David Eason Rants About Ex Jenelle Evans: Claims Cheating Caused Their Split; Addresses Couple’s Alleged Money Issues & More (Recap of Events)

“Listen to my boatin’ talking words, ya hear?”

Jenelle Evans recently split from her husband David Eason and, over the weekend, the fired Teen Mom 2 dad took to TikTok Live to share his thoughts on the split, as well as many other topics including the couple’s alleged money issues, how poorly he claims Jenelle treated him and more.

David, sporting tiny braids that are giving big “My parents took me on a cruise to Cabo San Lucas and all I got were these dumb beach braids” vibes, ranted while on his broken boat (which The Ashley will be referring to as the “Boaterhome” going forward.) He also addressed his new spiffy hairdo, calling his braids “Lady handlebars.”

The Ashley will give you a moment to upchuck your lunch…

Here, The Ashley will break down some of what David rambled on about during his Live session this weekend.

On what caused his and Jenelle’s split: 

David told his TikTok folks his version of events that lead to Jenelle ending their marriage.

“Why did we split? Because Jenelle cheated on me. She’s been cheatin’ for years, actually. I would have gave her another chance, but…

David claimed to have already moved on from The Lady ‘o’ Land, mentioning that he was “Netflixing and chilling” with a lady with an, um, ample bosom on Friday night. 

David claimed that he is thrilled that Jenelle filed for separation. 

“Let me tell you, I am so happy to have my old friends back, that she pushed out of my life,” he said. “It’s unreal, dude. Nobody wanted to come around me because of her.”

“Are ya sure nobody’s comin’ around because ya smell like a mix of wet dog and boat bathroom?”

“She doesn’t like nobody,” David said of Jenelle. “She has a problem with every single person— every friend of mine, every family member of mine. She’s pushed them all out of my life. And it ain’t me! I came into this relationship with a big family and a big group of friends. And then, eventually, none of my friends want to come around.

“I would invite them to the house and they just don’t come,” he said. 

“Maybe they are scared that ya might hit them with a stray bullet that’s meant for a tiny dog, or somethin’?”

“So many of my friends will text me like, ‘Why don’t you come fishing?’ and ‘Why don’t you come over and drink a beer?’ or ‘Why don’t you come over and fix my lawnmower? Come do this, come do that,’ and I’ll be like, ‘OK, you know, I gotta ask Jenelle.’ And what is she gonna say? ‘Hell no. I ain’t going anywhere. I’m not going to their house! I don’t like them.’ …and when I call my friends and say, ‘Well, she doesn’t wanna go.’ What do they think?”

David says he’s tired of being controlled by Jenelle.

“I’m sick of her not letting me go to work, not letting me go to my friend’s house, not letting me go fishing,” he said. “Not letting me go play pool. Not even letting me go to the f**king store.

“If I go to the gas station, I literally get accused of cheating or getting ‘topped off’ or whatever you want to call it.”

“Imagine if the WaWas in Delaware were like the ones in North Carolina…”

“I’ll be gone for 10 minutes, 20 minutes and next thing you know, s**t hits the f**king fan,” he said. 

On running out of money:

David also addressed rumors that he and Jenelle were going— or already are— broke.

“Money problems? Hell naw…we was eatin’ good out there on The Land!”

“Everyone’s always like, ‘Oh, their money’s gonna run out soon.’ We ain’t never had no money!” he said. “That bitch [Jenelle] ain’t got no money! She never had money, because she always blows it. And she says I blow it? Please tell me what I blow money on? ‘Cause you can’t prove it, but you can prove what you blew your money on.”

In her divorce filing, Jenelle accused David of spending the money she earns “recklessly,” particularly on alcohol. She also pointed out that, for years, he has refused to work.

“[David] recklessly spent the party’s money which [Jenelle] solely earns, and in other ways to be shown at trial,” Jenelle wrote in the court documents filed last month. “[David] has further committed marital misconduct in that he excessively uses alcohol and has not maintained consistent full-time employment for a number of years.”

