EXCLUSIVE! Amber Portwood Breaks Up with Fiance Matt Baier After He Fails Lie Detector Test

“Say WHAT?”

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood may have finally given her fiance, Matt Baier, the boot!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that some major drama went down on Wednesday evening while Matt and Amber were in Los Angeles together. Things ended with Amber reportedly putting Matt on a plane back to Indiana solo, with instructions to pack his stuff and get out of her house before she returns from LA.

(Whether or not Matt did go home remains to be seen. He could still be lurking around LA.)

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Amber has been growing suspicious of Matt for the last several weeks, (starting when a phone call was leaked by a woman Matt allegedly had a relationship with on the side), but things really came to a head when members of Amber’s inner circle confronted her with new information about Matt allegedly cheating on her. Matt, of course, denied any wrongdoing.

Amber was reportedly so upset by the new information that she demanded Matt take a polygraph test to prove that he hadn’t cheated on Amber (or attempted to cheat on Amber).

Yes, it sounds unbelievable but….it definitely happened.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Matt allegedly did not pass all of the questions, including certain important ones regarding cheating. Amber was so upset that she sent him away.

Amber has remained in Los Angeles over the past few days. On Thursday, she appeared on the podcast of Susan Pinsky (wife of Dr. Drew Pinsky) and got several psychic readings on-air. She was alone during the podcast, which was different than any of the other interviews she did over the course of the week, prior to the lie detector test be taken.

During the podcast, there are a few moments when Amber seems to hint that something is astray in her relationship, but she does not go into specifics. She states that she has things in the works but she has had to procrastinate on them “for a reason.” The psychics encourage her to “stand her ground” and Amber hints that the “reason” has to do with loyalty.

Around the 29:00 mark, Amber discusses her relationship with Matt in the past tense.

“We were engaged for a couple of years, and we had a venue set up for a wedding October 13,” Amber says. “Some things have happened over the last couple days so I don’t know.”

The psychics tell her that Matt is going to try to get her back, and she confirms that he already is.

“We were together three years. I can’t say we’re together right now and I can’t say we aren’t together right now,” Amber says. “It’s a weird situation. I can say is he went home yesterday and I am here.”

Over the past few days, Amber has quietly deleted most of the photos of Matt off of her social media accounts, which is also telling.

UPDATE! Matt has spoken out about the story, confirming that The Ashley’s report that he took a lie detector test. However he denies that he and Amber have broken up. Amber, too, denies that she has given Matt the boot…for now.

I absolutely did take a lie detector test to once and for all prove to everybody I’ve never been unfaithful to Amber,” Matt told The Dirty.

(That statement is not true. Back in April 2015, Amber herself revealed that Matt had cheated on her. “Every man I give my heart to uses me and cheats on me,” she tweeted at the time, even tagging Matt on Twitter. “We’re going to try to work it out.” )

Anyway, here’s more of Matt’s statement:

“Yes, this stuff takes its toll on people….Amber and I have been through an awful lot worse for the last three years. We’re constantly battling outside forces who try to inject themselves into our relationship.”

“As of now, we are not broken up,” Amber told the site.

The Ashley has reached out to Amber to get her side of the story, and will update this again if more information becomes available.

(Photos: MTV)



  1. Amber… You lie to yourself. You know Matt is a liar.. He’s controlling.. And a talker.. Car salesman from a trailerpark to be exact.. That’s his image. You keep sweeping this stuff under the rug you will get fat, depressed and broke because honey he used you and you fell for it. Duh

  2. Holy the crap, don’t get our hopes up like that and then dash them, Amber. Look, even if Matt wasn’t the sketchy toll that he definitely is, he comes with far, FAR too much baggage (I don’t really mean his kids, I mean the absolute logistics of trying to manage relationships with all of these kids, the moms, the families, and everything else he comes with. His past). Seriously. Use this moment to take a step back and think. Think of it as trying to force Cinderella to put on this really cramped, very ugly shoe. With a heel missing. When all of the world (those of it that watch Teen Mom) are telling you NONONONONONO…(And probably your family and friends, too, huh?) Listen, babe. We’re watching from an objective place, and we’re seeing things that perhaps you are too close to see.

