EXCLUSIVE! Police Called to Jenelle Evans’ Home Several Times Recently for Larceny, “Family Offenses” & More: Get Details

“Tell this creature to get his grubby mitts off my loot!” 

Jenelle Evans and David Eason have split…and now the former Teen Mom 2 lovers are blowing up the phone lines of their local sheriffs’ office!

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that officers made several trips to Jenelle’s home on The Land last week, to deal with “family issues” going on between her and David. 

According to one police incident report exclusively obtained by The Ashley, the fired ‘Teen Mom 2’ star called the cops on March 6 to report that David had taken important things like her drivers license, wallet and credit cards on February 28 and was still refusing to return the items to her.

According to the police report, Jenelle stated that a crime of larceny had been committed against her, being that her credit/debit cards, wallet, drivers license and other miscellaneous cards were stolen from her and being held hostage. While David isn’t specifically named as the offender on the report, the offender is listed as a 35-year-old white male who is a resident. (For the record, David is currently 35.) 

In another police incident report from last month, police came to The Land to deal with what was labeled non-violent “Family Offenses.” While the details of those alleged crimes were redacted from the report, the suspect is once again listed as a 35-year-old white male, who is 6 feet, 6 inches tall, and a resident. 

“I wonder who it could be!?”

Interestingly, for this offense, the officer checked that the crime was suspected to be a “hate/bias-motivated” crime. 

Both of those incidents are listed as “active.” 

Over the weekend, Jenelle stated that David has been harassing her since she filed for separation in late February, even mentioning that her former swampy soulmate had been taking her things. 

“I’m just gonna sit here and continue to mind my own business, take care of my kids,” Jenelle said on TikTok. “He can continue to harass me, try to show up to my house every day with cops, text me horrible mean texts everyday, take my things. The list goes on and on and on what nobody knows and I’m not here to just spew everything either.”

It appears that David did call the police on Jenelle at least once over the past several weeks. According to the incident reports, David asked cops to assist with him trying to get some of his scuba/boat equipment, as well as his motorcycle and other items back from The Land. (The Ashley hears that David had to surrender Jenelle’s vehicle that he was driving but was allowed to take his old truck with him.) 

“At least she didn’t withhold these super-fly shades for ransom!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle filed for legal separation from David late last month. In her filing, Jenelle provided a laundry list of reasons she wants out of her marriage to David, including what she claims is “concerning and disturbing behavior” spurred by his “excessive alcohol use”; his habit of excessively spending her money (because he refuses to work); and drinking and driving on the regular, to name just a few things.

Jenelle also pointed out that David cost her income from numerous jobs (including her job on ‘Teen Mom 2’) and that her standing by him has “degraded her public image.” (Click here to read a breakdown of the legal separation paperwork.) 

In order to obtain a divorce in North Carolina, though, Jenelle and David will have to prove that they have lived separately for one year. (David has been living on the couple’s broken boat since last month, while Jenelle and her kids are living on The Land.)

“Don’t try to sweet talk me, David! There will be no swamp sex anymore!”

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; YouTube) 


  1. Imagine working for dispatch around there? I bet they just answer the phones like “What is it now?”

    As far as the deputies going out there, I can’t decide if it would be funny or annoying having to go out to The Land every other day over some nonsense.

  2. I don’t support David but can I just say as someone who is married, marriage is not a joke, you’re supposed to take it seriously. She married him knowing how he was. She’s supposed to stick by this man she married forever, that’s what marriage is supposed to be about. (This comment is not meant to support David in any way, it’s about what marriage is supposed to be)

  3. That picture with the caption “I wonder who it could be?!” My god. I cried from laughing. Thank you, Ashley. We do not deserve you! Hahahaha!

  4. Am I a bad person for being glad she is getting a taste of her own medicine? You CHOSE this man over your kids multiple times, you KNEW the moment he killed that dog and hurt Jace that he is dangerous…yet you stuck by his side. This divorce is already messy and it will only get messier.

  5. Ashley, could you please explain what this means and what happened to whom here , pretty please. I’m from Italy and don’t quite understand what occurred here lol—–>>
    “Interestingly, for this offense, the officer checked that the crime was suspected to be a “hate/bias-motivated” crime. ” Thank you so much.

