It’s a Girl! “90 Day Fiancé” Couple Citra Herani & Sam Wilson Welcome Their First Child

“We’ve spawned!”

Another 90 Day Fiancé baby has arrived! 

Citra Herani and Sam Wilson, who appeared on Season 10 of the TLC series, became parents this week after welcoming a baby girl. 

According to In Touch, Citra and Sam’s daughter arrived Monday, June 17. 

Citra shared a video to TikTok of her at the hospital (set to a song by Wilderado with the lyrics “Oh my God I’m having a baby…”) and later shared a photo to Instagram Stories showing Sam standing next to their newborn baby.

Citra shared a photo to her Instagram Story earlier this week of her sister holding the newborn, joking that her sister’s presence meant that she and Sam had a “free babysitter.” 

Sam and Citra have not yet revealed their daughter’s name. 

On Season 10 of “90 Day Fiancé,” viewers watched as Citra moved from Indonesia to Sam’s hometown in Missouri, where she later learned of Sam’s past legal issues. 

During an episode that aired in December, Sam explained that while on a business trip with a coworker, he was pulled over by the cops, after which, officers discovered that he was carrying Suboxone. Sam described the drug as “kind of” an opiate that helped with withdrawal symptoms, claiming that because the drug was not in a prescription bottle, he was arrested. 

According to Starcasm, Sam was arrested in March 2023 for felony possession of cocaine (which was later dropped), felony possession of buprenorphine and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia charges. Sam went on to post a $2,500 bail and was released from jail the following day. A judge later offered Sam the option to avoid time behind bars by completing a diversion program that would require him to attend classes and undergo drug tests; however, he missed the deadline to apply. 

“I could be facing jail time,” he revealed on the show. “So, Citra knows about my addiction and the arrest, but she doesn’t know that me missing my deadline for the diversion [program] could mean jail time.” 

Sam’s diversion was ultimately granted in October 2023, less than a month after he and Citra tied the knot. 

The couple revealed during the Season 10 Tell-All episode in March that they were expecting their first child. They went on to share the news on social media. 

“We’re having a baby!!” Citra told followers in March. “It’s been so hard keeping this secret for the past few months!! We are so excited to finally share that baby Wilson is coming in June 2024. We are so unbelievably happy. I literally feel like my heart could EXPLODE!! September 2023 is full of love for both of us.

“ … We got married, we celebrated our birthdays together and I got pregnant at the end of September … ,” she continued. “We have been together for 3.5 years this is the season of our lives we have been waiting for and it’s finally here!” 

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC) 


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    1. Agreed. She could do so much better than him. I dunno, something about Citra just does it for me. She is beautiful, smart, kind, and just has a good vibe. I feel bad she ended up with a fentyhead convict from a flyover state that only thinks about banging and drugs. I am certainly no prize myself, but damn she could do so much better. And yes Sam looks like the weirdo hot tub mom from the previous season. The thing that bothers me the most is that shaky voice and his grabbiness like a 12 year old. But that is probably about where he functions mentally. Hope time has turned things around for him although last I herd he had cheated on her already. Just sucks. I like Citra unlike many of the obvious golddiggers, trap baby havin, insta thots that usually appear on the show. I wish Citra and the baby happiness and good health.

      1. I didn’t google extensively but from what I read, no. He is a male. I obviously also though the same thing lol.

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