  3. this girls life is like an episode of Maury….she needs to wise up and get rid of him once and for all….but Ambers the type to go out and find someone worse…..

  4. Amber you need to run and far away from him. He has been lowing for months and mooching off you for way to long. You will be better without him for sure.

    Xxxxxxxx. Oooooooooo

  5. omg Amber PLEASE go with your gut. She KNOWS it’s not right. I do have to give her credit for postponing the wedding last year even though she knew the media would be all over it. And I liked on a recent Teen Mom episode when she stood up to him about it being her car vs. his car and the whole money thing – she said a few things in front of others that surprised me. I just wish she’d put an end to it altogether.
    I know she wants to feel stable in a long-term relationship, but it’s better to be single than be in a bad situation. Plus, there’s zero chemistry between them. Watch her with Gary – all flirty and joking. With Matt she’s just — there. Like brother and sister or like an old married couple. She’s too young for that crap. She needs to get out and find someone that gives her butterflies again. You only live once, don’t settle Amber!!!

  6. Why on earth would you go through all these hoops (and do it publicly, I might add) of getting a lie detector test, talking about it on multiple podcasts, etc. if you are going to turn around and say “we’re still together?” I honestly think that Amber is so afraid of herself and all the times that she “can’t get out of bed” and hopelessly depressed that she will never kick Matt out. And she’s terrified of looking even more stupid than she already does on a daily basis. Her family needs to whisk her away from him for at least a month to get perspective.

  7. I’m sure this will be downvoted a bunch, but if they are broken up, I feel a little (very very little) bad for Amber. Even though he was Sir Creeps-a-lot and a freeloading dirtball, he did seem to keep her more focused on being a better mom to Leah (not amazingly focused, not mom of the year, but better than she was).

    I just hope she doesn’t go down a terrible spiral and leaves Leah in the dust as she goes on to make more bad life choices.

    1. More focused than……..when she wasn’t on drugs? Sure. When she first got out of jail and wasn’t dating this mongoose, she was plenty focused on Leah. He’s diverted her attention.

      1. My theory is based on, because Gary flat out rejected her, she was probably going to go back on the drug path and Sir Creepy managed to at least keep her off drugs. It wasn’t perfect by any stretch, but it could have been so so so much worse.

  8. What’s incredibly sad here is Amber seems to have never been truly “single”. Even when in prison, she was sure she was walking back to Gary’s loving arms. She simply doesn’t love herself enough to know that she could do so much better. What a sad thing.

    1. How can she do better? She is a lazy, stupid and selfish. She can’t even be a good mom. She is a drug addict who can’t even define “clean” properly since she still drinks. She does nothing to better herself. Who would want her? Matt is as good as she can get and she knows that. She could be alone. That would be better- but she can’t stand to be alone so that will never happen.

  9. I’m confused. So many things happened and she was like “Okay, people will tell.” (although it was true!) but when she makes him take a lie detector test, is where she draws the line?! I’m gone for a day and this is what happens?! I sincerely hope she ditched him for good and gets her life and soberness back on track.

    1. Accidentally unliked this comment but completely meant to like it it the mistake was driving me crazy

  10. Girl if you have to have your man take a lie detector test, that is no kind of man worth having. Run amber….fast and don’t look back.

  11. I was so proud of Amber for like .05 seconds until she said they were still together. She’s either blind to his behavior because she’s afraid to be without him or is too proud & stubborn to dump him after she defended his manipulative bullshit for so long. I think Matt is an opportunist & a sociopath & took full advantage of an insecure girl on TV that was fresh out of prison. He gave me a sketchy predator vibe from day 1 & she should’ve hit the bricks after he hid his congregation of children from her. FFS, GROW A SPINE & DITCH THIS DECREPIT OLD DOUCHE ALREADY, AMBIE. You’re out here lookin’ foolish.

