‘Teen Mom’ Star Amber Portwood Hit With $59,000 Tax Lien in California (Exclusive Details)

“This Uncle Sam guy is trying to steal more money from me than even Matt Baier did!”

Another day, another Teen Mom star in trouble with the taxman.

Amber Portwood found herself in hot water with the California government last month when she was hit with a tax lien for more than $59,000. In Touch Weekly was the first to break the news of the lien, which comes from the state of California, but The Ashley can add more details.

Amber— who lives in Indiana— was issued a notice of the state tax lien on April 18, notifying her that she currently owes $59,220 in unpaid California state taxes. The Ashley can reveal that the lien is for the tax year 2020 and, interestingly, the address given as Amber’s “last known address” is the Malibu, California, mansion where her baby daddy/ex Andrew Glennon lived with his family. However, Amber’s name appears solo on the documents, so Andrew has nothing to do with the income earned.

According to the tax lien documents— which were obtained by The Ashley— Amber’s lien stems from either Personal Income Tax from income earned in California, or Corporation Tax. 

The lien documents state that Amber’s debt will continue to accrue fees and interest until she pays it off. It can also affect the property that Amber currently owns.

“If I get up and scream ‘I’M DONE,’ do you think they’ll leave me alone?”

“Said lien attaches to the property and rights to such property now owned or later acquired by the taxpayer,” the docs state. (As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Amber currently owns a home in Indiana, which she only recently moved back into after allowing Andrew and their son James to live there for years while she stayed in rentals.) 

This is not the first time Amber has been hit with a tax lien. Back in 2016, Amber received a federal tax lien for over $134,000 for unpaid income taxes.

Last year, Amber’s ‘Teen Mom’ co-star Maci Bookout was also hit with multiple tax liens for money earned in the state of California. Maci— a resident of Tennessee—owned the state of California over $26,000. This year, however, Maci’s tax debt increased when she received two new federal tax liens, totaling over $150,000. (In addition to a tax lien for $49,383 filed against Maci on February 2, the ‘Teen Mom’ star was hit with another lien for $105,346 that was filed against her and her husband, Taylor McKinney.)

Amber has yet to comment publicly on her new tax lien. (However, it’s possible that she wasn’t even aware that the lien had been filed until the story went public, given that the notice appears to have been mailed to the home of Andrew’s family, where Amber does not live.) 

Luckily for Amber, she will be earning a hefty paycheck for appearing on Season 2 of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter,’ which premieres Thursday on MTV. It is unknown if Amber’s tax troubles will be covered on the new season.

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19 Responses

  1. Why is this girl still relevant? Where is Gary 2.0? (I kinda hope he already left)

    She was even eighteen when she had her first child!

    1. She must have used his address for some reason..
      But why does she owe in CA?? She must have spent at least half the year in CA. For her to owe that state

  2. I didn’t know you could be taxed for sitting on your ass on the couch all day doing nothing. Meh, who knew? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. These women can go on vacations every other month but can’t make it down to the H&R Block once a year.

  4. Maxi, Leah, Amber, Catelynn (and probably others) are all pushing 30 and still can’t figure this out? Hire an accountant to do your taxes. This is not difficult.

  5. So shes now in her 30s, she doesn’t have custody of her kids, and she doesn’t work and she’s STILL making crazy money apparently off of a show about the hardship of teenage motherhood?

  6. How is paying taxes so difficult? You hire a CPA and are honest about assets.

    How many of these girls have tax leins. Leah, Catelyn…who am I missing?

  7. Don’t you have to have your kids to be considered a “mom”..

    Considering these women are pushing 40 and are still called “teens”…

    MTV changing definitions again.

  8. I can’t understand why is Amber still on this show. She doesn’t even have custody of her kids. What’s the point? To show that women can be sh*tty parents too?

    1. Because they need someone with a messy storyline. She can either scream at Gary (the original Gary) or Andrew or both or just complain about them. Then throw in a new man in the mix, BOOM! Storyline xD

  9. This infuriates me. When they were teenagers that had zero sense about taxes I understand. But they are millionaires. You can’t tell me that they haven’t hired a financial planner or gotten financial advice. They obviously know that taxes have to be paid and they HAVE the money to PAY THEM but choose not to. Grow up. Be an adult already. I started paying taxes at 16.

    1. funny how it was her ex living in that place and the bill went to his rich family and they never said anything to her about it….she has never lived there it was a place her ex and son lived so dont know why it ws under her name…I bet he did that not her…cant pay something if you dont know about it

      1. It says it in the article: “Amber’s name appears solo on the documents, so Andrew has nothing to do with the income earned”. It’s HER debt and HER inability to pay taxes.

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