Duggars Put Home Where Grandma Mary Duggar Died Up for Sale, After Revealing Her Death Will Be Covered on New Season of ‘Counting On’

Three months after Mary’s tragic death, her home has been put on the market…

The nearly 4,000-square-foot home that once belonged to Grandma Mary Duggar has been listed for sale.

The house is, of course, the location that the Duggar Family matriarch died tragically in June, after reportedly slipping into her pool and drowning. Grandma Mary was found by her daughter Deanna (who is the sister of Jim Bob Duggar), and a 911 call made from the residence on that day indicated that Mary was unconscious when she was found.

The new trailer for the upcoming season of Counting On revealed that Grandma Mary’s death and funeral will be covered for the show. Now, it seems the family is trying to unload the house where the tragedy occurred. (The Duggar Family: Life is Not All Pickles and Hairspray Facebook page was the first to reveal that the house was listed for sale earlier this month.)

The house, located in Springdale, Arkansas, boasts four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

“Rare find for the price,” the real estate website description reads. “Lifestyle quality home on 1.51 acre country lot with pool and shop/office building! Soaring ceilings, heavy crown molding, heavy plantation shudders, double stair case, granite countertops and many craftsman features. Large Master Suite, bonus room, office/study. New roof, new 18 Seer air-conditioning; new heavy attic insulation.”

The real estate website’s description even gave a nod to the very Duggar-esque possibilities the house offers, including an area to homeschool your youngins!

“1600 sq.ft. metal shop building has 972 sq. ft shop with 628 sq. ft. of a.c./heat in office/homeschool area with half bath. Plenty of room for family and friend entertainment and the many projects you have in mind!”

While the website description does not go into great detail about the pool, there are several photos of the area where Grandma Duggar had her accident. Of course, it is not mentioned on the real estate website.

Also not mentioned is the fact that the house is literally one minute away from the Duggar Compound, where Jim Bob, Michelle and their assorted unmarried offspring reside.

It is not known why the Duggars are trying to sell the home, rather than move someone in the family into it. (Certainly poor Joy would probably love to soak her hooves in that bathtub, considering she and her family are currently living in an RV!)

Grandma Mary’s home can be yours for the low price of $489,000.

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(Photos: TLC, Facebook, Instagram)


  1. It’s a nice home. Someone dying there wouldn’t shy me away from buying it. Lots of people live in homes where someone died and don’t even know it.

    Little off topic here. When I was scrolling the up/down voting were gone on all the comments. Is this a new thing or just a glitch?

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    Better to have hooves like joy, than a snout like yours!

  3. She had 2 children not just the Duggar offspring. So maybe they are doing the right thing instead of handing it off.. sell it and split the money. Who knows if it was paid off.
    But im certainly going to check more into this!

  4. I do not blame them for selling the home and not moving in…their grandma/mom died there? Its probably hard for them to even be there (hence why no pics were posted of them in the pool this summer)

  5. Ummm, even those who are not fans understand why the family would not want to live in a home where Grandma died a tragic death in the pool. Really, the author could do something better with their time, like take a composition class.

  6. Good catch on the “shudders”!

    I’m just as bad though bc I had to google “plantation shutters” lol. I didn’t know that was the name for the wider slatted blinds.

    Beautiful home.

  7. Is it possible for this so called writer to write an article WITHOUT inserting her two bit opinion? Sorry I wasted two minutes I’ll never get back on reading this drivel.

      1. I’ve been here since she covered the first Hills. Lol wtf? I take offence to people knocking Ashley’s writing. Don’t be a troll.

  8. As someone who just lost their grandmother (and whose family is currently in the process of selling their grandmother’s beloved home), I find this article very insensitive. Shame on you.

  9. “Shudders”, really? I checked the listing to see if the agent truly wrote that instead of shutters. They really did. I guess the schools aren’t well in Arkansas. Maybe the shudders being referred to were the family’s feelings toward the property since their grandmother’s untimely death there. Perhaps of the Duggars is now working as a real estate agent?

  10. The guest house?! That’s probably where the young kid were home schooled. It probably reeks of pee and dry erase markers. Poor Mary. She was probably made to be teacher to the babies. And probably shucking mlm products and Duggar trash.

  11. That’s the same house that Jill and Derek lived in for awhile. It was called a guest house and was vacant when they started living there a few years ago. I remember an entire episode on them getting it painted, furnished etc, so they could move in.

    1. I don’t think this was their original house because they referred to it as the stoney (or story)brook house. Maybe Ben and Jessa can have it since they are a family of 3 in a 2 bedroom home.

      While the house is nice, I would not want to live so close to the Duggars.

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