First Trailer For Prime Video Docuseries About Duggar Family & IBLP Shows Jill Duggar Dillard & Husband Derick Speaking Out

“I’m ready to spill some tea on Daddy Duggar and his precious cult!”

Shiny Happy People— the scathing Prime Video docuseries about the Duggar Family and their religious cult, the IBLP— will feature some familiar faces when it premieres next month.

In the first trailer for the docuseries, which was released Thursday by People, we see former Counting On stars Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband Derick speaking out about Jill’s family and their involvement in the controversial religious organization founded by Bill Gothard.

Jill— who has been estranged from her father Jim Bob Duggar for several years— reveals why she took part in the docuseries.

“There’s a story that’s going to be told,” she says. “And I would rather be the one telling it.”

Also taking part in the docuseries is Amy Duggar, Jim Bob’s niece who appeared on the family’s first reality show 19 Kids & Counting.

“Well you knew I wasn’t gonna miss my chance to get my mug on TV again!”

Jim and Bobye Holt, former friends of the Duggars who gained notoriety in 2021 when they testified against Josh Duggar at his trial, were also interviewed for the series. The Holts were IBLP members and close friends of the Duggars at the time Josh committed his crimes against his sisters, and the Duggars confided in them because, at the time, Josh was in a courtship with the Holts’ daughter Kayleigh

(In the time since this was filmed, Bobye filed for— and was granted– a protective order against her husband Jim. Their son Samuel Holt was also granted a protective order against Jim. The reasons for the protective order are unknown at this time, though.)  

Other people connected to the organization discuss how the Duggars’ show, “19 Kids & Counting” highlighted the IBLP way of life.

“TLC created a PR show for Gothard’s teachings,” one person says. “The biggest feature of Bill Gothard’s teachings is authority: kids obey the parents, wives obey their husbands and everyone obeys Bill Gothard.” 

“The [IBLP] raises little predators,” another person says in the trailer, as news footage about Josh Duggar’s molestations of his sisters plays.

News first broke in December that a docuseries about the Duggars and other famous IBLP families was coming. Earlier this month, the title of the show– “Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets”— was released.

As The Ashley previously reported, the title chosen for the docuseries— “Shiny Happy People”— appears to be significant. Although it is the title of a well-known REM song, the phrase also has a deeper meaning.

“The song was released in 1991, two years after the Tiananmen Square uprising when the Chinese government clamped down on student demonstrators, killing hundreds of people in the process in an event which has left a scar on humanity ever since. With the song using the phrase ‘Shiny Happy People‘, which they took from Chinese propaganda posters, there began an attempt to con the world into believing into a very different image of what was going on under the regime in the early 1990s,” a 2020 article in Far Out Magazine states.

It is unknown if any of Jill’s other family members were interviewed for the docuseries. (Her sister, Jinger Duggar Vuolo, released a book earlier this year that heavily criticizes Bill Gothard’s teachings and the IBLP, but no mention of Jinger or her book was made in the docuseries trailer.)

“Feel free to plug my book in the show, though!”

The Duggars and the IBLP have yet to comment on the docuseries, which premieres June 2 on Prime Video.

Watch the trailer below!

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(Photos: Prime; TLC)


  1. Ah glad to see they can finally uncircle the wagons and profit continuously for being accomplices. Scum culties.

  2. I’m glad Jill is finding “her” voice and has begun to find herself. I hope she continues that and hope she soon realizes that’s she’s still under a man’s control. I’m curious if Jill holds the same thoughts/values as her husband, but she’s just not vocal like her husband, due to the backlash he’s received?

    I know what I was like in my marriage with my husband and his contril. I was young, both were. It aas hard after the divorce because I didn’t know who I was. THE BEST THING EVER IS FINDING YOURSELF without a man/woman/partner. Getting to know you. This also comes with life experiences.
    Do Jill have any friends, that’s not family or husband?

    I’m interested in this, but will only follow via The Ashley. I already know the story will be greater than the show.

  3. Oh great, let’s give Derrick a platform. Cause he’s such a better person than the Duggars and so credible.
    A transphobic and homophobic idiot with perv ideas that bullied an underaged girl online.
    Is this documentary about helping people by exposing a harmful cult or drama for ratings?
    It lost credibility for me with Derrick and Amy in it, two people that love attention a bit too much and have huge egos.

  4. No offense but the beats are not exactly an exemplary family either since he is a domestic abuser, abused his children and is a disgusting human being.

  5. Amy is a thirsty fame whore so I am sure she jumped at the chance to cash in on the Duggar name again.

  6. They´re a huge part of the whole saga. Before Anna, PervDuggar was courting their daughter Kaeleigh. She´s in the ice skating episode of the show.

    They testified against PervDuggar in the trial. When he committed the first crimes the Duggars went to Jim Holt to find IBLP help with another molester guy who Josh went to to serve out his penance. When his head was shaved. Early seasons of the show.

    But what Wynter is referring to is that Bobbye Holt was just granted two restraining orders against Jim Holt. There have been accusations of DV. Can´t say Im surprised.

  7. Oh FFS why did they let freaking Amy in this?! UGH.

    Side note it’s still wild to me that Jill of all the kids is the one speaking out. She was the favorite, the most perfect child, the Daddy’s girl, the one who tattled on the rest of the kids who did anything wrong, the goody-goody, and SHE is the one who is doing all this?! Just wild.

    Of course, sadly it’s really just b/c she’s following what her husband says and does now. If she was on her own or with a different guy who thought differently, she’d still be the perfect, obedient daughter and wife. So everyone’s like Go Jill, but really she’s still following the man’s lead. Just sad.

  8. I wonder if they will address the Holt family situation? Their family has literally fallen apart in recent months.

      1. Jim Holt is part of this documentary and apparently, speaks out against Jim Bob. A few months ago, his wife and son were granted a protection order from him. I am wondering if the documentary is going to be truthful with and about his recent behavior.

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