Kail Lowry Discusses Her Feud With Her ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Jenelle Evans & Gives Her Opinion On Jenelle’s New Homeschooling Venture

“Stick to your day job Jenelle….oh…wait…”

Following her initial comedic response to the news of her Teen Mom2 co-star Jenelle Evanslatest homeschooling venture, Kail Lowry took to her podcast this week to discuss her feud with Jenelle and elaborate on why she feels that Jenelle should stick to what she’s good at.

(Soo… picking terrible partners? Getting bad tattoos? Incorporating the word “dude” into every sentence? Avoiding jail time? Take your pick…)

As The Ashley recently told you, in addition to her ‘Teen Mom 2’ gig and hawking random products on Instagram, Jenelle is now homeschooling her 11-year-old stepdaughter Maryssa. The news of Jenelle’s fledging career as an educator was announced by Jenelle herself in a tweet where she called out Kail for “podcasting away” and tweeting alleged nonsense about her.

Shortly after Jenelle’s post, Kail posted a response knocking Jenelle’s inability to teach based on her recent “across/a crossed” snafu.

On this week’s episode of Kail’s Coffee Convos podcast, which she co-hosts with Lindsie Chrisley, Kail spoke more about her ongoing beef with Jenelle. She also addressed Jenelle’s claims that Kail and Lindsie are always bringing her up on their podcast.

“I guess, here and there, we mention Jenelle on the podcast,” Kail told Lindsie. “Personally, I feel like we discuss it and we move the f**k on. I don’t feel like we harp on it. If it’s something in the news, we talk about it, and that’s that.”

Kail went on to say that Jenelle had blocked her on social media, but continues to mention or allude to her in some of her posts. She reiterated that Jenelle’s name only comes up on her podcast when she’s “doing some dumb s**t” and making headlines.

“I don’t care about Jenelle or what she does,” Kail said. “If she’s making headlines, and we talk about it, that’s really it. I’m not sure why she continues to tweet about me. Both of us keep [the feud] going, but you can’t sit there and say that I can’t say stuff about you on the podcast, when you’re making these crazy videos, you’re doing… whatever you’re doing that’s obviously making headlines, so we’re going to talk about it.”

Kail advised Jenelle to not post “dumb s**t” on social media if she doesn’t want people to say anything about her.

She also said that if she cared more, she’d really let Jenelle have it.

“If she really wants me to talk about her … I can really, really rip into her. But I don’t because I really don’t give that much of a f**k.”

Last month, Jenelle wrote on Twitter that she doesn’t listen to Kail’s podcast.

“I have better things to do than listen to anyone’s podcasts, lol. It’s not my thing,” she tweeted.

Later in the podcast episode, Kail and Lindsie answered fans’ questions and Kail was asked for her opinion on Jenelle homeschooling Maryssa.

“I also do try not to talk about people’s kids, and I’m not against homeschooling,” Kail said. “However, I don’t know that Jenelle is in a place where she should be homeschooling anybody.”

Kail, who became enraged when another ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star, Briana DeJesus, talked about her kids on social media earlier this year, explained why this situation with Jenelle was different.

“I know I would get a ton of backlash because, if I talked about [Jenelle’s] kids the way Briana talked about my kids,” Kail said. “Let me just give a little preface on this, the context that Briana talked about my kids in, it would have been possible for people to start up an investigation and CPS to get involved for her making that kind of statement on social media, that was my whole thing.”

(In case you’re wondering, Kail is referring to this incident from May, when Briana wrote on Instagram that Kail’s third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, was physically abusive to Kail in front of her kids.)

Anyway, Kail explained that homeschooling can be a great option and she even went on to note the unique learning opportunities a homeschooled education can provide. However, as for the notion that Jenelle can successfully run such a program… Kail isn’t convinced.

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“I definitely think there are great ways to homeschool, I just, after knowing Jenelle for 10 years, do I think that she is a good candidate? No, I don’t,” Kail said. “That’s how I feel.”

Listen to the full episode of Coffee Convos below!

