“90 Day Fiance” Star Paul Staehle Says He Hasn’t Seen His Children in 2 Years; Reveals He Wants to Date Angela Deem & More

This was not a “90 Day Fiance” franchise match-up I had on my 2024 Bingo card….

Another day, another unhinged interview, courtesy of Paul Staehle

The former 90 Day Fiance star and infamous track superstar of the TLC franchise sat down for an interview with The Domenick Nati Show this week to give an update on his dating life, the status of his relationship with estranged(-ish) wife Karine Martins, the custody situation with his children and, in typical Paul fashion, a handful of unhinged stories completely out of left field.

The only thing worse than watching Paul run is hearing Paul run his mouth.

As The Ashley previously told you, Paul and Karine had their two sons, Ethan and Pierre, removed from their care in 2022 and as of June 2023, the boys were in the care of Paul’s cousin, who he claimed had taken the children out of the state of Kentucky illegally and was trying to obtain permanent custody. Paul told Domenick Nati this week that neither he nor Karine have seen Ethan and Pierre in quite a while. 

“Karine hasn’t seen the children since before Christmas,” he claimed, adding that he hasn’t seen the boys himself since the summer of 2022. 


Paul said Ethan and Pierre are still in his cousin’s care, though he alleged there is “a lot of stuff going on with my cousin we found out was illegal, which we’re dealing with.” Paul did not provide any further explanation, though he claimed he’s “absolutely” interested in gaining full custody of his sons, despite the fact that he currently resides in Brazil. 

“I’m doing things here, trying to deal with finances and things work-wise to make sure all the ends meet, which is difficult,” he said, claiming that he has more opportunities to make money in Brazil than he does in the United States. 


Paul did not address the fact that he previously claimed he was barred from seeing his sons until they’re adults, nor did he acknowledge that Karine stated in December that she was employed at UPS and allegedly trying to regain custody of the children herself, despite “everybody” thinking that she “just parties and make[s] special videos.”   


According to Paul, Karine is currently living in Kentucky, in “his” house and driving “his” car. Still, he claims the two “talk everyday” and are still legally married, despite Karine being in a relationship and Paul admittedly dating, as well. Paul alleges that the two have a “weird, kind of open-marriage thing going on.” 

When asked if he ever feared for his life when he and Karine were together–- and presumably not in a “weird, kind of open-marriage thing”–- Paul went on to spout off a wild allegation involving glass shards and ice cream. 

“There was one incident I know [that] involved Dairy Queen that was, it was crazy,” he began. ” … I was eating a Dairy Queen [ice cream] and come to find out, there was like, glass shards in my Blizzard.” 

Karine, after (allegedly) slipping glass-shard sprinkles into Paul’s ice cream…

Paul said he was so mad about “Blizz-Shard Gate” that he contacted Dairy Queen, only to then discover a suspicious broken snow globe while cleaning the house a few days later. 

“The broken snow globe I found had the exact types of shard glass that was in my Blizzard … ,” he alleged, adding that this discovery got his “wheels turning,” leading him to reach out and apologize to Dairy Queen for wrongly accusing them of doing him dirty. 

” … I’m not saying that [Karine] did anything, I’m just saying it was a little weird, it was a little suspicious, it was a little strange,” he added.

Also strange? Paul’s response when asked if there was anyone in the “90 Day Fiance” franchise that he would be interested in dating.

“I don’t know, Angela [Deem] is looking pretty good,” he stated.

Angela, realizing that she might be able nab another season of ‘The Last Resort’ out of this…

As The Ashley recently told you, Angela and her husband Michael Ilesanmi are on the outs after the latter disappeared from the couple’s Georgia home last month, resulting in Angela contacting local police to report that her husband was missing. Three days later, Michael reached out to law enforcement to confirm he was safe, at which point he also told cops he “fears for his life.”

(Coincidentally, Paul was reported missing himself back in September in Brazil, but was located nearly a week later.)

Paul claims he’s even reached out to TLC’s resident mee-maw in an effort to pursue something, but did not hear back from Angela. 

Come get your girl mee-maw, Paul.

“I sent her a message, she had texted me before [but] with all the drama stuff going on with Michael, she’s been kind of reclusive,” Paul said of shooting his shot with Angela. “But ya know, if she hits me up, she hits me up. It’s whatever.”

While Angela may not have responded to Paul’s DMs as of late, she confirmed on social media Monday that she knew Paul was singing her praises in the interview, and appeared quite pleased by his comments.  

You can watch Paul’s full interview with Domenick Nati below. 

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC; YouTube)


  1. Good God. Praying hard for the well-being and safety of those two poor little boys. They are completely innocent in this horrific situation, and they deserve PARENTS who will love them and put their needs FIRST! Special place in hell waiting for Paul & Karine if they cannot get their lives together for the KIDS they brought into this world!!

      1. Termination of Parental Rights. The state is required to make timely decisions re: permanency of children in foster care. There are different circumstances that can change the timeline, but generally states file for TPR when the children have spent 15 out of the last 22 months in foster care.

  2. Usually CPS has a reunification plan or something similar you need to follow in order to get custody back. Sounds like Paul isn’t doing any of that since he is in Brazil.

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