Trial Date Set for Lawsuit Against ‘Property Brothers’ Production Company; Las Vegas Couple Claims House Was Left “Hazardous” After It Was Renovated On the Show

The Kings on their episode of ‘Property Brothers’ in 2019…

A lawsuit against the production and contractor companies formerly behind HGTV’s show Property Brothers is set to go to trial this fall.

In Touch Weekly reported this week that a trial date has been set for a lawsuit filed by Las Vegas couple Paul and Mindy King, who appeared on an episode of ‘Property Brothers’ in 2019. While the lawsuit currently only names the show’s parent company Cineflix and the contractor Villa Construction, the Kings say they are considering adding the show’s stars– Drew and Jonathon Scott– to the lawsuit as well.

“Look at this face! How can you even think about suing this face?!”

According to 8 News Now, the husband and wife enlisted the help of Drew and Jonathon to remodel their house on the show for just under $200,000. However, the Kings state that the sub-contractors that the brothers hired caused major issues with their home, creating several hazardous– and even some biohazardous–problems.

“They’re making their millions of dollars. Their fame. They’re living their lifestyle based off of people like us, that put our trust into them,” Mindy told the news outlet.

“Sludge and sewer were leaking out, disintegrating the cabinet,” Mindy said of the area below the kitchen sink, adding that they’ve also been unable to use their stove since the renovation in 2019.

“It’s the wrong size pipe, the wrong size gas line,” she stated.

Footage of the Scott brothers working on the Kings’ home…

The dishwasher had issues as well. According to the Kings’ lawsuit, it was filling up with dirty water from the garbage disposal, which was a health risk. The Kings stated that, due to mold and other residue that had allegedly built up in the dishwasher, the Southern Nevada Health District tested the dishwasher and it came back positive for harmful bacteria.

“It was actually deemed a biohazard and removed by a hazmat company over the summer,” Mindy shared.

Paul and Mindy have plans to sell the house but they can’t do so until all the problems are fixed. According to the legal agreement, Cineflix is supposed to pay the Kings $5,000 for every day the issues aren’t resolved, which had a start date of May 2019. However, the couple claims they have not received those funds.

“Not only have Defendants failed to meet the basic contractual requirements owed to Mr. and Ms. King, Defendants willfully and intentionally pulled the rug out from under them while they were blinded by the wool over their eyes — all while each of the Defendants profited, and continue to profit, from their unlawful conduct,” lawsuit documents obtained by In Touch Weekly state.

Before the renovations, the home passed code and inspections, per KTSM. Now, they say their house has become a biohazardous nightmare.

“We’re trying to determine exactly what they did in this house. We already know we’ve had all this exposure to all these harmful like mold, yeast, fungus, bacteria,” Mindy said.

In the Chapter 40 complaint, Mindy and Paul asked for over $1 million for repairs but the Nevada State Contractors Board deemed the costs to be far less — around $94,000. Villa Construction was ordered to fix the issues but according to Cineflix, the couple allegedly turned the contractor away. The Kings denied those claims, however.

“They put the fear of God in you when you do these shows,” Mindy said. 

“We’re trapped. The house is packed full of code violations, so we can’t just bail,” Paul added. “What they did was build a really nice studio to shoot their show.”

“Our house looks good when you walk in, because they built a TV set. But it’s what you can’t see that is dangerous,” Mindy told 8 News Now.

The Kings added in the interview that Cineflix wasn’t licensed in Nevada and that the contractors and subcontractors the company hired did poor work.

“There are serious, expensive issues to be fixed in this house,” Paul said. 

The Kings state that, despite the lawsuit and the issues surrounding their house renovation, HGTV has continued to re-run their ‘Property Brothers’ episode. It also remains on the show’s HGTV page.

“When you’re in a doctor’s office, and HGTV is on, I have to go up and ask them to change the channel,” Mindy said. “We can’t watch any HGTV shows ever.”

The trial date has been set for October. As of press time, the Scott brothers have not been added to the Kings’ lawsuit.

You can see photos of the Kings’ house in the news story below! 

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  1. Based on other instances, I believe this is legit. However- “When you’re in a doctor’s office, and HGTV is on, I have to go up and ask them to change the channel,” Mindy said. “We can’t watch any HGTV shows ever.” is a little dramatic…

  2. Reminds me of when it came out Love It or List It was fake. They don’t do real renovations. It’s just for show

  3. I’ll pop the popcorn for this one. It seems like there’s been a few lawsuits against HGTV shows. .it might be a terrorist organization at this point. 🤷‍♀️

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