Jenelle Evans Blasts Her Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Stars Chelsea Houska, Kail Lowry & Leah Messer For Being “Two-Faced”; Claims Chelsea “Hates Her” & More

“For real, dude. And I’m not even being dramastic!”

Jenelle Evans may be moving on to Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, but it appears that she hasn’t let go of her past yet.

During an Instagram Q&A session on Monday, Jenelle slammed her former Teen Mom 2 co-stars, especially Chelsea Houska, whom she claimed “hates” her. Jenelle— who was fired from Teen Mom 2 in 2019 and recently brought on to the cast of ‘Next Chapter’— also referenced a recent interview Chelsea did in which she was asked to comment on Jenelle’s split from her husband David Eason.

When Jenelle was asked if she still speaks to Chelsea, Leah Messer and Kail Lowry, Jenelle confirmed that she is not in touch. (This is no surprise, of course, as Jenelle and Kail have had a longtime feud that has resulted in plenty of online spats, some fat-shaming and even a torched-by-Jenelle haircare kit.)

Despite her well-known feud with Kail, Jenelle seemed to take more aim at Chelsea this time around.

“It’s funny how Chelsea does [an] interview and plays nice like we all still talk,” Jenelle wrote. “I just find them all two-faced.”

“Honestly, I don’t think about you– or your face–Jenelle.”

Jenelle is most-likely referencing the live interview Chelsea did with Access Hollywood last month. During the on-camera chat, Chelsea was put on the spot and asked to comment on Jenelle’s recent divorce drama. Chelsea— who was doing the interview with her husband Cole DeBoer to promote their HGTV show Down Home Fab— seemed to be caught off-guard when the reporter asked for her thoughts on Jenelle’s pending divorce from David.

“I have not been in contact [with Jenelle],” Chelsea said after stuttering a bit. “But obviously I can’t imagine how going through a divorce would be, in general, so I hope she’s doing OK. And I wish her, just the best.”

During an interview in March, Chelsea stated that she still cares about her ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-stars, even though she hasn’t stayed in touch with them.

“These girls were a huge part, a very important part, of my life as well,” she said. “We all kind of went through the same thing at the same time together. Even if I don’t talk to these girls all the time, my heart is still with them.”

Jenelle obviously did not appreciate Chelsea’s comments about her. When a fan suggested that Chelsea had moved on from ‘Teen Mom 2’ drama and didn’t need to be “bitchy towards” Jenelle, the Lady ‘o’ The Land stated that Chelsea secretly despises her. 

“Behind closed doors she hates me and always has,” Jenelle replied.

“If she was genuine she would actually reach out to me personally rather than ‘wishing me luck’ during a public interview,” Jenelle continued. 

“Honestly, Juh-nelle, she probably just wishes ya would leave her alone!”

“She has never acted as a friend towards me,” Jenelle added. “[She’s] nice to your face though.”

This is not the first time Jenelle has slammed Chelsea in recent years.

Back in 2021, Jenelle stated online that she felt Chelsea was “a complete bitch to her” during their years on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ When  Chelsea left the show in 2020, Jenelle shaded her, telling her online followers that she felt Chelsea (and her story) were “fake.”

During the Q&A session on Monday, Jenelle also answered questions about Nathan Griffith (who is the father of Jenelle’s second son Kaiser). As The Ashley has previously reported, Nathan is currently living in Las Vegas on probation after pleading guilty to “assault by strangulation” for an attack on his sister last year. Nathan has not seen Kaiser in more than a year.

When someone suggested that Jenelle was still not over Nathan, Jenelle denied that was the case.

“All the ladies want them some Nate-Dog! WOOF!”

“…he has his own issues at the moment and I’m not looking to place myself in between that,” she wrote. “He needs to work on himself for KAISER. He knows how severe his alcohol problem is. I don’t want to be with someone like that.” 

(Earlier this month, The Ashley broke the news that Nathan had been scolded by the judge in his case for not taking his treatment seriously. Nathan— who was arrested in April— was warned that this is his “last chance to comply” with the terms of his treatment program.)

Chelsea, Kail and Leah have not publicly responded to Jenelle’s statements.

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32 Responses

  1. So let’s recap:

    1) Chelsea is asked a direct question about Jenelle during an interview, and Chelsea responds politely, wishing Jenelle well. Jenelle says, “She’s talking about me behind my back!” Answering an interviewer’s question on live TV is not gossiping. Especially when the interview had zero to do with Teen Mom in the first place.

