“90 Day Fiance” Star Angela Deem Goes on Bizarre Rant: Blasts Kimberly Menzies As “Two-Faced” & Declares Herself “The Queen of TLC”

“I don’t see you totin’ around a tiara, Ang.”

Angela Deem is one mad Meemaw. 

The 90 Day Fiance star took to social media this week to sling some insults and threats at fellow “90 Day” franchise star Kimberly Menzies and to also declare herself “the queen of TLC.”

Angela fired off her nearly-incoherent rant after learning that fellow former “90 Day Fiance” star Kimberly–- and Kimberly’s son, Jamal Menzies–- were following her estranged husband, Michael Ilesanmi, on Instagram. 

Honestly…should we be even be bragging about being the queen of the Trash Lunatic Channel?

As The Ashley previously told you, Angela and Michael have been on the outs since February, after Michael disappeared from the couple’s Georgia home, leading Angela to contact local police to report that her husband was missing. Three days later, Michael reached out to law enforcement to confirm he was safe, at which point he also told cops he “fears for his life” thanks to his wife’s antics.

After taking a brief hiatus from social media, Michael recently returned to Instagram and has garnered a following of fans and stars from the “90 Day Fiance” franchise– including Kimberly and Jamal. 

In response to the mother-son duo hitting the “follow” button on Michael’s verified account, Angela took to Instagram Live, calling Kimberly “two-faced” for seemingly befriending her ex.  

“If you really loved me, you would not f**king follow him, [after] what he’s done to me,” she said in a screen recording posted by @90dayfianceaddicts. “You would not follow him.” 

While Angela also slurred slammed others from the “90 Day Fiance” franchise for following Michael on social media– namely those who have never met Michael– she made a point to call out Kimberly (and Jamal) by name. 

“Kimberly I’m calling you out, I’m gonna call you out, Kimberly,” Angela said, before warning Kimberly not to “play with” her. 

“I will always be the queen of TLC,” she continued, in clip posted by @merrypants. “You like your job? Screen record this– I’m not goin’ nowhere, baby. You like your job on [90 Day Fiance:] Pillow Talk? You better watch your mouth. I’ve been here longer than anybody and you wanna know why? Ratings. And I’m real and honest.” 

(As “90 Day Fiance” know, Jamal has appeared alongside his mom on ‘Pillow Talk’ and 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?; he has also appeared on 90 Day: The Single Life.) 

“She’s real alright…a real hot mess.”

Angela went on to claim that, while she “really liked” Kimberly, there was “no coming back” from this feud.

“You red, white and BLEW this friendship, Kimmy.”

“Do I follow f**king Usman?” Angela said, referring to Kimberly’s ex-boyfriend Usman “Soljaboy” Boy” Umar. 

Kimberly later hopped on Instagram Live herself to respond to Angela’s rant, insisting that she didn’t take Angela’s comments as a threat because she’s “not scared” of Angela and because they “are cool” with each other. 

“ … Everybody just leave it alone,” Kimberly told fans. “I don’t know why it became such a big deal, ya know? Like, who cares? She didn’t threaten me. She didn’t threaten me at all, so make sure you get it right. She didn’t threaten me at all. She did not threaten me, so don’t say that. She did not threaten me, so stop doing that. 

“Did I mention that she didn’t threaten me?”

“Don’t add more to it,” she continued. “I don’t know why it made such a big story … .” 

Kimberly later explained in an Instagram post that she had only followed Michael on social media to keep up with what was going on between him and Angela, admitting that she was basically just being nosy. 

Angela has yet to respond to Kimberly’s claims that they “are cool”; however, based on her Instagram posts as of late, Angela appears to be really leaning into this whole “queen” thing. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 

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  1. Both women are pathetic. Angela is a major bully and Kim is plain stupid. Angela thinks she looks so hot now after all the surgery. Yet she still stinks of cigarettes and has a completely foul mouth. Any real man with a lick of sense would not get involved with her. Kim and her absolutely idiotic chasing of Sojaboy….every time i saw them together I could hear the song “If I only had a brain” going through my head. Kim was too ignorant to accept that Usman did not care one bit for her. HE USED HER!!!!!! Angela used and abused Michael from the get go. Angela and Kim…Tweedle Dumb and Tweedledumber.

  2. No matter how many surgeries Angela Deem gets, she’s a has been. Out with the old and in with the new. She claims she’s a victim. How about looking at last taped of 90 Days and see how mean, surly and nasty you were to Michael. It’s not your business who follows Michael on his Instagram page. When Michael was still in Nigeria, did you not play the “field” Angela? Give it a rest, Angela , you’re DONE!!!!!! MOVE ON!!!! Us fans are tired of your antics.. The wicked witch is dead!!!!

  3. Angela is a beyond repulsive and abusive person!! She’s not the “queen” of anything.

    I’d argue Darcy and Larissa are the 90 day fiance queens.

  4. I could do without Jamal. I’m not sure how anyone else fits in the room with that ego. Maybe can him and Ang, keep Kim.

  5. Angie looked so much better with the weight on her, she looks old af now and Kim is still pathetic

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