  12. Of course he’s trying to get back with her…thats his meal ticket and a life free from responsibility courtesy of MTV and Amber.
    Thank goodness she didn’t marry him! There was something about him that always made my skin crawl. Cudos to Gary for not letting his daughter spend much time with Amber and Matt. Smart thinking Gary?

  13. If they do split (here’s to hoping) I wonder who gets to keep the litter of dogs and the “Mamber” Corvette?

  14. CLUE: When all available information indicates that a guy has always been a parasite, then the guy is a parasite! Could it get any more simple? No, it can’t. More generally, the most obvious scenario is the one that’s most likely to be true.

  15. So what she told Mrs doctor ‘Pinksky’ was either to get attention or she shared TMI about her relationship. Classy as usual.

  16. Umh…..I question this whole story. Why would Matt jeopardize his status as a TV reality star with Amber? He receives a good paycheck from MTV. Doesn’t he also have a book coming out? That being said, even if Amber told him to leave, I have a feeling that she would take him back. He has a way with words with her. She knew his history from the beginning and always sticks up for him.

    1. I believe he’s actually so full of himself, and willing to do just about anything for money he doesn’t have to actually work to earn, that he’d take a lie detector test. If someone offered him money and/or publicity, I can see him doing that.

  17. They will never break up. He is too good of a manipulator. He will always find some way to weezle his way out of everything he gets in trouble for. She has the whole world telling her that Matt is no good and she still doesn’t see it. Amber is so brainwashed by that guy. It’s unbelievable.

  18. OMG girl, finally. Get rid of that slimeball once and for all! I just really hope that Maury Povitch was there with the lie detector test because that would just be icing on the whole thing.

  19. UPDATE! Matt has spoken out about the story, confirming that The Ashley’s report that he took a lie detector test. However he denies that he and Amber have broken up. Amber, too, denies that she has given Matt the boot…for now.

    Lol. Of course. Saw it coming.

  20. Why would she send him home to pack his stuff and leave before she got home? That’s a really good way for him to clean the house of pretty much everything and anything he wants and vanish off into the night as he has done to so many other women. I certainly hope he doesn’t have access to bank accounts or anything of that nature. And as I have said before – please be true please be true please be true!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Sounds like BS to me, but knowing how dumb both these clowns are it could be true. I mean, who goes out and hires someone who has a polygraph machine lying around to determine if someone has cheating ? And Amber’s inner circle, haha, she is dumb as rocks, anyone she is associate with is likely dumber (see Matt) than her. Speaking of Matt, why would anyone agree to something like that ?

  22. I really do hope that the dress she wore to the MTV awards was her wedding dress.

  23. Anyone wanna place bets on how fast Am[bien] “forgives” Smegma Mouth Sr. his transgressions using the excuse that polygraph tests aren’t accurate and she was just overwhelmed and upset in the moment?

    Either that or she’ll claim this whole story is BS and nothing but rumors.

    1. I also think she’s gonna have a hard time kicking him out of their house that they lease together.


  24. I cant believe how dumb he is. It’s painfully obvious he is using Amber for her money, but why would he cheat on her and put his meal ticket in jeopardy. He is such a loser.

  25. She needs to stick to her guns and stay away from him. I’m also a bit sad for her as well because she was very dedicated to him and stuck by him so strongly. She probably feels like crap and so used and betrayed and taken advantage of. No one deserves to be treated like that.

  26. RUN, AMBER, RUN! This is your saving grace, he will bring you nothing but misery. Be strong, and save yourself. Save Leah!

  27. Happy if she truly is rid of him. Grossed out and saddened that there was actually another woman that wanted to cheat with him.

  28. I hope she has decided to move on and will be able to stick to it he has done nothing but use her Fame and money and don’t think for one second if he got the chance to move up (relationship or otherwise) he wouldn’t jump at the mere possibility either way she’s going to be fine and I hope she finds someone wonderful

  29. Good for you, Amber! Best thing you could have done for you and Leah!

    Hope she stays strong and doesn’t let him weasel his way back in…

  30. Please be true please be true please be true!!!!! I am skeptical. She is easily influenced and he is a con-artist so time will tell but please be true!!!!!!!

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