    2) Chelsea says she doesn’t talk to the girls from Teen Mom or have other contact with them. Jenelle says, “She’s lying, she doesn’t talk to me!” Yeah, that’s what she said…

    3) Jenelle says Chelsea is two-faced, because she gave a polite, generic response to a question about Jenelle, and then when Jenelle sees Chelsea in person, Chelsea is always nice to her face. Call me crazy, but that seems like Chelsea is acting the same, regardless of where she is/who is around.

    I’m not a huge fan of Chelsea, but Jenelle has always had some personal vendetta against her, for seemingly no reason. I know she likes to say Chelsea got a good edit, and to an extent I believe she did, though Chelsea also wasn’t doing heroin and signing away Aubree to Randy before she lost custody of her to CPS, like Jenelle did. I don’t think any of these girls are angels, though people like Maci and Chelsea were actually loving on their kids and taking good care of them; not screaming about how having a baby was like being in prison.


    The kids are gonna grow up and see all the abuse and manipulation she did to them and how she always put men first.
    They are gonna get help and move on with their lives without her, get rid of the people that bring you down and keep the ones that build you up.
    Just like I did my life didn’t get better till I let go of my mother without her manipulation and abuse I could be the wife mother and grandma that my family deserved and be loved by them like I’ve always deserved.

  3. Janelle has always attacked Chelsea, she don’t like it that Chelsea as always been a better person and parent than her.
    Janelle is clearly jealous of Chelsea
    Chelsea is a success and a very talented and a upstanding citizen
    While Janelle is just a train Vs truck Vs car Vs bike wreck

  4. For the love of God, when is this girl gonna stop bashing Chelsea. It’s giving jealous bitter bitch. She needs to worry about her kids and divorce and stop worrying about what Chelsea’s doing.

  5. Jenelle HATES that as much posturing and flat out lying she has done about “opportunities” she has had with Netflix etc. Chelsea has been the one that has actually had success outside of teen mom 2 and people tend to like her a hell of a lot more than anyone has ever liked Jenelle.

    1. Jenelle and Chelsea also got married and had kids (Ensley and Watson) around the same time. Jenelle was mad af that Chelsea got much more positive attention around all that.

  6. People that are stable and healthy don’t want to associate with unstable, morally reprehensible people. To the mentally unwell, they have to convince themselves that the other person is conceited or a b*tch because they can’t ever be held accountable for their bad decisions or behavior. Jenelle has continuously tried to bait Chelsea into a fight by trash-talking her, and Chelsea always takes the high road. It’s so desperate, juvenile and embarrassing. Jenelle has never taken accountability or grown as a person. How she looks in the mirror each day and continues to behave how she does, especially as a mother, is incomprehensible.

  7. Jenelle is LUCKY that Chelsea was THAT nice about it. She could have said something terrible, she could have said “no comment”… Instead, she had a classy response and that was that- not to mention she was put on the spot! I don’t blame Chelsea even if she DOES despise Jenelle. I mean, Jenelle can’t say anything nice or just keep her mouth shut when it comes to her co-members of the show. Chelsea has CLEARLY moved on and by acting the way she does- with staying away from Teen Mom, away from the drama and focused on her current endeavors and her family, she has faired very well. She also didn’t say that she talks to any of the girls so I am not sure why Jenelle said “Acts like we all still talk” uhhhhhhh, she literally said she doesn’t talk to you guys. Not sure how her being classy about the situation, makes her two faced but clearly you are just jealous that others from the show have actually grown up (not many, but a few 😉 ) MOVE ON JENELLE! Or at least STFU!

  8. JFC. Jenelle wants everyone the world over to stop bringing up *anything* in her past, don’t talk about her mom, anything else you might question always has to be hush hush until the truth comes out soon (🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄) … yet she’s still hanging on to old bullshit and creating more nonsense because an INTERVIEWER put Chelsea on the spot? She couldn’t have given a more PR appropriate response and Jenelle wouldn’t have liked what Chelsea had to say if the comment had been “Couldn’t stand her then, don’t think about her now”.

    Business as usual at Smooth Brain Swamp, never letting go of anyone else’s past, inability to ever take accountability or apologize and repeated desperate attempts to stay relevant no matter how it makes her look.

