or fifth you aren’t getting anything. I guess the thought is if you knew he wasn’t taking care of 5 kids already you took the risk.

  10. She calls people who judge her choices weird, but she makes weird ass choices and then broadcasts it to the world. I wonder how Creed/Mello will feel when he sees someday that his mom admitted to almost aborting him bc of how much of a pos his dad was.. like dude, you’re putting all your shit out there. You literally signed up to do that?? And what? 7 kids and 4 baby dads later? Of course you’re going to catch judgment, because like when does it end??

    Shes a serial baby mama and she likes it that way. She jumps into relationships with dudes and gets pregnant like immediately, then wonders why the general public expresses distaste for her decisions & behavior. Money doesn’t make you a good mom. Presence and taking care of your children makes you a good mom. Setting a good example for your children is being a good mom. Keeping consistency in your life is being a good mom.

    Kail “doesn’t need a man” and she’s “an independent mom with the hussle” but yet she’s always pregnant to some dude she’s been with for like less than a year. No one feels bad that one of your 36 babydads outed your business (after you did the same fucking thing to him) and that you didn’t get to tell the world yourself. Newsflash Kail, we knew already. Because you’re literally always pregnant with another kid lol it wasn’t a surprise to anyone..

    Fuck condoms, get some birth control. It’s getting embarrassing.

  11. She seems to be making a family who won’t leave her like her mom, dad and baby daddies have. Please fix your abandonment issues and give your uterus a break.

  12. I can’t understand people that know how to prevent pregnancy and choose to have more than let’s say 3 kids. To me, 3 is more than enough so having 7 is too much. That being said, I find it very weird that some people are actively hoping she doesn’t get the girl she said she wants. Why would her inability to have a girl make you happy? You don’t have a personal beef with her, you don’t even know her. It’s very weird and sad

  13. Ok. That’s why she randomly admitted to having a fifth baby, she wanted to announce this pregnancy and couldn’t until she admitted to having that baby.

    I think she’s addicted to having kids.

        1. There’s a doozy of a “would you rather”.
          “Would you rather have four baby daddies, or be married to Jim Bob Duggar.”

          Without hesitation, the baby daddies.

          I am a strong, independent woman who don’t need no “headship”.

          Also he apparently has disgusting breath.

          1. Didn’t say I liked JB, im just saying that at least they get to stay in one place instead of being spread out because they have different dads.

            I agree that neither situation is good but I think I’d rather get to stay with my siblings all the time instead of being split up so much.

  14. fingers crossed 🤞🏻 it’s 2️⃣ boys 👶🏼👶🏼 ~ i would absolutely LOVE 💕 that for this brood mare!!

  15. Karl is trash. She could have all the money in the world and she is still trash.
    She is a part time mom with help in her week “on”
    Podcasts are a fad/cultural trend she won’t have that income forever. And then what?
    Isaac and Lincoln will soon feel neglected and go live with their dads and there will be hell to pay.

  16. Wowza. No hate, she’s a better mum than some of the “teen moms” but I legitimately wonder if she will ever stop. I have one child with my ex and one with my husband and that’s already enough men for me, I can’t imagine dealing with this many baby daddies!

  17. Money does not automatically make you a good mother! Don’t get me wrong. I give her credit for her hustle! She has always been the most motivated of the Teen Moms and she is making sure she provides and then some. But, if she was broke and struggling and doing this shit, there wouldn’t be as many people commending her! It’s messy and it hinders her ability to divide her attention between all the kids. Plus, jumping from relationship to relationship and having kids with nearly each one shows a level of immaturity and instability that affects all of her kids.

  18. I’m surprised her Obstetrician has not severed all ties specifically due to liability reasons. Drs CAN & WILL DO THAT if a patient continues to put them and their practice at risk. I guess that’s why everything happens in the bed at home 🙄. A last minute rush to a hosp for complications while giving birth obviously won’t get ignored and apparently she knows that. All these kids and at 30 yrs old she is already wearing over the shoulder boulder holders 😵‍💫

  19. I’m 1 of 6 kids and in my experience, there’s never enough attention to go around. As soon as one kid needs something, another one needs something. My parents were always exhausted from dealing with all of us, on top of everything else in life. I understand her situation is different than mine, but I do wonder how she’ll be able to manage everything in a healthy way. There’s going to be so much chaos in that house and I’m just hoping the kids are able to handle everything as well.

