TLC Announces Premiere Date for Kate Gosselin’s New Dating Reality Show: Watch a Sneak Peek of ‘Kate Plus Date’

“That better not be you, Jon!”

After taking a brief hiatus from the world of reality television, Kate Gosselin will make her long-awaited (we guess?) return June 10 on TLC with her new dating show Kate Plus Date. 

While the premise of the show seems pretty self explanatory, TLC reports that Kate will have some help on her road to romance in the form of matchmakers Rachel DeAlto and Adam LoDolce, as well her twin daughters Mady and Cara, who lend their services in making sure their mom’s dates aren’t serial killers or fans of cargo shorts. 

“Let’s just get this over with.”

As you may recall, The Ashley told/warned you about this show over a year ago, however, TLC is just now getting around to sharing it with the world.

According to the network, the first of the show’s three elements will be speed dating. 

“Kate will be introduced to 10 mystery men, then each bachelor will get the chance to win her heart over the course of two dates,” TLC reports. “While the first date revolves around a fun activity, Date No. 2 will be an intimate chance to see if sparks fly!” 

Probably the only way any of us will get through this series…

The second part in the ‘Kate Plus Date’ matchmaking process will be “The Judges,” which is where Kate’s outside sources come in to do what Kate does best—- judge and criticize. 

“As if getting back into the dating scene isn’t awkward enough, the whole affair is tracked closely by the matchmaker, and even Mady and Cara, who will be critiquing and commenting in real time! Ultimately, it’s Kate who has the final say and after being wooed by 10 eligible bachelors, she is faced with the tough decision on who is lucky enough for a second date.” 

Finally, viewers will watch as Kate “puts it all out there on display—the good, the bad and the super awkward!” 

“If any of these guys have aspirations to be a DJ, we can go ahead and show them the door.”

“Throughout the process, she lets her guard down and begins to learn a lot about herself and exactly what it’s going to take to find everlasting love.” 

Kate made her debut on TLC back in 2007 with Jon and Kate Plus 8, which she starred in with then-husband Jon Gosselin and the couple’s eight children—twins Cara and Mady and 15-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel. 

Following Jon and Kate’s divorce in 2009, the show was renamed Kate Plus 8, with seasons airing from 2010 to 2011 and from 2014 to 2017. Since the show wrapped, Collin and Hannah have begun living with Jon full-time, while the other six children still live with Kate. 

‘Kate Plus Date’ premieres Monday, June 10 on TLC. Check out the cringeworthy sneak peek below!  

(Photos: TLC, Instagram) 


  1. Piece of crap mother! Doesn’t even care about Colin or Hannah. I’d love two minutes with these witch! 😏

  2. Never forget – Kate couldn’t be bothered to show up to court for a hearing about where Collin would live.

    Couldn’t. Even. Be. Bothered.

    After all the crap she spewed about Jon (I’m not saying it wasn’t warranted, but she was vicious), she just doesn’t bother to show up to court to keep her kid from living with such a vile person???

    She almost makes Juhnelle look good. Almost. At least Juhnelle pretends to want to fight for her kids.

  3. Does she have any fans to watch this sh$% show? It seems to me she’s universally hated. She can’t even tout her “super single mother of eight” now as two live with Jon. Why does TLC keep inflicting this shrew into the world?! Mady is nearly as insufferable as Khate.

  4. Only the twins will be featured? Curious if the others didn’t want to be or just not appropriate

    1. I’m pretty sure most of them are just fame hungry and wanted to be on TV. Some of them might want to sleep with her but that’s about it. Why not date like a normal person, why another show?!

      1. Because $$ I’m sure Kate makes money, possibly her daughters too, and I’d think the guys would be paid something as well. Or just free dates and fame are enough to get them to sign up

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