Amber Portwood’s Engagement to Gary Wyat Has Officially Ended; ‘Teen Mom’ Star’s Past Reportedly Contributed to the Split

“There aren’t too many gals who can say they’ve had broken engagements with MULTIPLE Garys!”

It’s the news that absolutely everyone saw coming: Amber Portwood‘s engagement to Gary “Gary 2.0” Wyat has ended.

Us Weekly broke the news Tuesday night that the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star officially “took of the ring” that Gary had given her when he proposed recently

“They’ve decided that it’s over between them and their engagement is off,” the magazine’s source stated. “They have too much to overcome to move forward together.

“It’s the best thing,” the source added. “She is sad and she cares about him, but she is willing to see that he is not the right guy for her. She wants to be with someone who accepts her fully.”

“I just need to find a Gary who can handle a ‘rill’ woman!”

Fans of the show had been following the ‘Teen Mom’-meets-true-crime saga earlier this month when Gary 2.0 went missing after attending the wedding of Amber’s brother Shawn Portwood in North Carolina. Days later, Amber tearfully begged fans for prayers for her fiancé, who stormed out of their vacation rental without his phone and took off without contacting her or his family. The search for Gary lasted several days– with Gary even being officially listed as a missing person in North Carolina— before Gary was spotted in Oklahoma and New Mexico. He later called police to let them know he was “missing” by choice and wasn’t in danger. 

Last week, it was reported that Amber had not spoken to Gary since he ghosted her, so the engagement was still technically on. However, on Tuesday, Us Weekly reported that the pair has since communicated in some way and decided to break things off. 

“[There has] been some closure,” the source said, insisting that Gary is “not ghosting” Amber. 

All of our faces as we read that last line….

As The Ashley previously reported, Amber went Live with YouTuber Elle Bee after Gary was reported missing and denied having anything to do with his disappearance, stating that they had a “wonderful relationship.” She did admit, however, to getting into an “emotional discussion” while in North Carolina after Shawn’s wedding. Amber claimed the discussion was mostly about Gary’s family being unhappy that he was engaged to “Amber from ‘Teen Mom.'”

“It was emotional, because it has something to do with the fact of his parents being Vietnamese, and me being who I am and stuff like that,” Amber said at the time. “It had nothing to do with us personally, OK? This is the only thing that happened. He was very upset about this, I was upset.”

Us Weekly reports that Gary’s family did, in fact, get upset about the engagement after they Googled Amber and read about her past antics (which, as ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, include prison time, several arrests for domestic battery, and multiple broken engagements, among other things.) 

“I mean, the fact that she was also engaged to me is reason enough to make ol’ 2.0 dump her!”

“[The engagement news] created some family tension,” the magazine source stated. “Gary’s family was looking her up online and looking at her past and not everything they saw online was true. And it was hard for Amber because she’s been trying so hard to move past it and move forward.”

Amber insisted that she is a changed woman during her interview with Elle Bee while Gary was missing.

“Before you even say it at the Reunion, Dr. Drew, my man ‘picker’ works just fine!”

“I am not what people have been saying about me all of these years. I changed a long time ago, OK?” she said. “You guys have to understand this. Please listen to what I’m saying. I’m an honest person to you guys.”

She also stressed that she and Gary were not violent with one another during their relationship. 

“ … We have not had explosive fights,” she said. “We are very in love. This man asked me to be with him. This man asked me to marry him. I have not touched this man in any horrible way. He does not touch me in any horrible way. We do not yell at each other. We have a wonderful relationship, please understand this. People change.” 

“So there’s that..”

Amber has not yet spoken out publicly about her split from Gary 2.0; however, it’s almost certainly going to be a storyline for the next season of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.’ Gary has also yet to speak out about what happened between him and Amber. 

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39 Responses

  1. Amber as not changed at all she can say it as much as she likes.
    She’s still disrespectful to her daughter and others in her life and still blames everyone else instead of taking responsibility for her actions.
    She needs a therapist and get help for herself and they will point out her flaws and get her to work on them.
    Then she needs to work on her relationships with her children.
    Then work on her communication with her children’s dads.
    And stay single until the above issues are solved.

  2. The fact that Gary didn’t even go home when he left shows there’s something wrong even between him with his own family. No way he never knew about her past. He got his little bit of fame. Amber will never get away from her past but glad they’re not moving forward and continuing with the relationship. Shady situation AF. We all know his issues wth is up with him though. In report comments people he went to school with said he pulled the disappearing act back in 2017/2018z

  3. This whole “relationship” feels like the Teen Mom version of click bait. And we are all here commenting, so maybe it’s working! My only defense for myself is that I stopped watching the actual show.