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  1. If she honestly thinks that obtaining a scuba diving certificate is so hard than she really should not be homeschooling anyone. I have an advanced scuba diver certificate, which means I have taken three different tests, regular (which is what she has), intermediate, and advanced, and hard is not how I would describe it. The hardest thing I remember having to do is staying at 100 feet for several minutes, but that has nothing to do with the course work.

  2. I am disappointed in Jail. She used to be my favorite. I thought she had the most potential, however as time has gone on, she has proven time and again that she is petty and holds on to b.s. The more children she has, the less mature she is. Kail baby, you really shouldn’t be throwing shade at anyone. You are, IN no way, better than Janelle in anyway. At least she is real. Kail, your FAKE AF.

    1. Are you saying Jenelle is real? JENELLE? You either haven’t seen any TM after season 1 or any of her social media posts, or you’re a troll. Nobody thinks JENELLE is real. Nobody.

  3. While both are hot messes, I would trust Kail to home school my kid before Jenelle. Kail is absolutely right, Jenelle has no business home schooling ANYBODY…Unless the classes are “How to Roll the Perfect Blunt”, or “How to Avoid Ever Being Held Responsible for Your Actions”, Jenelle’s not qualified to teach shit.

  4. Not just save Kaiser, SAVE MARYSSA! Regardless of how I feel about Kail (she has no room to talk but at least she provides her children proper education!), she is spot on about Jenelle homeschooling. Like…….even a homeless person on the street would teach Maryssa better than she can. (And I believe mostly “school’s out” anyway because I’m sure Jenelle is rather being high (or trying out for a new baby….cringe) than actually teach her something).

  5. they all need to grow up they’re not 16 anymore but i do think kail is right and y’all can say whatever y’all want about her but she is honestly a great mother, her kids are so sweet and respectful and you don’t see them calling their mother a piece of shit

  6. Not really sure how Jenelle’s stunts, dumb or not, is even relevant and needs to be discussed on her podcast. And I don’t even like Jenelle…

  7. Kailyn needs to worry about her own drama, her life isn’t so perfect. She’s disgusting, having kids with different guys, and she puts Jenelle down, she sure isn’t a great role model!

  8. I don’t understand why anyone would take advice from kail. Kails life isn’t perfect either. Kail is now talking about asking one of her baby daddy’s for sperm. Even dr drew said it wasn’t a good idea. Jenelle has a lot of problems but so does kail. Kail shouldn’t talk about any of the teen moms when her life is a hot mess.

    1. Kail and Jenelle are bad in a night and day way. Kail sometimes makes bad choice and she is not anyone I would ever want to spend time with. However, I do not fear for the life of her kids. I sometimes wonder on her choices, but at the end of the day I have little doubt in my mind that Kail loves her children. I cannot say the same for Jenelle. Jenelle is vile. She lets her spouse abuse her kids and puts them in dangerous situations continuously and without remorse. I fear for the headline that Kaiser has died due to the treatment given to him by Jenelle’s racist and homophobic manchild. These are worries I have never had with Kail.

    2. Kail and Jenelle are on completely different levels. I could make a list of 200 reasons why. But I know you aren’t going to listen to reason re: anything to do with Kail though, because you hate her so much for some reason. But really, there is no comparison.

  9. Oh come on, Jenelle is a perfect candidate, she has a high school diploma, she took a medical assistant course (just didn’t pass the test) but most importantly, she has her scuba certificate!
    She explained how haaaard that scuba certificate was to obtain. She must be a good teacher cause her student also got her scuba certificate.
    Now Jenelle and Dave can take her to the docks and teach her everything they know. Scraping will be her gym time and Jenelle can teach her how to stretch her legs. Many boat owners remember Jenelle really had the Eagle wide position down to perfection. /s

    1. If she honestly thinks that obtaining a scuba diving certificate is so hard than she really should not be homeschooling anyone. I have an advanced scuba diver certificate, which means I have taken three different tests, regular (which is what she has), intermediate, and advanced, and hard is not how I would describe it. The hardest thing I remember having to do is staying at 100 feet for several minutes, but that has nothing to do with the course work.

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