Rumor Patrol: Jenelle Evans & David Eason’s Alleged Separation: What’s Real, What’s Not & What’s Happening Next (Exclusive Details)

Trouble in ‘Paradise’ or talking words…?

Rumors have been running rampant all over The Interwebs regarding Jenelle Evans and her ever-present husband David Eason, ever since Mr. and Mrs. Evans Eason both changed their relationship statuses to “Separated” on Facebook on Thursday. Shortly after, YouTuber @ElleBee, as well as The Sun, both published reports stating that Jenelle kicked David out of their home on The Land (as well as David’s teen daughter Maryssa), and that the gruesome twosome was finally ending their marriage.

The Ashley waited to cover this topic until she was able to confirm (or deny) some of what has been put out into the press. Now, The Ashley will break down what parts of the reports are real, which are not and what’s likely about to happen…

Rumor #1: Jenelle kicked David out of the house on The Land and banished him to live on the couple’s broken boat.

TRUE (Kind of): The Ashley’s sources confirm that David is living on the functionally-challenged boat, and has been since last weekend. While David is not living in the marital home on The Land, this is not because he and Jenelle had a huge fight and she kicked him out.

“I reckon I’m a sailor man! I mean, my boat don’t sail but I’m still a sailor and such!” 

“Days after Jenelle was granted custody of Jace again, she traveled for hours to pick Jace up at the facility he had been at,” one source tells The Ashley. “Barely anyone knew she was going to do this, and it was a total surprise, but she didn’t do anything [illegal] because Jace was medically cleared by the facility doctor, so Jenelle was within her rights to go get him.

“Jenelle and David both knew, though, in order to have Jace come home and live with her, David could not be there [due to his pending charges and the no-contact order between him and Jace]. So David was aware that if Jenelle got Jace, he could not be at home. So the plan was for him to go to the boat. This wasn’t because of a big argument or anything.

“She is very concerned with how it will look publicly if she got Jace again and lost him again,” the source added. 

As for how long Mr. Jenelle Evans will be dwelling on the dock, it’s currently “indefinite,” according to one source.

“He has to stay away until his court case is heard, and then until the no-contact order is dismissed,” the source said. “He’s not happy about the fact that there’s no ‘return’ date for him. Don’t expect him to be away from the home for very long. The no-contact order could stay in place for months.”

Rumor #2: Jenelle kicked David’s daughter Maryssa out of the house.

TRUE: The Ashley’s sources say that, while it wasn’t as dramatic as some made it out to be, Jenelle did send her stepdaughter Maryssa to go live with her mom, Whitney. This is part of what caused Jenelle and David to get angry at each other, actually. 

“David was pissed that Jenelle took it upon herself to get Maryssa out of the house,” another source tells The Ashley. “He’s mad about how it went down. Maryssa was only supposed to go live with her mom until the court case was over. Jenelle didn’t want the extra stress of caring for Maryssa without David’s help. That would be four different schools and schedules for Jenelle to deal with.”

The Ashley can confirm that @ElleBee‘s statements regarding Jenelle wanting Maryssa’s room for Jace are true.

“Jace is required to have a room of his own,” the source said. “Before, he shared a room with Kaiser, and Maryssa and Ensley had their own rooms, but that arrangement won’t work anymore, so Maryssa had to go. She was really the only [kid] living there who had an alternative place to live.” 

Rumor #3: David and/or Jenelle is filing for divorce.

FALSE: Although The Sun claimed on Thursday that “David is supposed to be filing for divorce sometime today- his plan is to get ahead of Jenelle filing,” as of press time, neither party has filed for divorce. Despite what the outlet reported, David has no plans to do so, according to The Ashley’s sources. 

“If you think I’m letting this fine hunk of man meat go, you’re crazy!”

“They are both mad at each other currently but they are not splitting,” the source said. “They are letting that narrative play out online for various reasons. Even if one of them wanted to file for divorce, they couldn’t because in North Carolina you have to be physically separated for a whole year before you can file.” 

Rumor #4: Jenelle and David are pretending to be split up as a “publicity stunt.”

FALSE: Jenelle’s sister, Ashleigh Evans Wilson, told In Touch Weekly on Friday that she believes this is all a “publicity stunt.” The Ashley’s sources say that’s not the case; however the Easons are allowing people to believe what they want and not really confirming or denying it.

“But David is mad that this is turning into a long-term banishment, and that’s why he keeps posting little digs at Jenelle online,” the source said. 

What happens next:

A court source confirms to The Ashley that “there is currently no date on the books yet” for David’s case, so David will have to stay out of the house until the case is heard and he’s acquitted and/or the no-contact order is dropped. If he does come back to the house before that happens, Jace will have to go. (The source says it’s “likely” that Jenelle would send him back to the person’s home he was staying at in January, but clarified that’s “speculation.”) 

