EXCLUSIVE! How the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9 Reunion Will Work: Who’s Going, Who’s Not & Who’s Mad!

MTV loves drama…and they’re getting plenty of it from their stars right now…

The Teen Mom 2 Season 9A Reunion is scheduled to take place next week in New York City but on Saturday night, several of the main cast members took to Twitter to declare that they will not be attending the reunion. Both Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus stated that they are bailing out of the Reunion, and know The Ashley knows why! 

In case you have a life and don’t spend your life checking the ‘Teen Mom’ girls’ Twitters, allow The Ashley to summarize what happened. Basically, the show’s higher-ups have been keeping the reunion plans shrouded in secrecy from the crew, producers and even the cast.

(As The Ashley told you previously, the producers had to change how reunions were done due to what happened at the 8B Reunion: Kail and Briana fighting, Brittany DeJesus physically yanking Kail down on stage by the hair, etc.)

On Saturday, Kail tweeted, “A little birdie told me briana isn’t going to the reunion. Which is funny cause I’m not either. Let’s see how this goes.”

Briana later tweeted that she was also not attending the reunion. 

“Lol what a f**king joke,” she wrote. “I will not be attending the reunion this year. Sorry guys!” 

“So you’re telling me I have to put on my blazer and there’s a chance none of these chicks are even showing up!?”

So what the hell went down to make two of the girls bail out? The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources tell us that it had more to do with the girls’ issues with the producers’ plan for the Reunion rather them not wanting to see each other.

“Basically, Kail doesn’t want to be on stage with Briana, because she didn’t want it escalating like last time,” one source said. “Kail told [one of the executive producers] that she didn’t care about being on stage with Jenelle. She was, however, nervous about being in the same city as [Jenelle’s husband] David [Eason]. She is legit scared that David could do something to her when they are off-set and at the hotels or whatever.”   

(Kail talked about this on her Coffee Convos podcast a while back.)

“Briana also did not want to be on-stage with Kail,” the source added.

“I’ll be there! If you think I’m missin’ this drama, you’re nuts!”

The source says the show’s producers had to scramble to come up with a solution that would work for everyone. 

“As of last week, the plan was for Kail to room in Jersey City, New Jersey; Jenelle to be in Philly and Briana to be in New York City, along with Chelsea and Leah,” another source said. “The idea was that Jenelle would be driven from Philly by someone from the show and taken to set, so that David wouldn’t be able to attend at all, or even be in New York while Kail and the others were there. Kail and at least one other girl expressed that they felt unsafe with his lurking nearby the set or hotels.”

While the girls were OK with the rooming situation, things came to a head when Kail and Briana found out how the “group segment” (which would also be filmed with Leah and Chelsea on stage in New York) would go.

“The producers told Kail that she would be Skyping into the group segment from her hotel in Jersey City, and Jenelle would be Skyping in from Philly and Briana from her hotel in NYC. Chelsea and Leah would be in-person on stage,” the first source. “Kail was furious. She felt like the producers chose Bri over her to be there, even though Kail is an original cast member and Briana is not.”

“Oh hellll no!”

So producers made the switch, telling Bri that she will Skype in and Kail will be in person, which is why Briana ranted on Twitter that she was no longer going.

“Each girl would still be doing in-person interviews for their individual segments in New York City, with their family, etc.,” the source clarified. “This was just in regard to anything that the cast would have been filming together.” 

By Sunday, the producers were contacting the girls, letting them (and the producers etc) know that things had once again changed. 

“Wait, where tha hell am I supposed ta go!?”

“Now, each girl is going to go to the studio on a specific day and time,” the behind-the-source said. “They have worked out a schedule where Kail and Bri will not be there at the same time, and same with Jenelle and Kail. Several of the girls may do ‘Unseen Moments’ or those types of shoots together but it would not be Kail with Bri or Jenelle.” 

The Ashley inquired with several show sources about what happens if a main cast member bails out of the Reunion taping.

“The girls make about $1500 to attend and film the Reunion, so they would obviously not get paid that sum,” the source said. “They may also be fined, likely what their episodic rate is.” 

(The source added that Jenelle was not fined last year when she did not attend the 8B Reunion and instead had a crew and Dr. Drew Pinsky sent to North Carolina to film her Reunion segment.)

By Sunday, Briana had recanted her declaration that she was not attending the Reunion and stated that she was only “joking” before.

