Jenelle Evans Says Husband David Eason Is Not “Allowing” Quick Divorce; Swears She Won’t Jump Into Another Relationship Right Away

“Can hurt to check out what guys are on the Bumpkin Beaus dating app, right?”

Jenelle Evans recently filed for legal separation from her husband David Eason and, in a new TikTok video, the fired Teen Mom 2 star stated that David isn’t going to let his title of “Mr. Jenelle Evans” get away without a fight!

In the video (and a series of comments left on her most-recent posts), Jenelle stated that, although she wanted to immediately file for divorce–instead of separation– from David, North Carolina law requires her to live separately from David for one year before she can legally get a divorce. When some of her followers offered solutions to try to cut the waiting time down, Jenelle insisted that David was not willing to do anything to make the divorce happen faster.

Jenelle also stated that she will not be scurrying off to find herself a new soulmate any time soon. (As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Jenelle has always replaced her beau with a new one within weeks— or even days— of a breakup.)

Jenelle going to look for another man an hour after every breakup she’s ever had…

“Don’t go get a new one in two weeks though, enjoy your children & have them enjoy YOU,” one person wrote to Jenelle in the comment section of her TikTok post.

“No it’s time to heal right now,” Jenelle replied.

In her video, Jenelle explained that she wanted to file for divorce, instead of separation, but she legally couldn’t.

(According to the North Carolina Courts website, “to be considered separated from your spouse, you need to be living in different homes, and at least one of you needs to intend that the separation be permanent. In general, you are not legally separated if your relationship has ended but you still live in the same home, or if you live in separate homes without the intent to be permanently separated, for example, for work purposes”.)

“Work? That’s a ding-damn four-letter word ’round these parts!”

“I would have skipped straight to [filing for] divorce but I couldn’t because in the state of North Carolina, you have to be legally separated for year,” Jenelle said. “You have to prove that you have two separate addresses. You don’t really have to file for [separation]; just prove that you lived at two separate addresses for a year.”

Jenelle is currently living at home on The Land, while  David is shacking up on the couple’s broken boat, but Jenelle told her TikTok followers that he did not go willingly.

“Neither of us wanted to leave [the house], so whenever I had the window of opportunity, then I was able to file for separation,” she said. 

That “window of opportunity” came after Jenelle was unexpectedly awarded custody of her oldest son, Jace, back last month. David— who currently has pending charges against him for allegedly physically abusing Jace— is not allowed to be near Jace, due to a no-contact order that’s in place.

(As The Ashley previously reported, David knew he had to leave The Land after Jace came back to live there, but he was unaware at the time he left that his departure would be permanent. He believed that he was only going to be leaving the home temporarily until the no-contact order was dropped.) 

“I sure do miss Jenelle. I reckon she has the most beautiful debit card I’ve ever seen!”

“I filed something called ‘separation by bed and board,'” Jenelle said. “…it basically protects assets and property and stuff like that.”

Jenelle stated that North Carolina is very strict with their rules regarding separation, so no spur-of-the-moment romps in the swamp with David are allowed.

“There ain’t no way Jenelle will be able to resist making the sex with THIS!”

“If you guys see each other, hook up, end up back together just for a night, but then you argue and you’re like, ‘Nah, this isn’t going good.’ It doesn’t matter. The clock restarts,” she said. “They’re very particular here, which is crazy.” 

“So the clock has begun…” she said.

Jenelle stated that she filed for what’s called a “Divorce from Bed and Board (DBB).”

According to the North Carolina Courts website, “a DBB is a court-ordered separation. DBB orders are available only under limited circumstances where the spouse requesting the order can prove serious fault, such as adultery or drug abuse.

“… You can also file to ask the court to resolve issues such as property division and post-separation support through the DBB case. Once you are separated due to a DBB order, you will still need to wait one year and file for an absolute divorce to legally end the marriage.”

In the comment section of the post, Jenelle told one person that she is “definitely” limiting contact with David. She also replied to other followers who suggested she and David fudge on the date they separated, in order to speed up the divorce. 

“He won’t allow that,” Jenelle wrote, telling another person that David “won’t let” a faster divorce happen.

“We both just lied and said we were separated a year,” another person wrote.

“I wish it was that easy for me,” Jenelle replied.

David has remained (relatively) quiet since news broke that Jenelle had filed for separation. As of press time, he had not filed a reply with the court.

You can watch Jenelle’s video below.

@jenellelevans Replying to @Pullmyear #BabySteps #Separation #Divorce ♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

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(Photos: YouTube; MTV; Instagram; TikTok)


  1. Ashley, do you know what does Jenelle do for a living right now?

    It appears as though the police are paying her to stress test their services.