On TikTok, David claimed that he did not buy his possessions with Jenelle’s money.

“Not me. I bought my own s**t,” he said, before assuring his, um, “fans” that he is perfectly capable of earning money.

“I can make more money than I need,” he said.

“I mean…I don’t, but I can!”

“It’s not hard,” he continued. “I have several businesses and several forms of income.”

(Like Jenelle, David’s attempted “business” ventures have flopped– from his boat-scrubbing business to his OnlyFans to his garbage disposal of a “rap career,” he has not had much success in his attempts at being a “businessman.”) 

Later in the video, David claimed that he’s “not struggling.”

“There’s no struggle,” David said, before taking out a few wads of cash (most of which appeared to be bills between $1-$10, natch.) 

He stated he made the money “working.”

“Sooo… ya spent ya night out on the boat dock, dancin’ for change, Davey? Great!”

“You can act like you know if somebody has a job or not, but if I was to tell you where my job is everyday, do you think that would be smart?” he said. 

“I don’t need a job that I have anyone to answer to,” David claimed. “I’m about to start hiring people. I’ve got so much work lined up that I’m not gonna be able to do it all this week. Y’all have no f**king idea.

“I’ve had these clients forever and the clients that I have, they have friends. And their friends call me like that. You know why? Because I know these people in real life. I hang out with them in real life and I help them in real life and people like me, in real life. This is not the Internet,” he said, obviously taking a swipe at his Internet-obsessed estranged wife.”

Later in the video, David revealed how he makes his money.

“I don’t need TikTok money. Y’all wanna do what I do? I go to different marinas–and this is just one job— and I find people who need their boat fixed. And I f**king fix it! And it’s not even that hard to do most of the things they want you to do. And that’s a couple hundred dollars every time. 

On ‘Teen Mom’ fans predicting that the Easons’ marriage would be a trainwreck:

David stated that he should have listened to the show’s fans who warned him about dating/marrying/mooching off of Jenelle.

“Y’all predicted all this s**t,” he said of the fans. “That’s the craziest part! Y’all predicted all of this! You predicted that she was gonna push my family out of my life. You predicted that she was gonna push my friends out of my life. And [you] predicted that she was gonna have me lose my job. Y’all predicted it and then you wanna come talk s**t to me when it happened, mate.” 

“Sorry, all this boat living has me talking like an Australian skipper!”

David went on to confirm that Jenelle allegedly caused him to lose his job.

On Jenelle losing her gig on ‘Teen Mom 2’:

David claimed that Jenelle getting booted off ‘Teen Mom 2’ in 2019 (shortly after David shot Jenelle’s dog Nugget) had nothing to do with him.

“She didn’t lose her job [on the show] because of me,” he said. “That’s false. She had a chance to work with [MTV]. She still had the chance to work with them.”

(If you want to know how it all really went down back in 2019, click here.) 

On being treated poorly by Jenelle:

David claimed that Jenelle was mean to him.

“Alexa play Sarah McLachlan’s ‘In The Arms of the Angels…'”

“That kind of stuff, breaks down a man, whenever he gives everything he can just to be walked all over,” he said. 

“…I’ve been in this negative forcefield for so many years that it’s, like, crushed me,” David continued. “I feel like I’ve become [Jenelle] and I kind of have….the worst part is that I literally became her as a way to protect myself. Because I would be so nice, so romantic, I would do so many things for her, for the kids, and around the house…and I would get none of that in return. 

“I would get no love in return, I would get no respect in return,” he said. “She would never say thank you. Bitch ain’t never said thank you for nothing! She ain’t never said ‘thank you’ and she ain’t never said ‘I’m sorry.’ That’s two things that she ain’t never said to nobody that I can f**king remember, dude….

