“90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” Star Deavan Clegg Accidentally Reveals on Social Media that She & Husband Jihoon Lee are Expecting Another Baby


Another TLC 90 Day Fiancé baby is apparently on the way!

Deavan Clegg was none-too-thrilled that her big baby news got out after she accidentally announced her third pregnancy via social media this week.

According to Starcasm, the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star revealed the news when she posted a question on a South Korean Facebook group asking followers for some advice.

“So I am currently pregnant and do not have health insurance here in Korea and I don’t know where to start or what to do,” she wrote. “I just found out my insurance is not international. I’m also unaware of how much it will cost to have a child here. And I’m starting to think I should go back to my home country because of this.”

Fans of the show know that Deavan has daughter, Drascilla, from a previous relationship and son, Taeyang Scut Lee Clegg, with her Korean husband Jihoon Lee, but were not aware that Deavan was pregnant again. However, after someone leaked Deavan’s Facebook post, she posted to her Instagram how upset she was, as she had only meant for people inside that private Facebook group to see what she wrote.


“I was in a private Facebook group that is based in Korea with only Korean based people so it’s sad to see my personal stuff being leaked when it’s a group I went to for advice on life in Korea,” she said. “Just shows you can’t even trust people even if it’s not even in your home country.” 

After receiving more messages about the pregnancy, Deavan posted again, requesting that fans stop asking her about it.


“Please out of respect stop messaging me and asking me,” she wrote. “I’m not going to speak about it. I trusted this group and it was my safe space for a long time. I know the person who [leaked] it and it saddens me that they did this. But I’m leaving it at that. I need time and I haven’t even told my family because of how early it is so stop messaging me about this topic.”

Later, Deavan decided to switch the conversation from her own pregnancy to her co-star Laura Jallali’s recent lie about being pregnant herself.

“I wasn’t going to speak out on this. But knowing what I do I need to speak up,” she said. “It is never okay to lie about being pregnant and use it as a way to get an abusive person’s attention. I’ve experienced abuse and the best way to escape is to leave it and not bother with it. At that point you are enabling the abuse. I know the truth and I will leave it at that. I’m very saddened and disappointed to see all this.”

According to Starcasm, Deavan and Jihoon (and their families) are currently filming for a second season of “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.”

Whether they plan to come to the United States (as Deavan suggested in her first post) remains unknown; however, they are currently still in South Korea. In fact, earlier this week, Deavan and Jihoon met up with Teen Mom 2 star Brittany DeJesus, who is currently in South Korea on vacation.

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram)

19 Responses

  1. Well Deavan you’d better find some insurance quick because TLC sure isn’t going to pay for it, just ask Derrick “Genius” Dillard!

  2. Eh, I like them. I initially didn’t like her, but she seems to be pretty savvy. Jihoon is a damn riot. I love him. I love his parents. Family Jihoon is awesome.

  3. Does Jihoon not have insurance as well? What a shit show. Ya think before laying down together, they’d say “hey we have no money, no insurance, no place to live and a mountain of debt. Maybe you should put a condom on.”

  4. He should make his own line of bidets. He’s got me convinced that I need one. Also he is so funny when she asked him how to say sorry and he taught her how to say fuck off instead and them snickered like a 12 year old.

  5. She put her question on the internet, under her own profile, and thought no one was going to leak the information? I knew she had a few screws loose, but this girl is down right dumb…and as wild as that Driscilla girl is, can Deavan even raise 2 more kids while trying to control her?? Also, she looks so much younger in that group picture with Brittany. She should stop wearing so much make up, she looks better without it.

  6. This girl is an idiot. Every scene is her complaining about not knowing Jihoon, his “criminal past” being so scary, his debt, blah blah blah. Trick laid down with a dude she barely knew, got knocked up, chose to keep the baby, marry a stranger, and move to South Korea. Not to mention that devil child she already had with no father to speak of and THEY BOTH LIVED WITH HER PARENTS. Tell me, who’s the real fool in this marriage? Cuz I feel sorry for Jihoon and his parents, frankly. Dumba$$ Devan yapping on FB about not knowing her HEALTH INSURANCE WASN’T INTERNATIONAL tells you everything you need to know about her brainpower.

  7. If you want to keep something quiet don’t post it on social media. You can’t trust anyone to keep it quiet, especially strangers.

  8. Bloody hell, I want to like Deavan but that devil child of hers does not reflect well, and she makes out that signing marriage papers, and Jihoon ‘s past are such big things to commit to, but having a one night stand baby wasn’t.

    On a side note, I miss 90 Day Fiace content from The Ashley, and the franchise has really expanded this season. Please cover it, the Ashley!

  9. How random that she met up with Brittney? Was it a case if we are both on reality shows, therefore we are all friends? Xx

    1. I had no idea she could excist without her mom and sister nearby. Anyway, good for her, I always feel like she’s kind of stuck.

    2. She loves korean kpop stuff ? i sps its as good as any reason to milk dlist celebs on a diff network and get on their insta

  10. Husband 30,000 in debt, not anymore….Better start selling more cellphones!!.
    Please tell me they have moved out of his parents and have her daughter with them at least.

    1. While I would believe it would be a smart decision to live with her parents until he can get his debt down a little bit. 30,000 is not a lot since most couples go into a relationship with that much or more each from schooling.

      Some couples don’t have the time to wait until their debt is down to start a family. You don’t know how long that can take. Some don’t want to get married in your early 20’s and then finally pay off any debt when they are in their 30’s.

      Time is not in our favor.

  11. She wanted to try to keep it private, but with people actually obsessed with these people on these shows, that is not happening.

    1. I’m SO sure she wanted to keep it private. She belongs on Teen Mom 2 since she and none of them know about birth control and use pregnancy as a way to make money instead of getting an education or a job.

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