    1. Sounds like your family was a cohesive unit instead of scattered baby daddies and even in that situation it was tough for your parents. Kail’s family life is messy AF. Father’s Day must look like the Chick-FIL-A drive through with a line of cars. Actually, In-N-Out would be a more appropriate analogy considering this is dirty Kail we’re taking about.

      Isaac has a solid dad, Lincoln’s dad is engaged and present but can’t control his hormones so his life is a dumpster fire, Chris is merely a sperm donor. Even if Elijah is a good guy and a good dad, no way he’ll have time or energy for the kids beyond his own three.

      Lux and Creed really got a raw deal – stuck in the middle of Kail’s litter with a loser dad who isn’t very involved. I particularly feel sorry for Creed since he’ll eventually find out his mom considered aborting him then blabbed about it to the general public.

      In a way it would be hilarious if the twins are both boys, but if she gets at least one girl then hopefully she’ll get her tubes tied right after giving birth.

      1. Nah. There was a messy ex wise in the mix who made everything as difficult as possible when sharing custody with my dad. I think it’s weird for people to have so much anger towards Kail just for having kids. Personally, I don’t like her. She just comes off as thinking she’s better than everyone else. Her family was broken and disheveled when she was growing up. She could be having kids in an effort to deal with that, we just don’t know. Her body, her choice applies to her right to have as many kids as she wants. The majority of this comment section is trying to police her body and that’s just so weird to me

        1. No doubt it’s her life and body and if she weren’t dragging seven kids down with her then she can do as she pleases. But she’s hurting and embarrassing innocent kids. That’s my issue – if she tied her tubes after two kids and had her parade of men and occasional women coming and going while the boys were with their dads then have at it if nobody is being impacted. Not the case, though.

          It is possible she has so many kids to make up for her rotten childhood and she can afford to do it (at least for now). It’s become a sad situation at this point.

        2. If she was married would be different. She would have with a husband helping her to take care of the children. She is a single mom with multiple man coming in and out of those children’s lives. They meet moms new boyfriend every other week. She’s not providing a stable environment. It’s also dangerous to have strangers you barely know around your children, or being the other parent. People should date quite sometime to get to know each other, get married and if it’s going well plan to have children. her behavior is very irresponsible and dangerous in so many ways

    1. Hahaha – that old Duggar meme. And Michelle wasn’t even done birthing blessings when that originated.

  20. How can she say “there’s no way. There’s no way I am pregnant “? It has happened 535785 times before.
    Is she trying to be the Duggars minus the marriage?

    1. At least the Duggars are honest about their pregnancy intentions! Kail is trying to convince everyone that she’s accidentally gotten pregnant 8 or 9 times.

  21. I hope she has help because multiples are no joke. Everything times 2 plus you have 5 other kids needs you have to meet. My twins just turned 3 and I honestly am just now feeling I can breathe and I only had 2 older kids when they were born.

    1. I have three singletons (4, 5, and 6) and 3.5 month old twins. It’s hard a lot of the time, but Kail won’t have a problem since she’s got nannies and all that. I’m just waiting to see how she cashes in on this. Does she think she’s going to get her “Kail and the Chaos” show or what?

  22. That is crazy!!! That is so many kids! Kail, you win! You have already won! You win the teen mom baby race, stop having kids lol

    I am interested to see what she is having. I really do want her 2 have 2 boys lol

  23. Kail may have money now but what will the future hold? What if her ppdcast goes bust and she has to provide for all these kids? It seems Chris is a deadbeat, and who knows what will happen with the latest baby daddy. After these twins are born, she’ll want a bigger dream house. Vast amounts of money will continue to flow outward. Kail will want to continue living as well as she does now.

