Kate Gosselin (Still) Demanding $132K in Back Child Support From Ex-Husband Jon Gosselin; Kate’s Attorney Fires Back After She’s Called “Desperate For Money”

Here we go again!

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s children have been legal adults for well over a year now, however, the former spouses remain at odds over alleged back child support. 

According to The Sun, Kate is (once again) seeking $132,000 in back child support from her ex-husband, nearly 14 years after the couple’s divorce.

As The Ashley previously told you, Kate filed an adverse revival against Jon in September 2022 requesting that Jon be forced to make payments towards the back child support, which she had originally filed in March 2018. 

The Sun revealed this week that the former Jon and Kate Plus Eight stars are yet again battling it out over the disputed finances, with a source close to Jon claiming it is likely due to Kate’s current money woes. 

“[Kate] is suing for support for money that was created by domestic relations in 2012. It was at the time she wanted legal custody of the kids so she could film and earn more money,” the source told the outlet. “She is relentless and desperate for money so she is now trying to sue.”

As fans of the Gosselin family may remember, Collin and Hannah–- two of Jon and Kate’s 19-year-old sextuplets–- were in Jon’s custody from 2018 until their 18th birthday in May 2022, while the other sextuplets remained in Kate’s custody. (Jon and Kate’s 23-year-old twins, Mady and Cara, were also in Kate’s custody before going off to college at the age of 18.) 

“Kate hasn’t had a job other than reality TV for 17 years,” a source noted to The Sun. “She is doing what she can to get money.” (Before fame, Kate had worked as a nurse. In 2021, she obtained her nursing license after moving to North Carolina and began working as an RN. It’s unknown if she is currently working in the nursing field, though.)

In addition to ‘Jon and Kate Plus Eight,’ Kate–- along with some of her and Jon’s children-– appeared on Kate Plus 8. She returned to TLC in 2019 with her own dating show, Kate Plus Date, and she and (some of) her children also filmed a ‘Kate Plus 8’ special that year, which focused on the twins leaving for college. 

“…and not a moment too soon, given the circus we were born into.”

Kate also competed this year on Season 1 of FOX’s survival series, Special Forces: The Ultimate Test, and competed on Dancing with the Stars in 2012.

The source went on to speculate that Kate’s financial situation “is dire,” given that she is “pushing another lawsuit.” 

At the beginning of October, Jon and Kate were given the opportunity by the judge to “explore alternative dispute resolution options” regarding the child support conflict, but because the exes haven’t spoken in years, an insider said the two have “no plans to negotiate money.” 

For the first time in more than two decades, Kate is reportedly living alone. Her kids Aaden, Alexis, Leah and Joel recently moved away to attend college, and twins Mady and Cara are both residing in New York City. Kate continues to live in her waterfront $750,000 North Carolina, home.

As The Ashley previously reported, Jon accused his ex-wife in August 2022 of withdrawing $100,000 from their children’s trust fund accounts and not paying it back; however, Kate claimed to have “borrowed” the money years earlier in order to support herself and the Gosselin children in her custody. 

While the legal battle marches on for Jon and Kate, Jon has reportedly “moved on” otherwise, though he “realizes Kate can’t move on” herself. 

“[Jon] is in a wonderful relationship, spends tons of quality time with his kids and is a full-time DJ and event planner,” a source who is certainly not Jon himself said. 

Meanwhile, Kate’s attorney, Richard J. Puleo, argues that “90 percent of the time, if not more, what you hear from Jon or his sources are complete outright lies.” He also accused the DJ/event planner of having money issues of his own. 

“May want to check the docket, apparently his most recent attorney–- which I believe is his tenth or eleventh–- needs to be withdrawn because Jon can’t pay him or owes his money, which is the normal route for him,” the attorney told The Sun. “That speaks volumes.” 

“Whatever, man. The only ‘volumes’ I know about are the ones in my headphones.”

While it was confirmed that there has, in fact, been a recent motion for an attorney to withdraw an appearance on behalf of Jon, it is unknown if the motion is related to unpaid fees. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram; The Ashley) 


9 Responses

  1. If the judge orders Jon to make the child support payments he should have the money go into the accounts for the 2 kids that Kate stole from. I can’t imagine having Kate as a nurse. She is a vile woman and lacks compassion. I have health problems and end up in the hospital a few times a year and it’s the nurses who make all the difference. I’m sure that when Kate was working as a nurse she was making her coworkers miserable.

  2. Jon was right his kids shouldn’t film, they were children.

    Kate was right she had the kids 90% of time, and should have child support.

    But these two kinda deserve each other, both hungry for fame and dumpster fires, just for different reasons.

  3. So, Jon doesn’t have money to pay his lawyer (allegedly), and Kates lawyer knows this. Um, so how do they think Jon will be able to pay Kate what she is suing him for?

  4. Jon owes her nothing, they had an agreement that she kept the house and the kids to film for his portion of the childsupport. Without his permission the kids wouldn’t have been able to film. However I find this sorry on both their parts because they both could get regular 9 to 5 jobs and equally split everything. In all the shows you saw all the kids getting the best of the best, going to fancy places to buy bookbags and lunchboxes to match with their names on it. No live a normal life and not allow a tv show to pay your bills because honey as we can tell them shows don’t last forever and kids grow up. Look at you now Kate stealing your own kids money!

  5. He’s a deadbeat Dad that didn’t pay child support that he as supposed to pay. She SHOULD be relentless in getting money owed to her and the children. He can’t even pay his Attorney fees so he has gone through all those Attorneys? Sorry Jon – once a loser always a loser.

    1. Sure, lets support the woman who abused her children on camera for years. Please don’t have kids. That’s my advice to anyone who supports that nasty woman.

    2. TLC wouldn’t have been able to film the kids without Jon’s permission, custody or not. He not only gave his permission, he also gave her the house, cars & everything in the house, so she could film at home. That was supposed to be in lieu of child support. But, let me ask you…. She’s admitted that she took (2) $50,000 withdraws from her kids’ accounts, right? She’s suing Jon for $132,000, right? Is she planning to pay her kids back and keep the $32,000? How long will that last?! She has a nursing degree, there’s no reason why she can’t get a job (or maybe it’s because she’s a troll & nobody wants to work with her)

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