Briana DeJesus Feels Bad Jenelle Evans Got Fired From ‘Teen Mom 2’ But Mackenzie McKee Says MTV “Made the Right Decision!”

“We can agree to disagree about this topic!”

Former Teen Mom 3 costars Briana DeJesus and Mackenzie McKee feel very differently about MTV giving their fellow Teen Mom franchise star, Jenelle Evans, the ax yesterday!

As The Ashley told you, Jenelle was fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ on Tuesday, after her husband, David Eason, fatally shot their French bulldog, Nugget, last week. After losing tons of advertisers and having some fans boycott Monday night’s episode, MTV decided to call it quits after 10 years with Jenelle.

Jenelle told Us Weekly she was “a little bit shocked” about getting fired, but said she respects the network’s decision and has “nothing but love for MTV.” Briana—who has been an ally for Jenelle over the past two seasons of ‘Teen Mom 2’— feels differently, telling Us Weekly she is upset about the way Jenelle was fired.

“I am sad for her. I wish there was some kind of compromise for all of this. She worked her ass off for so long to just be thrown to the wolves,” Briana told the publication. “I hope she gets everything she ever wanted and I just want her to flourish! She will be OK. As far as David, it sucks that his actions caused all of this but this is what it is and there’s no going back.”

The Ashley revealed last night that Jenelle found out she was fired at the same time the show’s fans did when MTV released a statement announcing it. At the time, Jenelle was waiting for a call with head honchos at Viacom that never happened.

While Briana is angry with how MTV executed Jenelle’s firing, Mackenzie feels that the network was well within its rights to cut Jenelle because of her decision to stay tied to David.

“MTV for sure made the right decision,” Mackenzie told The Ashley. “I hope they get help and David realizes his behavior is not OK or supported. I lost all respect for him the day he made the comments about the LGBTQ community. [That is] not OK!”

Mackenzie also stated that MTV having David be part of Jenelle’s story (even if he was not directly filming for the show anymore) was giving him the platform he wanted.

“I feel like because he was on TV, it was feeding his evilness and making him more dangerous,” Mackenzie said. “Hopefully they can grow and move forwarded in a healthy way from here.”

While Jenelle admitted last week that she was “considering divorce” from David after he killed her dog, she has changed her tune this week and is once again back to praising her husband.

“David has been here for me since the news broke,” Jenelle told Us Weekly on Wednesday. “He told me to not worry about it and to stay positive. I’m working to fix my marriage as well and moving forward.”

The show is moving forward too—without Jenelle. The Ashley broke the news last night that MTV plans to replace Jenelle on ‘Teen Mom 2’ with Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Jade Cline.

“Hey MTV, if things don’t work out with Jade, call me! I’m a single mom too…dontcha know!”

Jenelle will still appear on ‘Teen Mom 2’ in the Season 9 episodes that have yet to air. The season’s Reunion will be the last episode she appears in, according to MTV.

“I’m still upset, but this is a new chapter for me and my family,” Jenelle told Us Weekly. “I will continue to try what’s best for me and my family… Just know this isn’t the last of Jenelle Evans!” 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. They should be banned for life, shame on anyone who allows these two, to adopt any animals.

  2. Hopefully, drunk Barbara is fired as well. People seem to forget that she raised Janelle. It’s frightening to me that Barbara has custody of Jace. Barbara looks like she smokes 2 packs of cigarettes and drinks a bottle of wine every day. Barbara needs the MTV money much more than Janelle too!!

  3. Mackenzie constantly proves how fame hungry she is. Didn’t she intentionally get pregnant so she could be on MTV?

  4. All the girls affiliated in this article are a mess. I find it very odd that Briana and Jenelle are so close considering briana seems to live in a woman’s empowered family who seem pretty man hating while Jenelle is married to a guy who straight up said that that any guy who is “whipped” by a girl is not a man. I’m pretty sure Brianna feels awkward because she was brought in as a ratings boost for her bad decision making and only really brought the drama for her relationship with Javi, and now she’s still there while Jenelle who was an original is out. Then you have Mackenzie who I care nothing for. If it wasn’t for her mother’s situation people would being saying the same thing about her as they do about the other fame hungry girls. She was so bitter when Brianna was chosen and even more bitter when she was passed over when Farrah left. But honestly she’s the one who stayed with a guy who told her to go kill herself but do him a favor by not doing it in front of him and their kids and who literally chased down so often that she crashed a new car and got nearly beaten up trying to find him. Let’s just all be glad MTV made the right choice but listening to these girls reactions make me laugh.

    1. I don’t think Brianna feels awkward. Brianna isn’t smart enough to figure out she should be awkward. I think the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top in that head of hers.

  5. I’m watching a YouTube compilation of Janelle through the years. HORRIBLE! This isn’t just about David. If it wasn’t David it would be some other dirtbag. This girl has been a mentally ill trainwreck for years! Her growth was stunted as a teenager (probably even before that). She has always been a selfish, mean, entitled little self destructive brat. I’ve never seen anyone like her. Just awful.

    1. Jenelle ALWAYS downgrades…If David doesn’t kill her first, the next guy is going to be someone much worse. I saw a compilation as well, and one soulmate she was dating, she was bragging that he didn’t have a criminal record…like are you serious?! That’s where her standards are?? However, I’ve always wondered why she had enough sense to not have a baby with Courtland, and to leave Gary Head after he strangled her with a bed sheet…but didn’t have enough sense to not procreate with or leave David??