“I’m talking about, when you do something wrong, and you know that you’re wrong, and you feel bad for it, and you say, ‘Dang, I probably shouldn’t have said that’ or ‘I shouldn’t have done that.’ And you’re like, ‘I’m sorry, I love you. I care about you.’ No, she has never done that to anyone. She can’t say those words. She can’t say those types of words.” 

David added that he hoped Jenelle would be tuning in to his Live.

“I don’t have time to watch your Lives, Davey! I’m busy shaking my rump roast on TikTok for cash!”

“She can go back and look in the mirror and learn, and maybe change,” he said. “Maybe with the next guy, maybe she’ll tell him she’s sorry when she’s a f**king b….there’s nothing positive about that woman. I wish I could say some nice, sweet things but if I did, I’d be picking and choosing what to say, instead of actually telling the truth. 

“She will tell herself a lie and then believe it,” he said. “Literally, like believe it. It seems like she believes it….it seems like she actually believes her own lies. She will tell a lie and then keep telling it, and then look you right in the eyes like, ‘This is the truth.’ 

On killing Jenelle’s dog Nugget:

David said, unlike Jenelle, he’s not a liar.

“I didn’t lie about killing no dog,” he told one person who brought up David lying about killing Jenelle’s dog Nugget in 2019.

David then threatened to kill and eat that person’s dog…as you do.

“Where’s your f**king Nugget? I will eat that motherf**ker!” he told the person. “I’ll put hot sauce on his a**. I’ll make a jacket out of that motherf**ker.” 


Jenelle later posted a video with her reaction to the claims David made in his TikTok Live.

“In the words of David Eason– it’s all talking words!”

“Y’all, just let him talk,” she said. “Let him talk. It’s all good. I’m just gonna sit here and continue to mind my own business, take care of my kids. He can continue to harass me, try to show up to my house every day with cops, text me horrible mean texts everyday, take my things. The list goes on and on and on what nobody knows and I’m not here to just spew everything either.”

Jenelle went on to state that she expected David to react this way.

“He’s mad right now and I expected that,” she said. “I knew he was gonna talk s**t. I knew he was gonna get online and just bash me. That was coming, eventually, right?”

Jenelle seemed unbothered by David’s claims of having hooked up with a big-bosomed boat floozy the night before.

“If he did move on, that’s OK,” she said. “I hope he did so he leaves me alone!” 

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(Photos: TikTok; MTV; Instagram; YouTube) 


  1. He was doing so good till it came to poor nugget. Sicko, Now he will feel the raft of Jenelle not letting him see Ends. Will he have the same energy he did with nathan.

  2. I believe about half of what he’s saying. The stuff about him working and having businesses- no. The stuff about Jenelle being controlling and isolating him from everyone- yes

  3. We all know she has issues no denying that. But this guy…. Worst person she has ever met. I feel so bad for the kids.

  4. I couldn’t even get through the article. All I could think of was ensley hearing the things he is saying. Just hope things get better for the kids.

  5. What’s funny Jenelle, I believe him way more than I’ve ever believed you and that kinda proves he’s telling the truth about you.

  6. If he’s fixin’ boats for cash, I wonder if he’s paying taxes on that money. But yeah, drugs are a lot more likely source of what cash flow he has.

    1. I’m shocked, yet not shocked at the same time since we’re talking about DKD here, that he would be so dumb as to make multiple very very vague public statements regarding his multiple sources of income with an MLM style client list he services.

      Mark my words, those statements can and will comeback to bite him. Because they will eventually be used against him either by a prosecutor (if he goes down for drug distribution), a lawyer representing CPS, or Jenelle’s divorce attorney.

      They are way way way too vague in the worse ways for his own personal interest. It would be SO easy for an attorney to take his own words from his own live and then use it as evidence to paint an (accurate) picture of who he is and his inability to be a fit parent in court, and/or use it as evidence to prove his involvement in distributing a controlled substance to either a jury or a judge if he were to ever be charged with charges related to drug distribution (which I totally believe he eventually will).

