‘Shiny Happy People’ Season 2 is Coming! Amazon Docuseries Exposing Duggar Family & IBLP Religion Is Currently Filming

Get ready for another ‘Shiny Happy’ Season!

Get your tater-tot casserole popcorn ready–- another season of Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is reportedly in the works. 

As fans (and critics) of the Duggars may recall, Season 1 of the docuseries focused on the controversies surrounding the former 19 Kids and Counting family and their connection to the Institute of Basic Life Principles (IBLP)– the religious cult founded by Bill Gothard. The docuseries premiered in June 2023 on Prime Video to impressive ratings.

“I didn’t premiere at the Big House. And by ‘Big House’ I mean the Duggar Home, not the place Josh will be incarcerated for the next decade or so!” 

Within nine days of its release, the four-part docuseries reached more viewers than any other Amazon docuseries, even managing to surpass the views of Prime Video’s popular LuLaRich from 2021. 

According to a clip posted by @itsrowsdower on Instagram, Season 2 of ‘Shiny Happy People’ is currently filming in Georgia. (Reddit user @MollyTBurger was the first to post the news to the “Fundie Snark Uncensored” Reddit community.)

A look at the Georgia.org‘s “Now Filming in Georgia” page confirms that news. “Shiny Happy People S2” is listed as one of the “TV Reality” productions currently being filmed in the Peach State.

However, Amazon has yet to make an official announcement that ‘Shiny Happy People’ is getting a second season. 

Shortly after the release of ‘Shiny Happy People,’ Cori Shepherd Sterns–- one of the docuseries’ executive producers–- assured fans in a Reddit AMA that there was plenty of material to do another season, if given the opportunity to do so. 

“Go to Amazon Prime Video on all socials and beggggg! We have SO much more to tell!” Cori told fans, adding that she would likely include more coverage of the Duggars’ IBLP pals, the Bates Family, in the following season. 

You’re up next, Bates fam!

In an interview with The Sun, Cori also claimed there was a lot of unused footage from Season 1 that she would like to see on Season 2.

“There is more incredible stuff to come,” she said. “It was hard to decide what to leave behind. There was a lot of discussion about like, ‘Oh, we can’t cut that. How can we cut that?’ It wasn’t left on the cutting room floor. We like, carefully picked it up and set it aside, hoping for exactly this moment, exactly for this kind of success, so that we can make an argument that the world needs more.” 

“I would respectfully disagree!”

The Duggar family has yet to respond to the news of ‘Shiny Happy People’ getting another season, though it’s likely that supporters of the IBLP will have something to say once the announcement is made.

As The Ashley previously told you, supporters of the Duggar family and the IBLP were not very pleased with ‘Shiny Happy People.’ Some critics of the docuseries even went on to respond to the project by launching a fundraising campaign in August 2023 to raise money to create their own docuseries to combat the “slanderous misrepresentations and outright lies” they say were hurled at them in ‘Shiny Happy People.’ 

The logo posted to the fundraising campaign site…

Despite the online campaign raising just over $3,000 of its $300,000 goal, a trailer for Shiny Slander was released earlier this year and the group has gone on to release a series of videos attempting to disprove the points made in the Prime Video docuseries.  

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(Photos: Prime Video; Instagram; TLC) 

6 Responses

  1. Amy Duggar is frothing at the mouth at the prospect of adding five minutes to her insufferable 15.

  2. Oh, will Jill be in it again too? (Prob not, considering she and her husband are still suffering from the loss of Isla, I feel so sorry for her that she had to deal with this on top of everything)

  3. I’ll 100% be tuning in. I thought season 1 was well done and considerate of Jill Duggars feelings. I understand why Amy was included, she grew up with the Duggar IBLP cousins. She could see the situation from an outsider point of view, I hope she is included less, along with her mom. Both seem to love attention and fame too much.

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