      1. I think she only left Gary because she saw she had another chance with Kieffer. And as far as Courtland, I think he got arrested shortly after they eloped. So she probably decided not to have his child because he wasn’t going to be around.

      2. Has Gary had anymore Domestic violence issues? Just asking because strangled with a sheet sounds made up and we know she has a problem with telling the truth. I don’t know anything about this guy.

        1. Roast, that’s exactly what I was thinking as well. Junelle & the truth are not friends. Every guy she’s with does this. And remember her chasing Kiefer’s car acting crazy — well she is crazy.

      3. I think David hid his crazy pretty well for a while. He played a decent guy at first because Jenelle was his mark. He wanted to hook, line and sinker. Then he was free to be his horrible self and has been emboldened and enamored with the fame and attention.

  6. This is not a new chapter for her. It’s the end of one. Hopefully she saved a lot of money. She will continue trying to get on reality tv shows (or pitch her own) and will try to supplement her income with posting about crappy products.
    Most tv shows, hosting gigs, podcasts etc. require personality. She doesn’t have it. She doesn’t have hosting, acting or speaking talent. She would never be able to command an audience. She is better off staying off of television and the internet and try to have an actual job/career. I’m sure David will pressure her to stay on TV any way that she can (therapy shows, rehab shows, surgery shows…..). He is Spencer Pratt 2.0

  7. Briana wishes there was some kind of compromise?? Ummmm there is! Jenelle leaves her murderous POS husband and protect herself and her kids! WTF is Jenelle talking about David has been there since the news broke?? So she finds comfort and solace in the loser who killed her pet AND got her fired/blacklisted?? It’s so pitiful that after all of that, she is STILL standing by her little bitch.

    1. Of course David is still there. Where else would he go? Lawd known he wouldn’t got to work.

  8. Anyone else noticed that Jenelle and her management have reverted back to using Evans instead of Eason? Think she wants her Marriage Boot Camp money then she’s leaving.

    1. It’s her stage It’s probably because they think people will know her more with her names as Evans.

    2. Jenelle Eason’s name is mud. Any publist worth there salt would distance there client as much as possible. But Jenelle isnt leaving David. Jenelle has never left any man. They all leave her by going to jail.

  9. “She worked her ass off for so long” Um what? Oh right because getting knocked up as a teen, landing on a show and then getting on its spin off where you make six figures for doing nothing for years definitely qualifies as working your ass off. Silly me.

  10. Mckee is such a crawler and so desperate.

    No one from that franchise spoke out until she got fired

    It really is time to call it a day or the next show will be called menopausal moms.

    1. Sign me up!! HOT FLASHS!! And everything.
      Well call ourselves
      Teen Mom GG ( Golden Girls)

  11. Worked her ass off?
    Omg!!! Is she freaking serious? Wish I could do sex and drugs and paid vacations!! And make $500,000 a year or more.
    Brianna STFU you ass needs to be grateful not ghetto.

    1. That’s just how thick Brianna really is.
      None of these moms work their asses off, bri has her mom take her/ or go with her everywhere.
      I bet roxy was out side the bathroom door waiting as Louis was banging her.

      All of these girls are lazy and entitled

  12. Brian’s is making damn sure that when David goes on his vengeful killing spree he leaves her out of it! Smart girl

  13. Oh yeah and MTV threw her to the wolves? Ummm, according to my calculations, they’ve given her 12,598 chances. I wouldn’t call that throwing her to the wolves.

    Nothing Briana says ever makes any sense.

    1. You have to forgive her I think she must ride the short bus, because who in their right mind would tell the world on their SM they had to cut their hair all off because she was being lazy and hadn’t washed it in like 2 weeks and it was matted.

        1. Yes Bri did nasty right. I hoped she washed other things but she didn’t was her hair. She was getting a longer weave because it had to be cut so short and reached out on her page if anyone knew anybody that could do it that day.

      1. But I’m sure she got flucked plenty of times during those 2 weeks. Thats probably why she didnt get around to washing it. “Making love in the club becomes time consuming.

  14. She worked her ass off for so long?

    Oh really Briana, when was that, b/c we somehow missed it….we haven’t seen her work her ass off a day in her life. That’s her mother that actually does that.

    1. Did Briana mean to say, “her vagina” or “her uterus”? Those I would certainly believe.

    2. I think Brianna confused Jenelle with Farrah… Farrah is the one who put her a## to work… The whole P0rn thing..

  15. Can we stop bringing up Mackenzie McKee??? No one cares what she has to say. She’s not part of the TM2 franchise she was on a failed season of teen mom 3 …she’s a wannabe that never was…enough already. She’s constantly chomping at the bit to get on this series…It’s. Not. Going. To. Happen.

  16. Why even bother finding another replace….
    Just bury the damn franchise, lol 🙄🙄😒

  17. Briana must have thought we needed confirmation of what a pig she is. Thanks anyway, but we didn’t have any doubts!

  18. Mtv “threw Jenelle to the wolves”? Wtf is Briana talking about? MTV gave her plenty of chances and her husband beating and shooting a dog wasnt even Jenelle’s last straw. If she would have left him they would have kept her on the show.

  19. They need to cut her out of all remaining episodes. Just show more footage of the other girls. She’s been fired for supporting a psychopathic a-hole and she shouldn’t have 1 more second of air time.

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