“He won’t be going to Barbara’s, though,” the source said. “That’s not happening, even if she wanted it to because she would have to file for and be awarded emergency custody in order to get Jace out of Jenelle’s custody.”

“Well Juh-nelle! It’s a boy! Ya get to be tha motha now!” 

“Barbara still has visitation rights, per their custody agreement from March 2023,” the source added. “But currently Barbara isn’t being given any access to Jace because Jenelle is in charge.” 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Facebook) 


  1. Once again Jenelle thinks she’s the smartest in the room and is trying to gaslight the public and manipulate a situation. She “kicked” David out to save face, and as soon as David’s child abuse case is over, he will be right back on the swamp, terrorizing all the children and animals. She pretended they broke up around the same time few years ago, and even went as far as to pretend to be with that Herb guy, but got back with David immediately after her and Herb “broke up” after dating for 3 weeks. Jenelle is NEVER going to leave David.

  2. The latrine on that boat is probably not working. I doubt it has water or electricity either. He’s going to be a stinky swamp rat, for sure. He can’t be out there for long. The Marina may not allow living on boats either, either.

  3. If there is a court order in place that Jace is allowed to see barb and Janelle isn’t letting her.. then she is in contempt of court and barb could take her to court for that
    I’m sure she won’t because it’s taxing.. mentally.. and financially

    I just want Jace to have a good life 😭

    1. The she monsters sister said that both grandmas of Jace and Kaiser are supposed to see them and the she monster is not abiding by that ruling so therefore is in contempt. Both grandmas should go to the courts and tell them that the she monster is refusing their rights to see their grandsons.

  4. By the way why did she even bother getting Jace back if she was just going to sit in her she-shed all day watching music videos and (probably) getting high? Where are the kids at when she’s doing this?? I️’m a mom and can’t even fathom locking myself up in a room that’s not even attached to my house while my kids run wild.

    1. I always wait until my kids are asleep & have been asleep for a while before smoking. Just enough to help me sleep and bring down my anxiety, but not enough that I wouldn’t be able to function if something happened. I don’t understand parents who get so f**ked up that they can’t function.

  5. Lazy ass, good for nothing Jenelle. Too tired to take poor Marissa to school?! Fuck you. Marissa just got booted from her home, do you have any idea what that does to a kid? Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. You are a shitty person, a shitty mother, and a complete disgrace. And, FUCK YOU!!

  6. Not saying g this is true but I hope it is. We can all only hope for the kids sake.
    Jenelle is stuck with David. Aside from her mental issues and codependency , addiction, etc. She’s stated that she cannot leave favid because something he has on her. I think even she knows she stuck with him, so going with it because she’s awful human as well. She knows she met her match. He has leeched from her and has had to sell herself to support her man.
    So let’s just hope that she’s saying it’s just for the courts to david. Let him think that and string along for the whole year and during that year maybe worked with outside sources whether it was the court who helped come up with way to get David iut of the house and jace back in. Or maybe her lawyer is helping her find resources. Idk

    This is a perfect world and I’m hopeful. We know how she is though ao this is not likely. I just hope for the kids sake she’s finally found an opportunity to leave him. Then she can find then next Mr right to help with the kids school schedules l.

    1. It’s extremely doubtful he has anything on her that she doesn’t also have on him. It’s a relationship with mutually assured destruction if either one of them ever blabs anything we don’t already know about them. They both know this, which is why when they do run their mouths, it’s pretty inane stuff.

      She’s not stuck with him, she CHOOSES to be with him. There is massive difference between these things. She, absolutely, chooses to be who, what and where she is. No one, not even UDV, is holding a gun to her head and keeping her in that marriage. She wants to be in it, as does he, regardless of how dysfunctional it is. She’s not as co-dependent on him as people think. Yes, she does have a dependent personality, but she could, and would, absolutely be that way with anyone. She’s choosing for it to be UDV, for now anyway.

      People act like she’s in some kind of DV type situation (or even just a bad one) with no way out. She has resources, she has money, she has contacts, she has plenty of people she could go to for help (and by this I mean professionals who help people get out of bad situations, not her “friends” or family). She could, very easily, leave, or even just kick his ass out for good, without ANY trouble at all.

      It’s him who lacks the ability to go anywhere. He has no money, no contacts, no resources, almost nothing is in his name, lol. He would have to rely on family, 100%.

      She has way more options than anyone seems to want to recognize. She’s NOT “stuck” at all. These are just the choices she is making. She is just as bad of a person as he is, neither one is worse, or better, than the other. He’s the male version of her, she’s the female version of him.

      1. My comment was suppose to justify her actions.

        I was just teying to bring a different perspective. I am no fan of jenelle. Every single thing in her life she brought onto her self.
        I was using stuck, as in that’s how she feels.

