Ariana Madix Talks About Her Pre-Scandoval Finances on This Week’s ‘Vanderpump Rules’: “I Was Literally on My Last $2,000”

“I’m taking this betrayal all the way to the bank.”

Ariana Madix cashed in on “Scandoval” because she had to.

In a preview scene from this week’s Vanderpump Rules, the former bartender lets castmates Lala Kent, Ally Lewber, Katie Maloney and Scheana Shay know how bad her finances were when she discovered her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval was having an affair.

“The Internet thinks I’ve made millions of dollars, that is not true, and it’s like, on March 1, was I financially prepared to move? No,” she tells her costars. “Literally the week before all of this happened, I remember emailing my agent and my manager and being like, ‘Guys, let’s start, like, really trying to, like, do some s**t because I am not in a good place financially.”

Buying a home with Tom and starting a sandwich shop with Katie put a strain on Ariana’s finances, she shares in a confessional interview during the upcoming episode.

“When I first started making, like, decent money, we decided we wanted to buy a house, and then I was playing catch-up all the way up until Katie and I found a great location for our sandwich shop. Then a bunch of my money went toward that, and now I was at a point where, in March, I was literally on, like, my last $2,000. I’m not kidding.”

Ever since the reality TV world was rocked by news that Tom had been carrying on a months-long affair with Rachel Leviss, the Something About Her co-owner has been strengthening her financial situation, as The Los Angeles Times reported in a profile last month.

“Madix, who moved to Hollywood in 2010 to become an actor, capitalized on the opportunity to secure the career — and the paycheck — she’d always wanted,” LA Times columnist Amy Kaufman wrote. “She set up partnerships with 17 brands she’d never worked with before. Trading on her single-girl empowerment, she has promoted everything from Glad trash bags (‘There’s something about STRENGTH)’ to Bic razors (‘Unclog your life’) and T-Mobile phones (‘We’ve officially entered my upgrade era’).”

These partnerships, along with her stint on Dancing With the Stars, starring role in Broadway’s Chicago, release of her second cocktail book Single AF Cocktails: Drinks for Bad B*tches, sales of Something About Her merchandise and other work she’s booked since last March’s breakup with Tom have reportedly earned Ariana at least $1 million.  

In addition to a substantial payday, these deals have also brought Ariana criticism from fans and even her ‘Pump Rules’ co-stars.

“She hit the breakup lottery,” Tom Schwartz said in a recent appearance on the Viall Files podcast.

Ariana feels no shame for the success she’s had since splitting from Tom.

 “I think those people are confused about what it is that I do for a living,” she told the LA Times. “Those are acting jobs. I’m doing the same job I have done for many years; I’m just working more. And that’s why I signed up for ‘Vanderpump Rules’ in the first place — to work more.”

‘Vanderpump Rules’ airs Tuesdays on Bravo.

(Photos: Bravo; Instagram)



  1. How are these people so broke all the time?! I’m not famous and I’m broke. I wish I had the money they make. I would still live in my home and never spend. That’s crazy.

      1. Obviously I did. They’re living beyond their means. But how?! Why go into a million dollar home if you’re not working or bringing in consistent income? How are these people given these loans if they’re so broke? And I doubt opening a business costs millions of dollars. Irresponsible decision making is what it sounds like. Scheana was just talking about how Sandoval sent her 10k or something like that because she was struggling or she was broke.

  2. My question is… Who are the morons throwing their cash at the situation? He cheated… who even cares? This whole thing is not news-worthy or worthy of bringing in the cash it has… who are the people that care THAT much?!

  3. I find the anger and hate surrounding Ariana and Christine Brown so weird. It’s like people only want others to enjoy a certain amount joy/happiness and then that’s it! Like they’re only allotted the same amount of happy as we all tell them they can. Honestly I quit a podcast because I am so tired of her talking about how much she hate Ariana. Who cares so what!

    The truth is they are on a show where they are paid to use the rear view to constantly talk about thier very recent past. For me the cheating was expected it was only a matter of time. It’s Tom y’all he’s always been trash, I just didn’t think it would go down so spectacularly!

    Good for her and anyone else who has found themselves after something in their lives significant ends.

  4. Omggggg. This whole Scandoval is soooo getting on my nerves. Someone cheated!!!!! No one was murdered or raped. Now having said that we have to remember this season was filmed about 2-3 months after the scandal reveal. So hopefully by now ( over 1 yr) everyone has softened their stance. Ariana—-before everyone starts to hate you—like Schwartzy said….you won the breakup lottery. Be thankful. Be humble with your friends. Please.

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