  4. Amber is never going to have a successful relationship because Amber needs to work on herself before she goes looking for the next d**k to jump on. She gets engaged like some people change their clothes, fast and often. We have all watched for years her destroy everything and everyone around her, even her own kids, because of her mental health problems. If she truly was a good Mom, she would shut the f**k up, get off the show, and go get some inpatient counseling. Instead, she wants to keep using her mental health issues as an excuse to be a shitty person and Mom.

  5. Hopefully she learns not to bother with getting engaged or married after this many failed relationships.

  6. What Gary’s family found about Amber online is 100% true and that’s why he ran for the hills LMFAO

  7. If these two couldn’t make it work, there’s no hope for the rest of us.

  8. Bigbacked Gary 1.0 needs to get a real job instead of subjecting Leah to Ambers abuse for a storyline. Bigbacked, jobless, Gary 1.0 needs a job.

    1. So all you got from this article were thoughts to bash Gary, the one person who has been a great parent to Leah while Amber has been a mess. Odd take.

      1. Great parent haha. His bigbacked self would rather force Leah to be around abusive Amber for a storyline than to get off the couch and get a job. His wife is also jobless.

        1. Seems like the only term you can come up with is ‘big backed’ & have nothing substantial to add to the conversation. Go troll elsewhere.

          1. @kails5th ~ ikr? seems like SOMEONE just learned a new, super hurtful (hah) ‘insult’ and is excited to show it off. how cute. 🙄🤣🙃

        2. Is that you amber?? For your information, Gary has lost weight. Seeing how you have a shit poor attitude. I can guarantee he’s a better person that you. You sound like my 9 year old daughter calling someone “big backed” or whatever stupid shit you’re spouting. He doesn’t “force” Leah to be around amber. He’s trying to encourage a healthy relationship between them, but amber won’t allow it. She’s too selfish and narcissistic to ever see the problems she creates.

          1. Amber, Gary, and Kristina, are three jobless losers. Gary exploits Leah’s period, birth control usage, and Amber abusing her all because he won’t get off the couch and find a job. Gary is a lazy bum just like most of the other people on that show.

        3. Kristina is in nursing school & the last I heard which may be wrong now, but Gary has many rental properties and is working in LE.

          1. If Gary was such a good dad he’d take Leah off the show just like the other moms did with outside sources of income like Kail and Chelsea. Gary is lazy and so is his wife. Both of them are jobless bums who exploit Leah for a paycheck. Obese Gary also started dating Amber when she was 15 and he was 19. Not only is Gary a bum but he’s also a creep:)

        4. Christina just finished nursing school and I think Gary is a Indiana Police Officer. (Google)

    2. What a fucking troll. Gary is employed. And Kristina works in the medical field. If you’re going to bash people, at least have accurate information.

        1. He is absolutely not. He’s a police volunteer.
          He owns and manages several properties next to that. And he sold produce from their garden in the past years. Not sure wether he still bakes cookies for sale

    3. Gary has a load of house he rents out and works with the police,not sure the capacity, i think he’s actually a police officer but could be incorrect, but definitely police related.

    4. He works for his local police department and is heavily invested in flipping, selling and renting them. He’s one of the only ones who actually work. Your brain is leaking…

      1. Gary is so lazy he can’t even flip from one side of the couch to the other! Gary and Kristina force Leah to have a relationship with abusive Amber for a storyline. Without Amber they have no income. Gary is a pathetic and exploitive father.

        1. And without Kristina, Leah has no mom. You keep repeating the same shit over and over. Nobody f’n cares what you think. Leah is old enough that she can decide for herself whether or not to see amber. She obviously wanted her at the bday party. Then typical amber, goes f’n crazy because it’s always about her. You have no idea what Gary does all day. What I do know is that he’s being a parent, unlike amber. The only thing you keep doing is fat shaming Gary. That’s the kind of stuff people do when they have no other way to insult someone.

  9. I’ve changed I’ve changed. But yet in a recent episode that was taped what six months ago you gaslit the hell out of your teenage daughter, made her cry on her birthday, and treated her father like shit. You’ve changed??

    1. She doesn’t care about her daughter. Thankfully Leah has Christina who I am sure is a great mom to her. I wonder if she will behave the same to James once he gets older or is only like this to Leah cuz she looks just like her…

  10. Just goes to show that Amber will deny so hard she believes her own lies. I mean she was late for her daughter’s bday ON VIDEO and she still was like “I’m not late.” She’s got delujenelle syndrome

  11. Amber didn’t call of the engagement. Gary literally placed out and drive 800 miles to get away from her psychotic ass. I guess she can pretend that she called off the engagement to save face. She will just find a new guy to abuse.

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