    1. Buona mattina di Espagna 🤗
      È perché negli Stati Uniti ci sono alcuni crimini che vengono trattati in modo diverso. Ad esempio, se è motivato dall’odio razziale o può essere considerato un crimine d’odio contro le donne. In casi come questi si procede in modo diverso. Sono abbastanza sicura che abbiano una pena più severa, ma è onere della vittima dimostrare che l’aggressore aveva una motivazione di odio contro un gruppo di persone.

  6. I think Jenelle will just never grow up! David is disgusting idk why she wasted her time with him. Doesn’t even look like that mf bathes lmao. Yup they got cops on speed dial which means urgent matters aren’t important to her or David. They are both childish. Her poor kids I feel sorry for them.

  7. David will be relentless in his stalking/harrassing/intimidating, threatening and terrorizing her. This is what happens when an abuser doesn’t want to go away. Also one of the reasons it takes multiple attempts to free yourself from an abuser. It can wear a person down to the bone.

  8. “Jenelle also pointed out that David cost her income from numerous jobs (including her job on ‘Teen Mom 2’) and that her standing by him has “degraded her public image.”

    As if her public image was pristine before she met and married David. She’s just as delusional as she has always been. I feel horrible for her children and I feel equally awful for David’s kids. Those children all deserve better.

    1. Is anyone surprise they have the sheriff’s office on speed dial? The two of them are the poster children for teen pregnancy and parenthood gone bad. They never grew up. They have a high school mentality and act like a the couple that broke up a week before prom, petty and childish. There children are collateral damage because of their stunted growth. It’s pathetic.

    2. The Ashley, you really really drag this girl and you have been doing so since she was 16 and pregnant lol…. domestic violence and abuse is not ok unless it’s done to Jenelle, I guess she deserves it right? Because she signed up for the mtv money,She should suck up the beatings right? This sight is actually disgusting and I can’t believe it’s even still around

      1. I think you mean “this SITE” Jenelle. And The Ashley is literally reporting on things that are PUBLIC RECORD. Grow up. Screw the abused kids right? 🙄 This SITE still exists because it’s honest and relies on FACTS.

      2. So what do you have to say about the domestic abuse she perpetuates herself?

        Or are you conveniently ignoring the abuse she has saddled onto her children since their conception? Are you forgetting that she went through all three pregnancies drinking and doing drugs? Are you forgetting the physical and psychological abuse she has foisted on to them, also since their conception? Are you intentionally ignoring all of the bad shit she does because it’s convenient, or because you’re either like her….or are her?

        She didn’t have to marry him. She was the way she is now, before she even met him. She had, and has, ample resources to “get away form an abusive situation”, but actually CHOSE to say it’s not abusive (until now, she has vehemently defended literally everything both he and she have done). She’s been an abusive POS person since she was a teenager, and still hasn’t yet gotten past it.

        Girl, GTFOH and go take care of yo’ damn kids!

  9. Only an absolute genius would do things that will result in a police visit while he has pending charges 😂 how tf is it legal to be this dumb??

  10. She passionately defends this guy when he’s strangling her children but she’s the victim when personal belongings go missing.

    She makes celebratory posts to the effect of “Ha! I told you so!” when the subject at hand is the welfare of her children.

    While her kid was in the front seat of her car She followed a guy home and pulled out a gun because he tailgated her.

    Her every decision puts her kids in immediate danger.

    The public is exposed to greater danger because of all the police and public service resources that are wasted on her.

    1. She sounds like a classic narcissist. Unable to truly love and care unless it affects you. Unfortunately I am way to familiar with that kind of person and no amount of reason or anything can change their thinking. Her poor children

  11. How was Jenelle driving around without a license and credit/debit cards for over a week? Was she using apple pay in her phone, using cash, and/or writing checks? I get that cops can look you up and see if your license is valid (and they probably already know Jenelle already), but technically you are not supposed to be driving without a license physically on you.

    1. Have you never lost your license and went to DMV and obtained a duplicate? Very easy to do. Also you can cut those debit and credit cards off with the touch of a finger and online banking.

      1. No, I’ve never had to do that. You also need appropriate documentation for that, and you’re assuming Jenelle had the correct documentation for that.

