“90 Day Fiancé” Star Liz Woods Accuses Ex Big Ed Brown of Being Controlling & “Grounding” Her If She Missed Curfew; Denies Ed’s Claims that He “Showered” Her with Money

“What the neck heck, Liz?”

“Big Ed” Brown has been telling some big lies, according to his former fiancée, Liz Woods. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Ed and Liz–- who made their debut as a couple in 2021 on Season 1 of 90 Day: The Single Life–- ended their relationship in late 2023 after multiple breakups and makeups, an engagement and nearly tying the knot in August.  

While Liz has gone on to start a new relationship with a man by the name of Jayson, Ed recently discussed his own relationship with Liz, telling ET that throughout their three-year relationship, he “tried to shower [Liz] with money and tried to make her feel secure.” 

After seeing a post by @shabootydotcom on Instagram that featured some of Ed’s quotes from the interview, Liz took to the comment section to set the record straight, telling Ed that he needs “serious help.” 

“You even made your mom pay you rent before you kicked her out,” Liz wrote. “I paid rent on my apartment and a portion of rent at your apartment not to mention when we moved I continued paying rent at my apartment here in San Diego for months after I stopped living there and at the house in Arkansas. 

Liz also had some things to say about Ed’s claims that he “showered” her with money.

“That man never showered me with money,” she wrote. “Only paid my way on trips that he wanted to go on that I specifically said I couldn’t take time off work that he made me quit twice and showered me with lingerie.” 

I think we can all agree that we never again want to see, think or hear about Ed showering, PERIOD.

Liz also claimed that, in addition to paying her own bills, she was “the only one” who contributed money towards the wedding she and Ed were planning, which was set to be a bohemian-themed ceremony at Holland Barn in Bentonville, Arkansas.  

In another comment on the post, Liz alleged that Ed bought her a car during their relationship, which was used as an attempt for him to control her. 

“ … I refused to drive [it] because it had GPS and he would ground me from it if I made him mad,” she claimed. “If I missed my curfew by 5 mins. I would drive my current paid off 2010 car and he hated that always calling it trash. It was a controlling factor.” 

The face we all made when we heard that THIS man had the audacity to give his grown adult girlfriend a curfew…

Liz also said that Ed’s main source of income is Cameo– the website that allows fans to purchase personalized videos from celebrities and public figures– and “if it were to die tomorrow he would be broke.” 

“That’s the only way he stayed afloat,” Liz alleged. 

(Ed currently charges $68 to send a personalized Cameo video, and currently has over 3,700 reviews from “satisfied” customers, in case you care.) 

Liz went on to state that she wasn’t even into receiving gift from Ed.

“My love language is not gifts,” she wrote. “This is all lies. And if I didn’t accept a gift, he gave it to his daughter.”

In a follow-up post, the @shabootydotcom account called out Ed for comments he made in the past about ex-girlfriend Rose Vega’s finances, to which Liz took another opportunity to slam her former fiancé. 

“But he said he showered me with money and gifts 👀😆,” she commented. 

Liz then went on to double-down on her claims regarding Ed’s alleged Cameo dependency. 

“If Cameo died tomorrow he would lose his income,” she wrote.   

Liz also commented that Ed was chronically unemployed during their relationship.

“I was the only one working throughout our whole relationship,” she told someone who asked if Ed had a job outside of TLC. “Since I met him, he never had a job.” 

She also replied “facts” when someone mentioned in the comment section that “Ed was over 100k in debt before [appearing on] TLC.” (The Sun reported in March 2021 that Ed had filed for bankruptcy twice in the years before he began starring on “90 Day Fiancé.”) 

Ed has yet to publicly respond to Liz’s comments. He did, however, have plenty to say about Liz’s new relationship. During his interview with ET on Wednesday, Ed stated that, while he thinks Liz’s new dude Jayson is “a hunk,” he highly doubts that their relationship will last.

“I mean I’m happy for her … just my concern is we all have things that we need to work on and deal with and if we don’t, they’re gonna rear their ugly head and that’s my fear is that… it won’t last because Liz will not have dealt with the same things that I have to deal with,” he said.

“Mental note: wear a cup for the next few weeks…just in case Liz tries to karate-chop me in the Little Ed for saying all of this!” 

He also insisted that he made huge sacrifices to try to make his relationship with Liz work.

“Let me tell you something, I gave up everything for Liz,” Ed said. “I turned my back on my daughter, my mom, any friend of mine in San Diego that had a question about Liz, they were out of my life. I was hoping by moving to Arkansas– which was actually Liz’s idea– that all of our issues would go away.

“I was the one that found the house, made all the preparations, I financed everything. It was that important for us to have a fresh start, so I have no regrets falling in love with Liz and I have no regrets calling off the wedding. I’m not happy with how she found out at all.”

You can watch Ed’s full interview with ET below! 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 

8 Responses

  1. Only Liz and her daughter dodged a bullet. Ed has no business being in a relationship. He is cruel and gets off on hurting women. I recall his mother calling him “Pony” as a nickname. I think “Horses ass” is a much better fit! Ed blames every woman he has been involved with for his heartache. I am sure outside of his ex wife, Rose and Liz that is all of his many women. He will never face up to the truth. The problem is Ed. He hates women and enjoys the pain he puts them through. I still say, hook him up with Angela Deems. Now those 2 I would watch kill each other!

  2. Wow sounds like abuse. This reminds me of a relationship I had. He made me quit and convinced me he would help me out. He always talked about my belongings as trash and would replace them with what he thought was better and would take said things away. By the time he was done with me I had no job and was relentlessly being verbally abused 🫠 idk how they do it but they do it

  3. Ed couldn’t tell the truth if it smacked him in his face. He hates women. It is so obvious. He gets off toying with them and that he believes that what he needs is a christian woman is ludicrous. He needs only one woman in his life and that woman is Angela Deems. The 2 of them deserve each other.

  4. What exactly did Liz gain from the relationship with Ed? I’m genuinely confused at this point. She was repulsed by him since he asked her out at her job.

    She had her own car paid off and was apparently paying rent for multiple places? I’m not trying to downplay manipulatation and abuse, just trying to solve a puzzle with some pieces missing.

    1. Maybe desperation for some sort of fame? But to be famous for being with Ed is crazy. The guy is a Number 1 jackass. But who am I to judge. I married 2 jackasses and after my second divorce I spent 16 years with no relationships and it straightened me out! Women need to learn they do not need a man to make their lives complete.

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