IBLP Supporters Start Fundraising Campaign To Create Their Own Series to Counter “Lies” Told in ‘Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets’ Docuseries

“We’re gonna make our own documentary and it’s gonna be even BETTER than yours! So THERE!”

Supporters of the Duggar Family are not happy about the very successful Prime Video docuseries released earlier this year that exposed the reality TV family and their religious organization, the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP)— and now they’re preparing to do something about it!

A new fundraising campaign has been launched by these supporters, in hopes of raising enough money to create their own docuseries to combat the “slanderous misrepresentations and outright lies” they say were hurled at the them in Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, which was released in June and has gone on to have record-breaking ratings.

A new GiveSendGo fundraising campaign has been set up with the goal of raising the $300,000 it will take to create what they’re calling Shiny Slander, “a four-part documentary series in response to ‘Shiny Happy People,’ the popular Amazon Prime original that attempts to defame all of Christianity via the actions of a few individuals…”

“It’s me, hi, I’m one of the individuals.”

In the campaign’s description, YouTuber Holly McLean claims that, although she’s not part of the IBLP or a Gothard follower, she felt that ‘Shiny Happy People’ was a “hit piece” against Christians and homeschoolers. She began researching some of the claims made in ‘Shiny Happy People.’

“Holly felt a spiritual awakening, and motivation to come to the defense of her Christian brothers and sisters — and give the ‘other side of the story,'” the campaign’s bio reads, before claiming Holly uncovered a “vile and strategic collaboration between leftist organizations” and the production company behind ‘Shiny Happy People.’

“I knew much of what that piece did was use clever editing, ominous music, and agenda-driven/one-sided testimonies. There was no balance or context to show what was really going on! Much of what would have shown the truth was purposefully hidden…” Holly claimed.

The campaign organizers state that their docuseries–‘Shiny Slander’— will be an “intriguing and truthful response” and will be “created by a professional, God-fearing filmmaking team, it will surpass the quality & efficacy of ‘Shiny Happy People.'”

The logo posted to the fundraising campaign site…

“We aren’t out to paint anyone as a saint, nor are we here to vilify people who believe they have been victimized by family members or people in their own churches,” the bio continues. “But we are here to say NO to this skewed, unrealistic, and false account. We are doing this to bring out the truth.”

The ‘Shiny Happy People’ docuseries contained interviews from former Duggar golden daughter, Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband Derick, as well as Jim Bob Duggar‘s only sister, Deanna, and Deanna’s daughter Amy Duggar King. It exposed the misdeeds of Josh Duggar, Bill Gothard, Jim Bob and other people who are high up in the IBLP hierarchy. 

The campaign organizers say “Shiny Slander” will tell new stories not heard in ‘Shiny Happy People.’

“Did someone say filming? I can film! I’m free! Tell me where to stand!” 

In the campaign’s bio, the supporters state that they have been shown in an unfair light, and that the production company behind ‘Shiny Happy People’ actually “deceived” some of the people who were interviewed for it. 

“Evidence showing deception was used, will be shown,” it states. “You’ll hear from the actual people. But this isn’t the first time this production company has done this. The same tactics have been used before. We’ll expose when, where, and how these corrupt media companies function and deceive…

“The anti-Christian left has the media companies, the backing from evil corporations, Hollywood & elite individuals who are determined to unfairly portray all of us as radical, crazy, unethical, hypocritical people without actual moral convictions, and many sincere leaders as greedy and authoritative abusers,” it reads. 

“Don’t let these eyes fool ya! I ain’t crazy!”

The organizers state that they will first need $15,000 to create a sizzle reel/teaser for ‘Shiny Slander.’ From there, they’ll need about $300,000 to create the four, one-hour episodes of the docuseries, which they state will be a “jaw-dropping expose!” 

In addition, ‘Shiny Slander’ will show “the other side” of the Duggars, IBLP and others discussed in ‘Shiny Happy People.’ 

“…people who have been blessed by homeschooling, IBLP, Gothard, and the Duggar family,” the campaign bio states.

“Think about how blessed our oldest daughters were to be able to raise our entire litter of children for us!” 

“You’ll hear from professional counselors & experts concerning abuse, repressed memories, and the legal system – including judges and lawyers. This is the overwhelming ‘other side’ of the story.

The organizers behind ‘Shiny Slanders’ state that they hope to have their docuseries completed by next year, and have it available for viewing on Amazon Prime Video and other streaming networks. 

As of press time, only $2575 of the $300,000 goal has been raised. 

The Ashley has reached out to the producers of ‘Shiny Happy People’ for comment on this campaign. Stay tuned…

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13 Responses

  1. Let’s talk about Bill Gothard’s IBLP Before the Duggars. I was born in 1969 and my parents raised me and my sister – along with their friends’ children that were drawn into their cult-group – in an early iteration of the IBLP lifestyle, beaten barebottom by one or both parents several times daily, strict dietary restrictions, Biblical instruction daily, restriction from “worldly influence” – TV, movies, reading materials, etc., Christian School only and very conservative. Our families lived in houses that connected by the backyards in our neighborhood and our parents had no other friends except this circle. As a young girl I was taught to be subservient to the men in my life and taught from a small age the value of my virginity and the responsibility I had to carry that gift to my husband – that it was my value, not me as a person. When I was raped at 17 and lost my virginity, I felt rotten away from God, and my life was shattered for years. I had no knowledge of how to choose a husband properly and my parents allowed my marriage to a man 9 years older than me who’d been interested in me since I was 13. Life didn’t improve after that marriage failed. However, I finally found freedom from the Church, the Cult, my parents and religion and I have my Freedom in Jesus.

    It’s important the world knows there’s more of us out here, grandparents that have been hurting and are still sorting through issues that arise. The pain our parents inflicted caused a lifetime of work and healing. They deserve to learn about they did. I’m learning about what I should’ve done different with my kids all the time. It’s part of growth as a human.

    Thank you for listening.

  2. I was raised in a Conservative Baptist Church. Even though as an adult I don’t agree with some of their theology I stil can say I have fond memories of my childhood church. We weren’t extreme fundamentalists like the IBLP. My mom wore pants and so did my sisters. We were very much encouraged to further our education etc. The IBLP is a horrid institution and makes all of Christianity look bad. Gothard was clearly a pedophile and very much not an egalitarian. I can’t imagine anyone defending that moron.

  3. Pay very close attention. There are a LOT of things that these people will do anything and everything to keep covered up.

  4. if they somehow do raise the money, please do not watch it on the steaming services, it’ll just give them more money and attention, there are websites y’all can go to watch without giving them the time or day 🙂

  5. We already had the “real truth of those blessed by homeschooling” through the various shows the duggars were on. This feels like they’re trying to raise money for damage control.

  6. This documentary was very specifically about the Duggars, Bill Gothard, and IBLP. It was not an attack on Christianity or homeschooling. There is no way any logical person could think this was “an attack on all of Christianity.”
    The person who made this go fund me sounds completely unhinged. They aren’t even a part of IBLP, so what’s their problem?
    Any time people start using language such as “leftist propaganda“ for something they just don’t like, I’m out. lmao

  7. They’re so funny. They act like this is a threat, while the rest of us are getting our snacks ready.

  8. 1. If the documentary was one-sided was because non of the Duggars, Gothard, etc, wanted to give their version of events
    2. They didn’t slander Christianity in any way, it was a documentary about fundamentalists that aren’t even the majority of Christians
    3. These people don’t need money to film a “truthful” reply, filming oneself and uploading it to YouTube is free. If they have so many truths to tell, they can very well do it without u$ 300k

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