  2. Nobody is surprised by this. They’ve had issues since before they even got married. The night before the married they fought and we got to see and hear the video.. they were never gonna last anyways.. they met online (I don’t care if someone has a good experience meeting someone online, that’s the exception) sorry not sorry those relationships are almost always a smoke screen

  3. Sorry it’s really hard to believe her when she lies so much. I find it’s very convenient that she now says she is separated and seeking a divorce. David can not be around Jace until the no contact order is lifted. I am very curious to see what happens then. These two will come up with anything to skirt around there dysfunctional life. She will always defend David no matter what he does at the expense of her kids. It’s a very sad situation for her children.

  4. She seems way too happy about this if true. It’s not like her to put anyone or anything before a man.

  5. A person can be an abuser and abused at the same time. My heart goes out to Janelle and I hope she gets as far away from David as possible. Hopefully, Janelle has fully cut off Barbara from her life.

    1. My heart goes out to the children, none of which asked to be born into this shitshow, nor can they get out of it on their own.

      I have all the sympathy in the world for those who are truly abused. If they too, are abusers (especially involving children), they lessen the capacity for my level of sympathy.

      If you have a heart for her, because of abuse she’s suffered, where is the heart for the children, animals, other people that she has abused, and continues to?

      Barbara was not, in any way, shape, or form, harming Jenelle, nor has she ever.

      1. In my months of lurking here, I’ve long suspected Stanley Smith is a troll just to troll, like Sir Nibs but not as a amusing. He ALWAYS goes against what everyone else is saying, at times goes full MAGA, and shares a name with the lead character from American Dad. Once or twice, I’ve suspected he’s actually connected to Swamp Queen. Don’t engage, just downvote. He wants attention. Don’t provide it.

        1. It’s more likely Pearl, who comes back here periodically on different names, just to be controversial, and has done so for years.

          Doesn’t change my position any.

          If negative attention helps it get its rocks off….I won’t kink shame, lmao.

          1. I don’t follow politics much. Your generation is so soft. You take offense to everything. It’s actually funny. I suspect many here are jealous of these teen moms because they made so much money from the show. While most of you folks chase around your broke baby daddies.

          2. Oh sweet summer child….you get that nut! 🙂

            But, I will correct a couple of things, lol.

            First, you’re likely wrong on what generation you think I am. I know you’ve been here for a long time, and you know most of this (as does anyone who’s been here a while). I am definitely not easily offended, I doubt most people here are-this is a snark page.

            There are currently 8 children living in my home, 7 of them have different sperm donors. I do not chase around those “baby daddies” (or “mommies”) however, because not a single one of my children is biologically related to me, or my husband. Most of them have bio-parents just like five head and her swamp troll (and worse). It’s why I am overly aggressive towards, and about, people who harm children. They can kick rocks they get no sympathy, period, as there is never an excuse to harm your children in any way……..ever.

            I can’t imagine any sane person ever being jealous of abusive pos people who harm children, for any reason whatsoever. So I doubt anyone else here is jealous of them either, really. Most of us are sane, mostly.

      2. But you can’t tell me that I don’t watch the show. I’ve been watching the Teen Mom franchise since the beginning.

  6. Regardless of what Janelle says or is around not to be rude or hurtful, but she is just as bad for those children as David is she’s weak she’s selfish and she’s emotionally compromised. She’s not willing to be better for them and I don’t care what her little games are online or how she does, her daughters hair, etc., she should be kept away from those kids until she gets some serious healthcare for her mental problems and her continued drug addiction

  7. Jump into another relationship, jump in to your old relationship, I really don’t GAF. I only care that your kids are taken away permanently and have a safe, comfortable place to land after you crash and burn in hell.

  8. I mean, ppl do get divorced.
    Ppl leave terrible relationshits.

    50% of married couples do divorce and 67% of second marriages.
    So the odds are in her favor.

    1. Lol tell me my lie.

      Ppl do get divorced. Yes they do. 50% of ppl do.

      She’s twice married.
      She already had one divorce.

      “I hate Jenelle SO MUCH that I can’t read STATISTICS!!”

      1. “Despite the fact that there are numerous articles citing experts that debunk the 50% statistic, it’s still the stat that we all continue to hear. In fact, over the last 20 years the divorce rate has actually declined. Here’s why the 50% rate is really a secret lie:

        It wasn’t calculated off of the actual number of marriages and divorces. Instead, it was a projection from the 1970s. The projection was based on the baby-boomer generation and stated that if 2% of those married continued to divorce each year, the divorce rate would eventually hit 50%.”

        “Almost 70% of marriages entered into during the 1990s made it to their 15th wedding anniversary. According to University of Michigan economist Justin Wolfers, if the divorce trends continue in this manner, then 2/3 of couples will not get divorced.”

        Divorce rates are in the 30% range. LOOK! I read the REAL statistics. 😂

        There’s your lie. 👍

        Oh, and this is about two child abusing POS who break up and get back together all the time, not divorce rates.

        1. Now do second marriages.

          And my post WAS about divorce rates.
          You did read that part,

          Hope that helps.

