Jenelle Evans’ Rep Says the ‘Teen Mom’ Star “Hasn’t Been This Happy in a Very Long Time”; Predicts Jenelle Will Have a “Bright Future”

“My future’s so bright I have to wear shades…inside!”

Jenelle Evans is enjoying her time away from her estranged soulmate, David Eason.

The newly reinstated Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star— who booted her husband from their home on The Land back in February— received a protective order in court on Thursday that bars David from going near her or their home on The Land. According to Jenelle’s “rep” August Keen, Jenelle is thrilled and has “big things” in her future.

“Jenelle is excited to move forward with her life. She’s focused on her children, herself and her career,” August told People in a statement earlier this week.

“She expressed huge relief after the judge granted the restraining order,” he added. “She hasn’t been this happy in a very long time.”

“Look out Netflix and Amazon! Here comes Jenelle!”

August— who has been Jenelle’s manager/rep for more than a year— also stated that Jenelle has a lot of stuff planned for the near future, including her return to ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.’ (The show’s second season— which will feature Jenelle in some form— premieres May 30 on MTV.)

“Big things are already lined up for her and she looks forward to her bright future,” August told the magazine. “A lot of surprises [are] in store which can be seen on future episodes of ‘Teen Mom.'”

Of course, this is not the first time August has promised “big things” coming from Jenelle. Back in August 2022, Jenelle’s rep announced that Jenelle was working on a “dynamic new show” that was being picked up by a “major network.” At the time, August said that the show would revolve around Jenelle’s family (which included David at the time), and that everyone was going to be a part of it.

That “dynamic new show” didn’t happen, and Jenelle and August never spoke about it again.

“I said dynamic new LOW…which I accomplished, dude…”

That same month, Jenelle and August stated that Jenelle had been offered an opportunity on ‘Teen Mom’, but they turned it down, with August insinuating that MTV didn’t offer Jenelle enough money at the time. (The offer was for Jenelle and her mom Barbara Evans to appear on Teen Mom Family Reunion Season 2, which was the season featuring mothers and daughters.)

Anyway, earlier this month Jenelle took to X to tease the “big things” that are supposedly coming from her in the near future.

“There are very big projects I’m still working on other than being back on #TeenMom and cannot wait to share them with you all! I’m not stopping now!! it’s a secret tho,” Jenelle tweeted on May 9.

That same day, Jenelle also explained why she agreed to come back to ‘Teen Mom’ this time around.

“We are on better terms now and I actually got to look at the terms and talk about my contract vs my mom signing for me with no lawyer when I was 17,” Jenelle wrote on X. “They are a lot more organized and I’m very impressed with the changes the network has made!”

“These changes….are they in the room with us right now or…?”

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube; X)

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  1. Funny how her ‘rep’ has no posts on insta, and follows nobody but D-list (or lower) reality stars. I mean, Coltee Johnson, Loren Brovarnik, (not hating on Loren, but she’s a tad bit OOT)

  2. Indeed, he is referring to the bright street lamp above her on the corner where she will be standing dealing or buying drugs.

  3. Am I shitty because I can’t wait to see this bitch melt down again?

    Yeah. But at least I’m self aware haha

    1. Oh we’re getting a good “leave me alooooone!” or 2.
      If not, why even come back.
      If she’s not gonna deliver the goods, she might as well stay gone.

    2. It’s going to be so amazing the first time they push her to talk about her trainwreck of a life and she throws a temper tantrum because “they only show the negative, dude!”

  4. Um.. ok.

    But you didn’t answer the question about quitting OF..

    Why is everything a fkn secret? “ThE tRuTh WiLL cOmE oUt” head ass

  5. jenelle’s revenge meanwhile david thinks he’s getting back at her by having random women grind on him and recording it and inviting them back to his ex wife’s broken boat 😂😂

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