  24. Speaking as one of eight children who had loving and devoted parents, you can not give that many children the love, attention and guidance that they need. Learning disabilities and mental health problems go unnoticed, the “squeaky wheel” gets the grease and so on. Things slip through the cracks because you have so many different people and personalities that are tugging at you. It’s not fair to the kids, no matter how much money you have and how hard you try.

    1. After my dad married my step-mum we became a (combined from previous marriages plus one together) family of seven. They loved us and could afford us, but you are 100% correct. A lot of things were missed because there were too many of us. My brother was diagnosed as learning disabled later than most. My older sister was in a toxic teenage relationship for over a year before my parents noticed something was wrong. I spent two years in a depression that was chalked up to me just being a teenager before they realized I needed therapy and medication. There’s very little one on one time with parents. I’m not dragging my parents. I love them dearly but even they’ve now admitted that they had too many children and have encouraged all of us to have much smaller families ourselves and were supportive of two of my siblings wanting no children at all. I feel so bad for Kail’s children because I don’t see her ever having the self awareness to admit she went too far and had too many. I also can’t comprehend a parent having that many partners in their kids lives. My mum passed away and my step-mum was the only partner my father ever brought around us children and that was after over a year together. Kail moves literally every partner in with her and those kids. It’s disgusting and feels emotionally abusive to me.

  25. She’s never been mad about what’s in someone else’s uterus .. except for when she was mad that Chris was having baby #2 with someone else!

      1. The hypocrisy towards Jo & Javi is what blows my mind. I’ve been rewatching old seasons on Paramount Plus and wow. I remember she thought Vee was just some weed smoking hood rat that wouldn’t be around for long but look at all the men you’ve drug through Isaacs life Kail!!!!!

  26. It’s her body, her life but…. She has issues. Wasn’t she laughing off her oldest leaving notes to knock it off with all her sex and baby daddies recently? Poor kids should be raised by their dads and not her since she’s clearly not thinking about her kids when they flat out call her out on her sexual craving for pregnancy

  27. Her life, her body, her choice. She seems to be able to afford them so why the hate? I hope for her that one of them is a girl.

  28. I rememeber having this conversation online before the Lux announcement.

    Stans argued me down “she would never do that [have another child with another man] to those boys (gah gah gah)!!”

    Here we are with daddy stranger #4, siblings #3 – 7.

    Id say we’re long past concern with the older children and more concern with tying a man down.

    1. Stranger? She literally has a 1 year old with him so that’s barely a stranger. Why you so mad about what she’s doing?

      1. This man is a stranger. She just met him, moved him right away and got pregnant.

        She moves man after man in around them kids.

        They don’t know these guys.

        WhY yOu sO MaD??

    2. No hate but didn’t fertile Myrtle claim that her Dr said it would be difficult for her to get pregnant again (after her & javi’s miscarriage) so Lux was her miracle baby, or whatever?

      1. Yeah. An OBGYN told me once that unless you don’t have a uterus you can always get pregnant, it might be harder, but it’s always possible.

        Yeah, she’s on her 4 & 5th miracle babies.

  29. I’m one of 7 children and being from a big family is my favorite part of my life. We have a blast & I love every one of them like crazy. Growing up all of our friends with 0 or 1 sibling would love being at our house b/c it was always full of life and never boring. I would’ve had 7 of my own if I could’ve afforded it. Kail has more money than me or anyone in my family will ever have, so what’s the issue?
    Oh I forgot, no matter what Kail does, people will say it’s awful b/c they don’t like her. So many perfect people out here with no problems of their own out here judging how many children a stranger has. Wild. Just because you don’t want 7 children doesn’t mean you get to decide someone else can’t have 7 children. There’s nothing “disgusting” about it. That’s so unkind to say. And for those calling her a “sow” and other names………wow.

    1. Yeah, but were there four different baby daddies? Therein lies the issue people have. It’s not good for her kids to see the parade of men and baby daddies. I don’t care about Kail, but it’s the kids that suffer.

    2. I agree there’s nothing disgusting about having 7 seven children…it’s the multiple baby daddies that makes this situation disgusting and it’s also what makes her disgusting for putting her children in that situation…like I said earlier they have “no stability”…are they financially stable yes but there is a definite lack of emotional or mental stability.

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