‘Jersey Shore’ Star Angelina Pivarnick Arrested & Charged with Assault, Obstruction & More; Angelina’s Lawyer Says “Minor” Incident Was Due to Bad Reaction to Meds

“Is there any possible way I can blame Sammi’s TikTok for this?”

Angelina Pivarnik is experiencing her own version of “GTL”: Gym, Laundry, Legal Issues.

The Sun broke the news on Wednesday that the Jersey Shore Family Vacation star was arrested Sunday night at her New Jersey home. The MTV show’s resident “Dirty Little Hamster” was charged with Simple Assault, Criminal Mischief, Obstructing the Administration of Law, and Resisting Arrest. 

According to The Sun, Angelina didn’t actually have to make a trip to the Monmouth County jail, though, as she was “released on  summons and given a ticket due to the degree of the crime.”

Other than confirming that a municipal summons was issued to Angelina on June 2– and a confirmation of her charges— the local police department has been unwilling to share any information with the media about what happened. TMZ reports that the police refused to provide details on the incident that caused the arrest, stating that “the nature of whatever happened at Angelina’s house is under wraps and they’re not able to disclose.” (The Ashley has also been unable to obtain details.)

Interestingly, this is a similar response The Ashley received while investigating another incident that reportedly went down at Angelina’s house in March involving Angie and her live-in fiancé Vinny Tortorella. The Freehold Township declined to release info on that event as well, with a representative for the police department telling The Ashley “This event rises to the level of a criminal
investigatory record and is exempt from release under OPRA [Open Public Records Act].”

The, um, “happy” couple…

While the police department is not talking, Angelina’s attorney, James Leonardis. In an interview with TMZ, he stated that what happened at Angie’s place was not a big deal and that Angelina was having a bad reaction to her meds.

“This is nothing more than a very minor incident that was exacerbated by an adverse reaction to prescribed over-the-counter medication,” he told the site. “We look forward to resolving this matter favorably and putting it behind us. Angelina is home resting and has no further comment at this time.”

When you’re trying to figure out how a medication is both “over-the-counter” and “prescribed.”

Angelina’s attorney also pointed out that, had what happened been more serious, she wouldn’t have been charged on a municipal summons. 

Angelina has a court date scheduled for July. As of press time, Vinny has no pending charges from the incident on June 2, and he and Angelina are currently following each other on Instagram.

Angelina has not yet spoken publicly about her arrest.

The Ashley will update this story when more info becomes available. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

18 Responses

  1. Angelina needs to get rid of Vinny and get the help that she needs. How will she feel when she doesn’t have her house anymore?

  2. I’m just speculating, but Angelina’s been having a lot of personal/emotional issues lately. Maybe she’s been started on some antipsychotics, antidepressants…etc and a combination of those types of meds.

    It could also explain why Vin and Angelina are still following each other.

      1. She might have been recently diagnosed with a mental disorder (im trying to assume the best and maybe there was some truth to the statement) .

        Mental health issues,like borderline and bipolar, are not usually diagnosed right away.

        It’s about trial and error with the types of meds to treat mental health conditions especially with one’s where it’s normal to take a combination of meds.

  3. She needs some serious mental help. This is clearly visible to all . Especially me the man who she recently threw under her bus on her platform saying i wanted her money after she met me 4 months before. lol . Her job should get her the mental help she desperately needs and they should get her. Instead of worrying about views and money

    1. I don’t think that’s the case. It’s says it was a prescribed over the counter medication. That usually means like allergy meds. I’m pretty sure this is just another excuse for her bad behavior.

    1. Ibuprofen is an over-the-counter medication that can be prescribed in higher doses. There actually ARE some medications that are available over-the-counter at lower doses.

  4. Adverse effect 😂 what a joke. Couldn’t of happen to nicer person. Got the same lawyer as Teresa from jersey. don’t sound like minor charges to me.

    1. @owen ~ yep, i noticed that too re: the giudice lawyer. is this guy’s entire clientele reality ‘stars’ from NJ?

      1. Jersey girl here. He has represented some mobsters (prob lower level ones) in the past also. Not just reality “stars”…😂😂😂

  5. Ok not to defend the statements legibility – I was prescribed a medicine that you can also get over the counter. This was because if it was prescribed my insurance paid for it partially and my copay wasn’t as expensive as buying over the counter but if I wasn’t prescribed it then my insurance wouldn’t pay for it. Once the over the counter price came down to the same as my copay my doctor stopped prescribing but told me I should continue it. They probably wanted to emphasize that because it was prescribed but also available over the counter then it isn’t a controlled substance.

    1. Like Loratadine, aka Claritin.
      Yeah, I see that.

      However, she probably wasn’t high on allergy meds.

      1. Yeah – that was just my experience example but as others have mentioned dosage can be the difference between otc and prescription such as painkillers and then there is lithium comes in formulations that are prescription and formulations that are over the counter. Quite a few of which should not be mixed with alcohol – doing so could cause erratic behavior.

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