Surprise! “90 Day Fiance’ Star Kalani Faagata Has Given Birth to a Daughter with Boyfriend Dallas Nuez

“One thing about me…I’m gonna get pregnant.”

Kalani Faagata dropped a bomb on the 90 Day Fiancé fandom on Tuesday when she (and her boyfriend Dallas Nuez) announced that they recently welcomed a baby girl.

“Meet our daughter,” Kalani and Dallas captioned a photo of a baby girl that was jointly posted to Instagram.

Kalani went public with her relationship with Dallas in November 2023—after she and her now-ex-husband Asuelu Pulaa appeared on 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort. However, Kalani and Dallas (who was formerly known as “Hall Pass Guy”) began dating the year before. Kalani has been secretive about Dallas, not revealing his face on social media— while also hiding the fact that she was pregnant from her social media followers.

“Damn you did a good job hiding your pregnancy congratulations,” one person commented on the post.


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 “Had to keep my baby safe from stress,” Kalani replied. 

(Kalani’s most-recent Instagram photos do, indeed, show her hiding her stomach in various ways.)


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Several “90 Day Fiance” alum sent their well wishes to the new parents.

“Congratulations so beautiful. God bless your princess,” wrote Annie Suwan.

“Aww congratulations to you guys,” wrote Annie’s husband David Toborowsky.

This is the third child for Kalani (who shares two sons with Asuelu), and the first for Dallas. Kalani and Dallas have not yet revealed their little girl’s name or birth details. 

In the time since ‘Last Resort’ aired, Kalani has caught a lot of flak from viewers who accused her of cheating on Asuelu with Dallas. During an Instagram Q&A in March, Kalani addressed the fans who accused her of being unfaithful to her husband, explaining that, although it played out on TV like she cheated, that wasn’t what happened in “real life.” 

“I didn’t cheat,” Kalani said. “In my actual real life, which is what we’re going to address right now, OK? Everything went bad with my marriage [in] November of 2022– [I] dipped, immediately, because I had had enough at that point– and then after, [I] met Dallas.

“So, two separate men, two separate times,” she continued. “Never at the same time, because I don’t cheat. I’m not a cheater.”

“Wish I could say the same…”

Kalani went on to state that, while she “gets” why people may assume she cheated on Asuelu, that wasn’t the case. 

“It’s just f**king annoying to get harassed about like every single day,” she added. “Again, I understand, but in my actual life, I didn’t f**king cheat. I’m not a wh0re, thank you so much.” 

Kalani went on to clarify what viewers saw on “90 Day: The Last Resort” regarding the episode  she left the resort-– where she had been staying in a room separate from Asuelu–- to go meet up with her “side man” (aka Dallas), after he traveled to Florida to visit her off-camera. 

“ … I went to Florida [to film ‘Last Resort’] in January 2023– I was with one person at the time,” she said, referring to Dallas, not Asuelu. 

Asuelu has yet to comment on the birth of Kalani’s daughter.

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12 Responses

  1. She didn’t owe anyone anything if she chose not to share her pregnancy that’s her perogative. Maybe she wanted some privacy. I don’t think Dallas is too keen on the spotlight, so maybe he didn’t want it all over socials etc?
    Either way, they seem happy & the kids are happy so I hope she’s found the right person for her. Asuelu needs to be paying some form of child support to Kalani & if he’s not I hope he sorts that out soon. Hopefully he still sees his sons & has kept the bond.

  2. Are she and Asuelu actually divorced? Does he pay any child support for his 2 boys? Does Kahlani even use her brain? The baby is adorable but she will grow and how many more kids will Kahlani have to fulfill the emptiness within herself. The entire hall pass thing was utterly stupid. Asuelu is in the words of Archie Bunker, “a meathead” and Kahlani is not far behind.

  3. Trap baby extraordinaire. Someone please explain to her you can get/keep a man without getting knocked up.

  4. She’s just gross… close your legs, get a job and pay for the kids. You already have instead of living off your parents like the extra large piece of trash that you are…. Shes literally the Kailyn of teen mom for this show

      You used some words that should not be spoken to or about another woman🤦🏾‍♀️
      I’m shocked 😳

  5. Okay, so that baby is SO cute! Not sure why she hasn’t learned yet to use protection, but I hope she’s happy with Dallas. Her and Asuelu were just a hot mess basically from the beginning

  6. I’ll say one thing, that is the cutest newborn picture I have ever seen.

    Everything else seems messy.

  7. OK, I HOPE SHE IS HAPPY, THAT IS REALLY WHAT COUNTS. Glad she has found happiness. The best to her and her family.

  8. I’m not shocked because people have been asking or suspecting that she was pregnant which she vehemently denied. Almost too much so I was pretty sure she was. Why anyone cares either way is beyond me.

    In other news does anyone else see all of these kids from different reality shows getting older and in turn makes you feel even older? Like when did her boys get so big?! The teen mom kids are learning to drive.🤯

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