‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Cory Wharton Talks About Returning to ‘The Challenge’ & His “Serious” Relationship with Taylor Selfridge

“You guys are never getting rid of me!”

Cory Wharton isn’t about to let any opportunity to get his mug on MTV pass him by!

The reality TV star— who has already appeared on MTV’s Teen Mom OGThe ChallengeEx on the Beach and The Real World– recently told Us Weekly that he will soon get his own “Being Cory” ‘Teen Mom’ special, and that he has plans to return to ‘The Challenge.’

“I’ve always wanted my own show! Once they told me you’re gonna have an hour special, I was all for it. I said, ‘Sign me up,’” Cory told the magazine.

“Cory saying no to more camera time! Hahaha, that’s a good one!”

Cory has appeared on seven seasons of ‘The Challenge,’ but has been on hiatus for the past few seasons filming ‘Teen Mom.’ In the new interview, Cory said it was MTV who suggested he sit a couple of seasons out after he got booted from “Final Reckoning” for fighting.

“I think I needed to press restart. I had a little rough run there for a little bit,” he said. “I did seven seasons in a row, they were like, ‘OK we’re gonna give you a couple seasons off, and then when you come back, it’s about the shock value.’ I definitely think that I’ll get another run at ‘The Challenge.’”

“Did you really think I’d just fade away?”

If he does head back to ‘The Challenge,’ it sounds like he won’t be up to his old habits of basically boning every girl in the ‘The Challenge’ house who shows interest in him. Cory told Us Weekly that his relationship with his ex-turned-current-girlfriend Taylor Selfridge is going well, despite the hate the couple got from fans when they announced they were dating again last month.

Cory says his relationship with Taylor is “serious,” and that she has to hear from ‘Teen Mom’ fans who want him to date his baby mama Cheyenne Floyd.

“It’s just so over the top, and I give Taylor a lot of credit for putting up with it,” Cory said. 

While Cory admitted that Cheyenne and Taylor aren’t friends, they have (so far) managed not to claw each other’s eyes out when they are around each other.

“Taylor will be at Ryder’s birthday party, and things will be civil,” Cory said, adding that he is not friends with Cheyenne’s current boyfriend either. “I’ve never talked to her boyfriend, so that’s that. I’m happy for them.”

MTV has not yet released the air date for the “Being Cory” special, but from what The Ashley has heard, it is one of several ‘Teen Mom’ specials currently in the works!

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

10 Responses

  1. If Taylor’s serious about him, she’s extra dumb….she’s just being used to make his and Cheyenne’s storyline more “entertaining”… Cory’s not serious about a relationship with any woman except for Ryder.

  2. Am I the only one who actually LIKES Taylor? She’s my fave 🙂 She got a lot of crap for spitting on Alicia, but Alicia was honestly the dirtiest, most disgusting member of literally every shows she’s been on. Her friends pretend to defend her actions, but do you think they would let Alicia within 10 feet of THEIR men?! I sure as hell wouldn’t. She literally cares about no one except herself.

  3. Corey didn’t waste time getting into a serious relationship after coming in between Cheyenne and Zach. I hope Cheyenne realizes this and permanently stops being his interval bedwarmer.

  4. Hell No Corey. I know u are young but that ASHLEY isn’t anything compared to Cheyenne. I always thought u and her would get back together but time will tell so Ashley be prepared. Lol.

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