“90 Day Fiance” Star Paul Staehle Located After Going Missing in Brazil; His Mother Says He’s Alive But “Still Not In a Good Situation”

“I’m alive, guys! I’m still weird as hell but I’m alive!”

Paul Staehle is no longer a missing person.

As The Ashley previously reported, the 90 Day Fiance star disappeared for nearly a week after begging his mother Edna for help and then abruptly ending communication with everyone. Paul’s last known location before his phone went dead was reportedly a dangerous, remote island off the coast of Brazil. 

His wife Karine sparked even more concern when she posted what appeared to be a tribute/memorial video to Paul to Instagram, referring to him in the past tense, and cryptically posting about life insurance. Days later, the U.S. Embassy in Brazil became involved in the search for Paul.

However, it appears that Paul has resurfaced.

The “90 Day Fiance” star left a message for blogger John Yates (who had been actively participating in the search for Paul, who is his friend).Paul has also gotten in contact with his mother.

In the voicemail left for John, Paul stated that his phone signal was bad but indicated that he was OK.


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In the last day or so, Paul has deleted all but one of his Instagram posts. Karine has also been silent on social media regarding Paul being located. (She has, however, removed her weird “tribute” video to Paul.) 

Paul’s mother, Edna, did a YouTube interview with John Yates on Sunday, stating that, while she is grateful that Paul is OK and alive, “he’s still not in a good situation.” 

“He’s still not back out of the woods yet, but I know he’s alive,” Edna said. 

Edna went on to say that Paul told her that he was, indeed, in danger, and that none of this was fake.

“He took the wrong…canoe-type boat, which I think is stupid,” she said. “I don’t know why he would go somewhere at night by himself, alone, but he did. He went to the wrong place, and it might have been the place everyone was talking about that was so dangerous. He freaked out, and that’s [why] he said he screwed up.”

Edna stated Paul eventually was able to get himself to a remote village where “the people have been not good to him.” 

“He said he’s sleeping in a hammock outside and he’s gettin’ ate up by bugs,” Edna said. “He just sounds horrible. It sounds like he’s going through hell right now and paying the price, and I hope he don’t make a stupid mistake like this again.”

Paul, running to make yet another stupid mistake…

Edna also denied that this was any sort of scam or publicity stunt.

“He’s legitimately not in a good place,” she said. “So that’s not a scam. He went there, I don’t know the reason why, he said he needed to get away. I don’t know what happened. His mind was a mess. He did something he shouldn’t have did by taking a boat alone somewhere.

“…I don’t understand why he does the things he does and I never will,” Edna said, adding that she had no idea why Karine made the alarming social media posts about Paul.

“Soooo… you’re saying I don’t get life insurance money?!”

Edna said Paul is trying to get back to where he has been staying in Brazil. However, he doesn’t plan on coming back to the United States until at least October.

You can listen to Edna’s full interview with John Yates below!

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18 Responses

  1. I heard that he wasn’t supposed to leave the country ahead of some scheduled court hearing for their kids and he knew he was going to be in a lot of trouble so he faked being missing in the Amazon. Some mutual contact told his lawyer and now both the American and Brazilian authorities are looking to file charges against him. He be out there in Brazil having sex with underage teens and stuff. I also heard that he made a video of Karine with her 14-year-old cousin for their OnlyFans, apparently it’s not illegal out there in Brazil.

  2. I looked that Island up and it’s a popular tourist destination. You can book tours but also just go there by yourself. Fishermen live there so I knew there were people that could help him.

    Besides his mind being a mess, there not much unsafety etc going on.

  3. How does this guy even have money? And what is he constantly doing down in Brazil?!! He has kids to (potentially) take care of at home. The whole thing is bizarre

  4. Edna also denied that this was any sort of scam or publicity stunt.
    He’s legitimately not in a good place,” she said. “So that’s not a scam.

    So the rest of it IS a scam?? Wake up Edna darling! Your son is full of sh*t!!

  5. “Edna went on to say that Paul told her that he was, indeed, in danger..” I don’t know if we can trust a man who wore a condom for a river swim to thwart danger to assess danger, you know?

    Feel sorry for Edna, bless her.

    “…I don’t understand why he does the things he does and I never will,” ?

  6. This whole thing is sus af. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a set up for insurance money and so she could get full custody of the kids. They’re such drama hoes ?

  7. Karine was sure hoping to be a widow and get a big check. Good luck next time!
    I’m so glad these people don’t have custody of their kids

  8. Where are their kids? I know they lost custody (inexcusable) but wasn’t sure who was responsible for the kids now. It isn’t that hard to NOT get lost in the Brazilian jungle and into a dangerous situation, Paul. Something is wrong with his brain and the kids are very much better off without both of them.

    1. He’s also weirdly obsessed with the 90 day people. He’s been involved with that cast for YEARS. I remember there was a public fight between him and some reddit woman who slept with one cast member and it got messy….

  9. He is in such danger he will be staying another month, LOL! Thanks to the US government money they receive. Can’t afford to buy you kids food or clothes, but you ca stay in hotels in Brazil for months. Is it the porn paychecks funding this excursion? So glad your kids were taken from you and you psycho wife!

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