      Also He’s too dumb to not get caught. Even the smartest and most self-aware people get caught and charged even when they were taking every extra step of precaution to decrease the odds of catching charges for dealing.

      And I fully believe with all my heart that DKD does indeed deal drugs. Those statements of his in that live just prove that he is, along with the hundreds of other indicators of him being a dealer that’s been put out over the years via the internet and MTV.

  7. They are the same person in two different bodies. They both know it, but neither of them will admit it. I don’t even think most people watching them realize just how alike they truly are. They have said almost identical things each and every time they’ve “had issues”. Everything he said here, she has said as well. It’s actually pretty creepy, to be honest.

    They have different genders, different bodies, but they are the same PERSON. That happens a lot in relationships, you’ll often find both people to be very similar, and it’s not usually a problem. It becomes a problem when everything about them, everything they are, everything they do, everything they say, is the same and very negative. That’s when it gets scary. Those are the people that have no business procreating, and probably shouldn’t even be living in modern society without supervision. They definitely shouldn’t be in a relationship with one another, either.

  8. Eh, if you’re done, be done.

    Wait out this year. Push the separation date back to yesterday 2023. Do whatever you need to do to get the paperwork signed and then GO. AWAY.

    Both of you.

  9. He is a lying mofo. Narcissistic Personality Disorder at its best. They both have issues & neither one of them is better than the other. She is doing her best to look like the better person but I am not one to forget about all the dumb a** stuff she said & did with this mofo. Hopefully she does change for the better but I’m still looking at her with a side eye.

  10. I can’t with the braids, no words. As for the rest, what marina would let Swamp Thing roam around it’s property soliciting boat repairs from it’s customers. More like he’s lurking around the public boat launch and hitting up boat owners for work too stoned to know the difference.

  11. “She doesn’t let me go to work” LMFAOOOOO 😂😂😂 then he goes back and forth on if he works? Man wtf 🤣 smart idea to threaten animals when you have violence charges pending 🤦🏻‍♀️ god he’s fkn dumb

    1. I’m 100% in agreement on it being a shitshow no child should live in, but do we know of any (formally diagnosed) issues besides Jace’s ADHD?

      Also I had an ad for “Christian Mingle” come up in the middle of this. 😂

      1. Wasn’t Jenelle diagnosed as bipolar in one of the early seasons of teen mom? When she went to some treatment center in LA I think?

  12. It’s still crazy as hell to me how much his appearance changed from when they first met to now. I mean, an entirely different person. He went from a clean cut, normal lookin’ dude to a Deliverance/The Hills Have Eyes extra in the span of a few years. I guess that’s the Jenelle effect lol. 🥴

    1. He’s a very manipulative person. I think he had a more clean cut look when he first met Jenelle but over time, his inner and outer ugly could not be hidden any longer.

  13. So he has no money but he’s not struggling.
    He has no money but he could have because “it’s so easy”. Apparently he doesn’t want to have money (that’s odd).
    Also he has several forms of income because he has a lot of friends and people like him. But Jenelle alienated him from his friends and family.
    Also he’s a big macho man but needs to ask permission from Jenelle to go grab a beer with his friends?
    What a load of crap

  14. 2 things can be true:

    David is horrible
    Jenelle is horrible

    Don’t let either of them make you think 1 is better than the other. They’re both awful. However, I️ am pretty surprised that they’re not talking even more smack about one another. Someone pointed out that they’ve said worse things about each other when they’re just in arguments and I️ feel like that’s true. Maybe they’re just both so exhausted from all the toxicity at this point that they’ve both given up.

  15. just got to ‘boaterhome’ and had to pause to LMAO and give kudos! 🤣😂😹🚤🏡
    can’t wait to continue reading!

  16. I mean… he’s not wrong.
    Except the nugget part. That was disgusting beyond words but he did it for a reaction. The rest of what he said is almost certainly entirely factual.

    1. These two are a combination of the Staten Island Fresh Kills dump mixed with an F5 tornado. They both smell and only the lucky survive.

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