        The phrase “being held hostage” in the article made me assume Jenelle didn’t get any new cards or ID. Otherwise, the old cards wouldn’t have worked (I’m not sure how lost IDs work).

        You can go to some banks and walk out with a temporary debit card until one is mailed out, but again, you need proper documentation.

        Also, Jenelle didn’t have access to her mailbox, so she would’ve had to open a PO box to get essential things (including Jaces meds) mailed.

        1. If you lose your license or it is stolen you don’t need documentation to replace it. At least not where I live. You can order a replacement online. Just enter your info. Also can re-order a debit/credit card online with your bank login. Not defending Jenelle but not hard to get those things replaced.

          1. I mean going in person to get a replacement ID, you need to have documents as proof of your identity.

            I’ve had to get a temporary debit before, as it takes a week for a permanent one to come in the mail.

            In order to replace an ID online, Jenelle would have to have know her driver’s license number.

            She would also have access to a mailbox (which we know David has the key to). The lock and key would have to be changed OR Jenelle would have to get a PO box.

            Source: https://www.ncdot.gov/dmv/license-id/renewal-replacement/Pages/replacement-duplicate-license.aspx

        2. Getting a replacement ID/license is super easy, you really don’t need more than you’d need to renew it. If she needed documentation she would have that already, or she never would’ve been able to get a license in the first place. You don’t need very much to get a license/ID to begin with, though.

          You can get a new key for those kinds of mailboxes as well, again, super easy process-you just call the post office and they handle it. We lived somewhere with that kind once, old owner kept the key. It took one phone call and they had a new lock and key installed that same day. In the case where it takes more than a day, your mail gets held at the PO for you. Getting a new card is even easier, it literally takes one single phone call to your bank to stop all use of that card and issue a replacement (same with credit cards, an inconvenience, sure, but still an easy process). If she doesn’t know her account information-she’s not likely adult enough to HAVE an account, lol.

          Everything she claims he’s holding hostage (maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, we don’t know, she’s a compulsive liar) she could’ve replaced in less than a couple hours time, total.

  12. good grief ~ does the trash parade EVER stop at the swamp 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🟩🐊🕳️?? the local authorities must absolutely DESPISE them.

  13. I wonder how those police reports will affect her separation since the cop listed him as a resident. Hmmm

    1. They literally have to at some point. I’m surprised they haven’t made them come into the station to file numerous calls for non emergency calls.

  14. Gee Jenelle, how could David possibly take your wallet, credit cards, and things like that, when you’re sitting right there??? Do you allow him into the house and let him prowl around without you watching what he takes?? Are you that stupid? Maybe you’ll find your stuff if you clean up the pig-stye you live in! He can only take his own stuff unless YOU let him take stuff !

    1. Geez people! What’s with all the thumbs down? I think you’re misunderstanding what I meant. Did you people think I was defending David? Anyone with a brain would know that’s not what I meant!!!! I was making fun of Jenelle and the way she tries to word things!! Just like everyone else was doing! When she said he had her license and wallet an all that, people were pointing out this and that about how she manages to still drive around without it. I was pointing out the same kind of stuff. About how she claims he stole this stuff from her, but it’s more likely that she let him come over, even though he’s not supposed to be in the house, and wasn’t paying attention to where or what he was doing. In other words, my first sentence in my above comment was me being sarcastic! Because she always states such dramatic stories! I was making fun of her. Sheesh!

  15. Thought he didn’t care… had a new boo and all..

    Alright. I’m about over this mess.

    Just divorce each other and go away. I can’t do another year of this separation.

  16. Thought his license was suspended? How did the cops allow him to drive away with his truck? NC is ridiculous with allowing these 2 to get away with crap.

  17. I hope to God this situation doesn’t escalate. I can’t stand Jenelle but I still want her and the kids to be safe.

      1. They are both very dangerous. It’s only a matter of time before either one of them goes off the deep end.

        Hell in the stupid video she posted (thank you reddit for allowing people to see her shit in a place where she can’t monetize it and gets absolutely nothing from it…..lmao) she KICKED a puppy because it was too close to her.

        She’s one bad mood, one cry, one wrong look from an of her kids away from snapping. If people honestly think she won’t hurt or kill an animal or child if they make her mad, they’re as delusional as she is. She’s already harmed them, many times over.

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