  9. That interview was uncomfortable. Chel didn’t want to talk about Jenelle and should have just refused the question. All girls suck they all hated each other forever lol

  10. Why can’t this dumbass just shut the f**k up??? With MTV continuing to give her a platform, I realize that she will never shut up, but shit like this just drives me nuts. I highly doubt that ANYONE, outside of Briana’s disgusting ass, even gives her a passing thought throughout their days and they are probably all wondering why Jenelle is obsessed with them. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not a fan of Chelsea’s, between her baby talk and absolute lack of real teen parenting struggles thanks to Daddy’s money, and the fact that you can tell just by the way she conducted herself with the other girls on the show and at the reunions that she thinks she’s better than everyone. Kail, as much as it pains me to say it, and Leah both have every reason to hate Jenelle, much like the rest of us. Why MTV continues to give trashbags like Jenelle and Briana and even Jade a platform is beyond me.

  11. No where in that interview did Chelsea make it seem like they all still talk lol. Delusion runs strong with this one.

  12. So now that she currently doesn’t have someone to bash and argue with, she takes aim at literally everyone else. This girl is nuts.

    Jenelle, it’s you. You are the problem. Your choice in “soulmates” are the problem. Show your children a better example. Keep your mouth shut. FFS

  13. Oh my god shut up Jenelle you’re complaining that she’s 2 faced for literally giving the most generic comment about you. You’d be salty no matter what she said. She gave the most mature, regular answer. Only STUPID can argue with that.

  14. Funny how she’s back on this trainwreck of a show and she’s also back to trashing people who don’t care for her, to stay relevant. Reminds me of before the firing.

  15. Oh please, Swamperella is so jealous of her former castmates success it’s palpable. It’s been years since anyone has acknowledged her existence.They have left her to her own devices. Occasionally she tired drum up some schekels from click bait baloney about them despite not having any interaction. MTV reached out to her because they need viewers. The teen mom franchise has been on life support for years and everyone but participants and producers know it. Swamperella’s triumphant return to the Z list will be brief.

  16. It couldn’t possibly be that Jenelle is unlikeable🙄. Chelsea was trying to not drag Jenelle or be mean to Janelle in a response. Jenelle wouldn’t be happy if Chelsea actually said “Yeah, Jenelle’s a POS.” I’m not a fan of Chelsea either but she has an actual life. I doubt seriously Chelsea has time to try and keep up with Jenelle’s ridiculous drama.

  17. Jenelle is beyond envious of Chelsea because she is where she always wanted to be: has a good, handsome husband, beautiful children, a successful show outside TM. She made a good life for herself because she made good choices unlike Jenelle.

  18. Honestly I’d be shocked if any of them did not hate her. She’s probably hoping that one of them will engage with her. Kail might, but she’s wasting her time with the other two. They have better things to do.

  19. I’m not sure why but I think that the only teen mom Janelle really got along with was Brianna. They looked like they were friends even outside of MTV.

  20. Cool new format.

    I doubt Chelsea gives one single solitary thought to Jenelle, ever.

    Kail, probably. Kail likely has a list of her enemies posted on the wall. It’s probably more like a database or spreadsheet but it does exist. Has to.

    Leah probably compares her drama to Jenelle. “Well at least I didn’t marry that sketchy guy last year…”

    Jenelle needs to let it go. Thought her future was “so bright”, yet here she is, talking about old castmates she ruined her relationships with.

  21. It’s still clear Jenelle has a lot of growing up to do! Chelsea doesn’t care about you Jenelle and never will. She’s too busy being successful and a good mom/daughter. Why don’t you focus on the important stuff like Chelsea does. You would probably be happier if you did. You seem bitter that your Mom and Chelsea are teen mom fan favorites.

  22. Chelsea was never close to any of the girls and didn’t want to associate with any of them. You never saw her hardly talk to any of them until she had a chance to try to get one of them kicked off the show. I’m not a fan of Chelsea. She didn’t struggle like the rest of them. And I can not stand her baby talk

    1. You’re not a fan of Chelsea because she didn’t struggle financially? Ok…..

    2. Oh god forbid someone not struggle the same way as someone else. I hate you because you don’t struggle with the same things I struggle with…..weird ass take.

      Everyone in life has their own struggles, and they are NEVER going to match the struggles of another. I could run down every last struggle I’m having today (it’s a lot, you might need therapy, lmao) and I can guarantee you there are people in the world having a worse one….and that’s okay. None of us are less than simply because we’re struggling differently. My struggles are no less real or important and impactful than another person’s. It’s pretty stupid to assume that because one person doesn’t *seem* to have things as bad as others, they are less than.

      You don’t have to like everyone, it’s perfectly okay to not like something about someone, but the struggle thing is weird. MOST of the teen moms didn’t really struggle, at least not with things most teen parents do (bills, diapers, transportation, life…). They all had a pretty hefty monetary motivation that kept them from some very real, very normal and very common struggle busses. But, go on…

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