Josh Duggar’s Only Ex-Girlfriend Kaeleigh Holt Gives Her Thoughts On Josh Going To Prison For Over 12 Years

“Thank God I never became Joshy’s Girl…”

Kaeleigh Holt, the only ex-girlfriend of Josh Duggar, took to social media Wednesday to share her thoughts on her once future husband being handed a 151-month prison sentence after being convicted in December of receiving and possessing child sex abuse materials (CSAM). 

As The Ashley previously told you, the teenage romance and courtship between Josh and Kaeleigh was publicized during Josh’s trial in December when Kaeleigh’s mom, Bobye Holt, took the witness stand to discuss the details Josh and his parents had told her about him molesting four of his sisters and another girl as a teen. 

While on the stand, Bobye also spoke about Josh and Kaeleigh’s courtship–- which took place when the two were 14–- claiming she hoped her daughter and Josh would “get married,” but the parents ultimately decided to call off the courtship after learning of Josh’s molestations. 

Kaeleigh–- who appeared on the Duggar Family’s 2006 TLC special, 16 Children and Moving In (a precursor to 19 Kids and Counting)–- also opened up about her teenage relationship with the eldest Duggar in December, and following Josh’s sentencing this week, she took to Instagram to “share some thoughts” on the “last piece of the puzzle.”.

“Well, it’s sentencing day, the day we have been holding our breaths for for several months,” Kaeleigh said Wednesday in a lengthy Instagram Story. “ … I figured I might as well share some thoughts that I have about today. I know for us, it’s the last piece of the puzzle and all of us are exhaling after months in relief that it’s finally done … .

“My biggest thoughts go out to all the victims,” she continued. “Even though for us it might be a little bit of closure for all of us that are on the outside, but it’s gonna be life long for them, for Josh’s kids.” 

Kaeleigh said after looking up the age of Josh and wife Anna’s oldest daughter, Mackynzie, she realized “she’s exactly 12 years old and seven months– exactly what [Josh’s] sentencing was,” which she found to be “oddly significant.”

“He’s gonna be gone for half of her life,” Kaeleigh said. “Those kids don’t deserve that kind of father and it’s gonna be life-long therapy for them, and I hope they get it.” 

She went on to discourage others from being “busy bodies” or gossiping about the situation, and instead, pray for Josh’s children and the victims of CSAM.

“I just encourage you that when you guys stop and think about this sentencing today–- or years down the road [you] think about Josh in prison–- that you guys think about the kids and the victims and pray for them, cause it’s gonna be lasting for them,” she said. “It’s not going to be something they forget over a 12-year span like us … This is a very, very hard day. [A] very, very hard day for them.” 

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  1. Yes it is, I was molested by my brother, he took the easy way out during the process of going to federal prison, by hanging himself. He knew he didn’t stand a chance in there. He also molested his own children!!

  2. I’m so sad for all the victims and family! However, Josh not at all, I’m sorry he wasn’t stopped sooner by his parents! He’s lucky he didn’t get more time which he should have!

  3. The term “fundie” is just weird to me. It makes it seem like a “fun” group of people when we know it’s quite the opposite.

  4. I do feel terrible for his kids. Both of their parents don’t have any business having any kids. Their dad is a sick predator and their mom is a brainwashed nut job. I know Anna won’t get them the psychological help they will need because “god will fix it” or she will deny that there is even a problem (most likely). Obviously more than his kids, my heart breaks for those poor babies who were subjected to the most depraved, torturous acts. I just can’t wrap my head around how someone would even think to do that, let alone to defenseless kids.

    I hate humanity. Get me off this godforsaken planet.

  5. I know she is thanking her lucky stars she dodged that bullet…hopefully Anna will get a clue and divorce him, and more importantly keep those kids away from him. We all know he has no problem touching family members. Pervert.

    1. Yeah it sounds like her mom actually cared about her. Anna and her parents have already come out and said that they knew about his crimes as a teen but that he had prayed to God and was fixed. Smh

  6. I love how all these Duggars and Duggar adjacent idiots are telling us oh pray for his kids. It’s not my job to care about his kids, that’s Anna’s job and guess what they are screwed with her as a mother. Fuck that whole family.

  7. That was her long public statement.

    In her head….”Thank fucking GOD I didnt end up with that sweaty sex pest!”

    Kaleigh, you should have just gone with what was really in your head, we’d respect you so much more.

    1. I bet They’ll put him in segregation, he will be protected, the vile pos should be In General pop

    2. Yes, he will. The guards will make sure he doesn’t get shanked, simply to avoid lawsuits.

  8. All of Josh’s stuff aside, it is insane that these families are “promising” kids to each other at FOURTEEN years old. Sick effing religion. At 14 NO ONE should be thinking about marriage, and not only that, they aren’t even picking out their own spouses! They don’t even know what they want, what they are looking for, they don’t even know who their own selves are yet. A lot of 14 year olds aren’t even interested in the opposite sex yet! What a traumatic thing to do to your children.

    1. Former fundie here. At 14, we were making purity pledges and putting things in hope chests (a special box where you put things for your future home like dishes, quits, etc). It’s actually really common in circles like that for families to push kids of the same age together. It keeps the circles tighter so the next generation is just a little more strict than the last because they have that influence from both sides.
      Purity and marriage are really pushed on the kids from about 5th grade. It’s incredibly rare for them to not at least be engaged by age 22. Most of the kids I grew up with (we’re all in our early 30s now) got married and started families by age 22. It’s referred to as “ring by spring”. It’s meant to put pressure on the couples to at least be engaged by their senior spring semester of college. The granddaughter of my childhood pastor got married a couple years ago at age 19, which to me is kind of young but to them is right on time.
      I agree, it’s pretty messed up that this is even considered by the parents. But it’s also incredibly normal for them. They’re supposed to have as many kids as possible and to do that, you have to start young. And you can’t make babies unless you’re married. The belief system is so completely backwards and I really feel for those who are still stuck in it. I can only hope Anna’s kids can escape.

      1. While there is nothing wrong with finding a good partner, committing, then having kids..

        They arent finding a good partner! Theyre finding someone in their tiny sick circle who is just as messed up as they are.

        Nothing wrong with telling kids not to jump into bed with just anyone at any time, the purity thing is a lot. Maybe rename it to something less creepy and cringe. I hear purity, I think Jonas brother.

      2. Not making light of your fundie upbringing bc im sure there were lots of traumatic parts, but I’m glad you were at least allowed to go to college, sadly many fundie girls don’t have that option.

        1. In a lot of independent Baptist churches, girls can go to Bible college for things like music or administrative assistant. Most of them will admit to going strictly to find a husband. They want that MRS degree ? I rebelled hard and became an esthetician haha totally out of the realm of what’s “acceptable”. I do go to therapy every week because you’re right, there is a lot of trauma there. But for a lot of people who consider leaving, it’s not the brainwashing that keeps them in. It’s leaving the only community they know.

      3. Thank you for sharing some insider information. It’s twisted in my view But interesting to read what the fundamentals are. God help these children

        1. I feel that it’s important to share this info not just because it helps people better understand the mindset of these people, but also because more people need to know what’s really happening behind closed doors.
          Girls as young as 13 were told to compare their self worth to chewed gum if they had sex before marriage (no one wants used gum). So it only makes sense that Anna would stay when she’s been raised to believe things like that. I really feel bad for the kids that are involved in this mess and can only hope this cracks the door for them to leave in the future.

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