        We all know she could easily leave. She has the lawyer money to figure out all the stuff.
        In her head this is how a lot of people feel.
        This is a DV situation, that she chooses to stay in.

        My cimment wasn’t also to say she was any better than David. Honestly I think she is worse because she has actively allowed this man
        She doesn’t call the cops when he’s beating HER kids, only when he’s hurt her.

        What kind of “mother” is that? What did barbs do? She git her kids and gtfo. Jenelle has been so motivated to be better than barbs and put in her face, but she doesn’t realize that they’re all actually grown and she needs her mom more than ever.

        I’m just really curious when she said he has something on her. My brain instantly went to them taping abusing the kids whether SA or something else.

        I’ve been so curious to know how he has something so bad on her and she doesn’t on him.
        I think because of her supporters, it’s all gone to her head and the supporters sound like they believe in her. As long as she has that believe in her she’ll have money

        Jenelle supporters terrify me. Are they the same type of mothers?

        1. He doesn’t have anything on her, I’m not sure why you’d believe that, considering it came out of her mouth, lol. She literally lies about everything, even blatant lies that people can see with their own eyes. If he really did have something on her, and she didn’t have something equally as bad on him, he would have definitely mouthed off about it by now (as would she). The fact that NOTHING has come out, from either of them, says there is nothing there to blab about. Like I said, anything either of them has on the other, is mutually assured destruction, nothing more, nothing less.

          She is in a violent relationship, but it’s a two way street, she’s not a victim of DV, she’s a perpetrator and chooses to be an active participant in it. She’s no victim of anything, she is just as violent as he is, verbally, physically and psychologically (to each other, the children, their family members and even animals).

          There really isn’t any other perspective to see it from. I get why you might think there is, but, there just isn’t. She has never said or even hinted that she felt stuck, she’s always been adamant that she’s not and actively choosing this life. That’s a whole different ballgame than one involving someone actually in a DV relationship (as a victim) who can’t see it, doesn’t know how to get out, or even doesn’t have a way out. She likes it, and that’s a whole different level of messed up.

  7. Jenelle is now saying she has tried calling numerous times lol I wouldn’t answer either Jenelle has random prank call her mother like she’s 10 years old . I mean I fell bad barb hasn’t seen Jace but if I had to deal with Jenelle I would prob give up too

  8. lol. She’s a stay at home mom- she has no job. But transporting four kids on four schedules is too much?! I’m not saying it wouldn’t be but there are plenty of parents, many single parents, that have to do that or figure out how it can be done, and most of them work. Jenelle doesn’t seem to be able to handle much

    1. I’m confused by how their daily schedules are all so different? Aren’t Kaiser and Ensley both in elementary school (presumably the same one) and Jace and Maryssa both in high school? And doesn’t Maryssa have a driver’s license? What about school busses? The kids don’t seem very involved in extracurricular activities and she’s not abiding by custody agreements at the moment, so those exchanges aren’t happening either. What’s so hard about their schedules?

      Of course, I’m glad Maryssa is out of the house and hopefully going to have a better life away from The Land.

  9. I CPS is fucked in multiple States, not just mine. We need to start a betting pool to see how long before Jace runs away again, I’m betting a month. Poor kid, never had a chance with who his parents and stepdad are.

  10. So he lives on the boat for a year (because he’s a no job no income lazy hack of a human being) and then she files for divorce. Duh.

  11. Jenelle won’t last long caring for 3 kids on her own. She’ll kick Jace back out and move David back in in no time. Then find a way to blame barb or Jace.

    1. You are so right. She has always resented Jace because he infringes on her freedom. She’s a selfish bitch. Her resentment is gonna grow against Jace till she gets David back in the house. I hate this bitch so much, I wish you nothing but misery. Good luck, Jace. You deserve better. She’s just trying to look good to the public for taking him in, but she won’t be able to stand having him there. She has never been a mother, and doesn’t know how to.

  12. According to her mom a few months ago, Maryssa wasn’t really staying on the Land anyway. She was staying with her grandma and friends. Plus, she’s a teenager and probably quite independent.

    We all know this isn’t going to last, for multiple reasons. I give it 3 weeks, tops.

  13. I’m no fan of Jenelle. But it’s her house, she’s been paying for everything for this family from day one, I still can’t believe the last time she left and was paying for AirBnb and the mortgage.

    David hasn’t had a job in years. This is the man who tried to claim he couldn’t get a job to pay child support because he had vitiligo. I don’t believe he will leave willingly. He will want alimony, child support, and more.

    While I think it crappy Marissa was asked to move out, Jenelle is just the step mom. SHe has no legal rights to keep Marissa in her house, and if David isn’t there, she should be with her other parent.

