Angela Deem Says She Won’t Let Estranged Husband Michael Ilesanmi Appear on Future TLC Shows; Michael Denies Faking Feud with Angela

“Imma getcha, Mykol!”

It seems that the only thing more tumultuous than Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi’s relationship will be the dissolution of the couple’s marriage. This week, both 90 Day Fiance stars spoke out on social media about their troubled union, with Angela vowing to prevent Michael from being cast on future “90 Day Fiancé” spinoffs as long as the two remain married.

She also revealed to her TikTok fans that she’s done with the “90 Day Fiancé” franchise herself.

As The Ashley previously reported, Angela and Michael have been on the outs since February, after Michael disappeared from the couple’s Georgia home, leading Angela to contact local police to report that her husband was missing. Three days later, Michael reached out to law enforcement to confirm he was safe, at which point he also told cops he “fears for his life” due to Angela being Angela Angela’s behavior. 

That’s not an excuse…or even true, Ang.

After Michael resurfaced, Angela revealed to fans on 90 Day Fiancé blogger John Yates’s YouTube Live Stream that around the time that Michael went “missing” she had asked her husband to “go home” to his native country of Nigeria because she didn’t believe he loved her, and she now believes Michael will use that fact as leverage to “fight for his visa” in order to stay in the United States.

Angela also made it pretty clear at the time that she intended to end her marriage to Michael; however, her priorities have seemingly shifted as of late.

During a recent TikTok Live, the self-proclaimed Queen of TLC claims that Michael’s recent relocation from Georgia to Indiana is a violation of the law, as he’s supposed to reside with his visa sponsor– i.e. Angela, whom alleges that Michaels current living situation puts her at risk for getting in trouble, too. 

“This queen can’t hack it in the pokey, y’all.”

Angela also stated that she is planning to put some pressure on TLC to not include Michael on any future “90 Day Fiancé” seasons/spinoffs without her permission, given the fact that she and Michael are still legally husband and wife. During a recent TikTok Live, when a fan suggested that Michael may pop up on The Single Life spin-off, Angela denied this would be happening.

“That will never happen again on my network!” Angela declared. “No honey. Not while I’m [married to] him. Trust me.” 

Earlier this week, she claimed that she doesn’t intend to appear on the “90 Day Fiancé” franchise herself, following the currently-airing season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, which she and Michael filmed together. 

“After this season, bye bye,” Angela said on TikTok Live. “…this is not easy for me. This is real life. This is real life for me. [People are asking me if I’ll] be on The Single Life. No the f**k I will not….this ain’t me just wanting to do a show, OK? This is real life events to me.”

We want Michael Ilesanmi on the single life anyways, not her #90dayfiance #90dayfianceoftiktok #90dayfiancenews

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In another recent TikTok Live, Angela revealed she is going to be in an upcoming movie, but did not give many details. 

While Angela and Michael’s days on TLC are seemingly numbers, the couple is currently appearing on the franchise’s “Happily Ever After?” spin-off, where their marriage continues to unravel. As fans saw on Sunday’s episode, Angela became frustrated with Michael after discovering some of the files he was planning to bring with him to his visa interview the following day– namely some “incriminating” screenshots of a text conversation discussing his past infidelity. 

“You f**king make me break down,” Angela told Michael. “You did something stupid. You’re mad at yourself because you made a mistake. That’s going to get us in trouble. That doesn’t show [that] we’re getting along. You’re an idiot!” 

Angela went on to explain to viewers that Michael’s portfolio for the visa interview included a text exchange from when the two of them were fighting, during which Michael’s infidelity was mentioned.

“ … Who would put that in there?” Angela said. “I can’t figure out– why would you put those texts in there? They don’t want to see us fighting.” 

“Well, let’s hope they don’t watch TLC.”

Michael explained to one of the show’s producers that he believed documenting his and Angela’s communication–-  the good AND bad–- would better prove that he and Angela were a normal husband and wife, as cheating is something “a real couple would probably fight about.” Michael also said he didn’t believe the embassy would “care” about the fact that cheating took place. 

“ … They just want to see that we are really [a] married couple,” he said. 