  9. She’s such a POS, honestly.

    If any of this was actually serious (and she wasn’t, well, who she is), she’d be OFF sm and getting her family in order. She finally has what she claimed she wanted. She finally has that (fake) victory, and instead of working on the issues, developing better family bonds, spending more time with her children, helping them all heal and working towards something better…..she’s doing what she’s always done and being a pos online. Yay..Jenelle…you won…(read that in the tiniest most uncommitted voice you can…)

    Why is she even addressing a new relationship, or any of this? Normal people don’t think like that. Normal people would be out there taking care of their family. She has children that need intervention (medically and educationally speaking) She’s now admitted Ensley is extremely behind developmentally and educationally and needs it, because someone (lawyer) forced her to, tg. She has a lot of personal growth to work on. She has countless things she needs to b focused on. THIS, isn’t one of them.

    Girl, we know you read here. GET THE FUCK OFF THE INTERNET AND WORK ON THINGS! Sm will be there when you come back. You want people to take you seriously? Do something seriously for once. This whole separation thing, so far, is definitely far from serious, it’s a farce and we all know it. You want people to think it’s not? Take it seriously. You want people to think you care about your kids? Then do it, care about your kids, prove to them that you really do love them and want what’s best. That’s how you show the world, by showing your kids, because they SHOULD be your world!

    JFC it’s not that difficult to be a good person. It’s not that difficult to be a good parent. If you don’t want to do it, give those kids a fighting chance at a decent life and go scurry off into the forest or something with your troll, damn.

  10. Why is she talking about this every living chance she has?! And I for sure don’t buy that she won’t find someone else if she really goes through with it. Where is Kieffa?

  11. Mean while back at the swamp…the Mistress of the Swamp is taking legal advice from her social media “fans” because she’s burned all the bridges and poisoned all the wells of family and friends and the Swamp Thing’s broke ass is living on a broken boat. Is anyone surprised,?

  12. Sorry don’t buy it. Didn’t buy it before, don’t buy it now.

    When she left the first time everyone on social media was praising Jesus and patting her on the back for breaking free of David and putting her kids first. I thought it was purely a plot to get back on Teen Mom because they were missing that MTV money. Except Teen Mom didn’t come knocking fast enough because when she was “separated and filing for divorce” the last time and had done countless videos exactly like this…low and behold they are photographed holding hands and bar hopping in Tennessee. The day before she posted that she had not seen David that David was in North Carolina and she was in Tennessee. Obviously a lie like everything that comes out of her mouth.

  13. IDC what she says, I will never believe this is real until the divorce is completely, 100% finalized. She did the same song and dance when he killed her dog and all the kids got taken away. A lot can happen in a year and she is incapable of being without a man for more than a few days

  14. She obviously has new d lined up. This is Jenelle. And I can’t say I’d blame her for finally being sick of Old Fart Bag.

  15. I must say she sounds like she did her homework. However, she’s a pathological liar. Either she goes back and states he is great it was bc of something else, or she sacks up with someone else asap and states “he isn’t like all the others. He’s good” a tiger doesn’t change its stripes, amirite?

  16. Jenelle is serious this time. He was off the land without her and she seized that opportunity. It’s hard to leave an abuser and david was attached at her hip. He slipped and she jumped into action. she wasnt leaving her home this time he was.

    1. @daintyfeets ~ are you the same dainty from days gone by @ TT? if so, hey there! 👋🏻 hope you’re well.
      was a daily reader, but never posted. always enjoyed your comments and no-nonsense manner.

    2. He may seem like her abuser, and he very much IS abusive, but she is JUST AS BAD! They are both abusive, to each other, to their children, to other people, to animals. They are horrible people.

      He didn’t slip, I have no idea what you’re even talking about (unless this is Jenelle herself, in which case, sure, Jen, sure). The reason he left is because she can’t have Jace if he doesn’t, period, end of story. He didn’t leave because she’s finally grew a brain, he didn’t leave because he finally crossed a proverbial line no one knew she had. Her literally left so she could “win” against Barb and have Jace back home (temporarily, until he makes her mad and she sends him off or he runs away again). Him leaving had absolutely NOTHING to do with the abuse these two (yes, BOTH) engage in.

      It is hard to leave abusive situations. It’s even harder to pretend a situation is extremely abusive, when you’re one of the people that makes it an abusive situation (like Jenelle is).

      She didn’t jump into action, she thinks she won a battle against Barb and she’s doing the “ha ha, I told you all I was a good mom” dance….for now.

    3. She should have left a long time ago. I understand she probably wanted her daughter to have her father in her life. No one wants their family split up. It’s hard to leave an abuser because they break you down. It doesn’t seem like she has a family support system other than Barb either and those 2 are always at each other’s throats. I wish her the best. I hope she gets the medication and therapy she needs in order to stop self medicating and to be a better mother. Personally I would have left after the nugget incident…

  17. I think this whole thing is a concocted scenario for these two, to get back in the spotlight.

    We’ve seen this movie before, and all of its sequels.


  18. I have complete faith Jenelle won’t jump into a new relationship. She’ll jump back into this one and then cry about no one seeing that David is such a good husband and father.

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