  14. Regardless of what any “source” says, 99% of what these idiots do is, in fact, a publicity stunt.

    Don’t forget we are talking about two people who get off on any attention, but specifically negative attention. Jenelle’s sister is definitely not off the mark when she says this is a publicity stunt. It can be both for attention and simply what has to happen, for now. They are neither mutually exclusive, or inclusive.

    Just because certain aspects are true (or even false) doesn’t mean these two aren’t doing things for attention. They most definitely are not “just letting the stories online play out”, there is a purpose behind why they *seem* to be “letting it play out online”. She earns more money from her monetized accounts by letting people talk. That doesn’t mean the things people speculate or comment about are actually wrong, just because the two aren’t denying/admitting it. They get more money when they just let people say/think/comment on whatever, it raises engagement during peak hours which just gets her more money.

  15. Just praying for Jace and ALL the kids. They never asked for any of this crap, they’re TRAPPED in it with parents who don’t give two 💩💩about them! NONE of the parents of all these kids are worth a damn. It’s so unfair.

  16. These kids are going to be messed up for life moving around from house to house. Does Jenelle care? Nope. Can’t wait for all of them to do televised interviews about their childhoods when they’re adults and hopefully get some kind of compensation for their cr*ppy childhoods

  17. Jenelle doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body. Never has, never will.
    So Jace loves Barbara, his grandmother, who raised him for almost his entire life so far.
    And Barbara has visitation rights.
    But Jace isn’t seeing Barbara at all right now because “Jenelle is in charge”.
    Jenelle cares more about hurting her mom than putting Jace first and putting Jace’s mental health first.
    It’s truly unbelievable.
    This is like her 300th chance to show she can be a mother-figure to Jace, and she just can’t. Her image, her bitterness, her petty crap, her POS husband, her other kids, and she herself are ALWAYS put ahead of Jace. She doesn’t even try.
    Jace’s mental health will stay the same or get worse, and it doesn’t matter to her. She just can’t do what’s best for him. She is not a mother to him in any way.
    Poor Jace.

  18. She did this last time when she lost custody of all of her kids and got “back together “ once she got custody back again.

  19. You don’t need to be a very bright person to know that DE isn’t going to file for divorce. The loser has no job, and his attorney is expensive. Mr. Jenelle cannot afford to leave her. I’m sure he is mad to be in a boat while he could be in the comfort of her home, but beggars aren’t choosers. It’s time to look for a job and become independent so you can at least claim a pair of underwear as an asset, because as of now she owns them too.

  20. She’s such a miserable crunt. First she TRIED to get a restraining order against Barb to prevent her from seeing Jace and now she’s in contempt of court for denying visitation to both grandmas, Barb and Doris. The problem is YOU, Jenelle. It’s ALWAYS been YOU!

    1. 🎶 it’s you, jenelle, you’re the problem it’s you
      at theashley, everybody agrees 🎶
      (to the tune of ‘anti-hero’)

  21. P.S.A. Reminder: you have to be legally separated for a minimum of 366 days in order to file for divorce in NC. Like fully separate addresses.
    Plublicity stunt, Jenelle / David Eason are playing everyone, including the legal system while making clickbait financial gain.

  22. 1,000,0000,000 percent a money making stunt. Dont fall for this or engage with her, David and her are making money off this. David Eason doesn’t work, she supports him financially along with his daily boose drinking, pot use that we’ve seen over the years. Deadbeat!!!!

    1. Jenelle, we see youuuuuuu! ALL THESE DOWN VOTES ARE YOU AND DAVID. THEY WILL NEVER DIVORCE. They NEED TO BE SEPERATED 1ST 366 days in order to file in North Carolina for a divorce. They’ve done this stint before y’all.

  23. TheY have this ALL CALCULATED & KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE DOING. Putting out articles- stmnts for their $$ gain. STOP CLICKING JENELLE EVANS articles, Facebook links,tic toks & arguing with her. David Eason is getting click bait $$ in HIS POCKET EVERY TIME YOU ENGAGE AND click.

  24. Thanks for clarifying.
    Knew separation/divorce would be absolute bs from the swamp rats.

    I thought this was Jenelle’s efforts to distract from Ashleigh’s videos.

    I can see swamp rat let UBT back on the land with Jace there & try hide it.

    I’d say ‘poor Maryssa’ but the sooner she (& the other tin lids) are off the sinking swamp, the better.

    P.S. love the Babs caption of Jenelle finally becoming a motha!

  25. Guess Jace has taken over babysitting duties from Maryssa.
    This won’t go well…
    But Jenelle also won’t be calling police or anyone else ever again because it’s all about her saving face not a slice about being an adequate mother to her herd of children.

    Those poor kids don’t have a clue what a functional normal family is. No amount of eating out can replace parents that care about your health and development.

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