Angela went on to express remorse on Sunday’s episode for deciding not go with Michael to his visa interview, admitting that she “should’ve cooled off.” However, she made it quite clear on social media this week that she and Michael remain on the outs following their February fallout, sharing multiple quotes to her Instagram Story calling out narcissists and liars. 

She also appeared to accuse Michael of committing “hidden abuse” and reposted a statement calling out people who “suddenly change.” 

“Always be ready to survive alone,” the quote stated. “Some people suddenly change. Today you are important to them, tomorrow you are nothing to them and that’s real life.” 

Meanwhile, Michael has taken part in some light trolling on his own Instagram Story by reposting at least one of Angela’s Instagram Stories and sharing some #TeamMichael love he’s received from fans. 

As ridiculous as this feud has gotten, Michael flat out denies that any fakery is going down. 

In response to a theory posted by @90dayfianceupdate on Instagram this week, which speculated that Michael and Angela are still together and only “feuding” to promote the current season of ‘Happily Ever After,’ Michael insisted that he keeps it real for the cameras. 

“I don’t fake anything! Smh,” he commented on the post. 

As for Angela, she has taken to posting vague, heavily-filtered and absolutely unhinged videos to social media, calling out “scammers” and vowing to do the right thing for America…or something. 

“I just wanna make one little comment,” Angela told her Instagram followers this week, before seemingly– albeit indirectly– threatening her estranged spouse. “Don’t worry, the American people will all thank me later. I do know this.” 

Angela ended her mee-maw-gone-mad video with a “love you,” while flashing a peace sign and including the hashtags, #1 Nation Under God and #THEQUEENISPREPARED. 

“I’m fixin’ to do my country proud, y’all!”

New episodes of “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” air Sundays on TLC. 

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  1. Gee I had no idea Angela was in control of TLC! She is absolutely unbelievable and her crappy antics of trying to pick up men. My god. Get rid of her for good or set her up with Big Ed for good. Now that I would watch!

  2. I am still laughing at the comments. Angela is plain stupid. Michael is even dumber. To even think of using her for a green card is ludicrous but the jerk did. And as far as Angela thinking she represents America? Give me a break. All she represents is the very lowest of white trash. All her plastic surgeries have done nothing for her other than make her nastier. Keep on smoking Angela…keep being nasty. You are a heart attack or stroke in the future. And Michael? Go back to Nigeria and your friends who are way smarter than you!

  3. I knew from the get go, that they were not going to work out. First of all, Angela is nothing more than a trashy hag, and then Michael cannot be trusted. But then again, I don’t blame him for looking elsewhere instead of being with her. She should have never been allowed on the show, especially the way she was verbally abusive, etc. The network is to blame for us having to watch this *hit show. I cringed every time they should them. I have to Fast Forward because they are both disgusting people.

  4. Honest to God,Angela is out of her mind. As for Michael, he is a fool. To put up with Angela and her nasty mouth and violent behavior just for a green card is outrageously stupid. His 3 friends must be laughing their asses off. Send him back to Nigeria and send her along with him! Or make Angela and Big Ed a couple. I would certainly love to watch the 2 of them kill each other!

  5. Still trying to control him, she won’t give him a divorce cause then her control is gone.

    If Michael wants to do more 90 days he’s old enough to do his own contract.

    The queen of tlc please you’re lower than the “peasants” with your pedo daughter.
    Your just trash that used a show to get cosmetic surgery which imo makes you look worse as your face and neck looks like it’s sagging.
    I do hope she’s gone off the show as tbh her always shouting I’m a American gives the Americans a bad name. Thankfully people realise not all Americans are like her.

    Give him a green card after all this abuse this guy went through from this manipulating control freak he truly deserves it.

  6. Get Fucked, Stay Fucked Dirty Bird.

    Welcome to America Michael, it’s a shithole now days, but God knows you earned the right to be here. You shoulda just bought a ticket to Mexico and walked over, Angela is way more scary than the US government or the Mexican cartel.

  7. Oh look, the abusive old hag is mad that her husband doesn’t want to be abused anymore… Fuck off Angela.

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