“It was a joke…yeah…a joke…that’s right…”

“Kidding guys, I have to go to the reunion cause I’m A PART OF THE CAST,” she tweeted. “You know  just had to regulate some stuff but everything is all gravy  see y’all in nyc next week. And yes [Jenelle] will be there as long as everything is ok health wise. And yes MY SISTER BRITTANY will be there and my mother  maybe even the kids this time. Also Devoin and John (don’t know how I feel about that but I guess we shall all find out).”

As far as The Ashley has heard, Kail is still telling producers that she is not attending the Reunion. Of course that can change at any time this week, as the girls are not due to begin heading to the Reunion until Thursday and Friday.

Jenelle’s situation is a bit more unclear, but as far as The Ashley’s sources understand, she is attending the Reunion…as of now.

The Ashley will update this when she has more info!

UPDATE! After The Ashley posted her story, Briana commented on it on Twitter.

“I don’t mind being on stage with everyone,” she wrote. “I was willing to put everything aside. I was fine Skyping in until somebody caught a fit about having to Skype in too and wanted to change stuff but now everything is fine. changes have been made accordingly to fit every1s needs.”

(Photos: MTV)


  1. I was a teen mom and would love to make half of what these moms do… it seems like all they do is bitch and moan. The money and fame has led to entitlement and demanding behavior. I would say the only one who has stayed the same is Chelsea, she has only spoken up when she didn’t want to be around the stupidity while pregnant. Go figure she’d be the only one fine after the mtv money train passes.

    1. Seriously. I’m not a teen mom but I’m a single mom working full time and watching the entitlement of people getting paid thousands of dollars where nobody actually works blows me. I’m saving just to take my daughter on vacation and they vacation away from the drama they bring on themselves. If somebody told me I’d get $1500 to show up in NYC where I’d be housed and catered to for like 3 days of sitting there I’d do it! They can’t even suck it up to just to make their $ and leave. Can’t be cordial or decent to one another for like a couple days. If they want to improve their image whey should grow up and if one of them wants to pick a fight there be the mature one and let everyone else see it just that person but nope. They should thank their luck that their bad mistake made them money no other teen or single mom will ever make and appreciate that they could have been like most of us. Instead they think their stories are aspiring. There is no realism to any of that.

  2. I seriously think they should get paid more for the reunions cause we all know that is where the excitement is these days. They should get paid less for the boring episodes during the season. We all watch for the drama, at least i do.

  3. It’s kinda stupid how they are always complaining and don’t want drama but they all cause drama so like……pick one. You can’t be a drama queen and hate drama at the same time!

    Briana became entitled in a very short time……wow.

  4. This is all nonsense! First of all NYC is so big , they could put all of the cast up privately and with plenty of separation in between.
    Put Jenelle in Philly, yeah O.K., how do you keep her there? Her job is to show up to set, not to be held prisoner… who is stop her and David from getting their own room on NY? If MTV doesn’t want David in the studio they can put security on the alert, it’s that simple.But, they can’t ban David from NY. Why does Kail even need a room? She is probably a 45 minute flight. Every time kail opens her mouth (with the exception of shoveling food in it) bullshit pours out, she’s a HUGE trouble maker.
    Kail starts fires that she can’t put out then points blame in every direction but her own, maybe Brianna should have refused to go last year when Kail was threatening her, now Kail fears being too close? David is going to stalk every inch of the city and find her? WFE

  5. These little twats have money beyond anything they would have been able to acquire without the show and they act like it’s such a burden to do their job, which really isn’t even a job at all.

    Also, MTV has allowed and encouraged all this BS for years so they can blame themselves for it being a mess.

    1. @yomama: Yes to this commentx1000!!! 👍👍 These WOMEN (not teens) act like the silly, entitled, clueless idiots that they are😂😂😂 Do you think they have any idea how ridiculous they come across to like…the entire world??? (Apparently not😕)

    1. It has ended at my house, I took it off my DVR list. I do read the re-caps, but last time I watched it I fell asleep. BORING!! END this Sh*t show

  6. I could care less to ever see Jenelle or BRIANNA EVER AGAIN, BYE BY! Kail is correct about David, I wouldn’t want to be any where near him, he’s harassed her bad. Chelseas is boring, obviously she has no story line so she’s reaching with the name change & Aubs had no interest to date!! I’ll just stop here for now, LOL

  7. Oh my gosh, why are they being allowed to be entitled diva brats? As I said on Twitter, wouldn’t it be absolutely living the dream to refuse to go to work and then still get paid for it?

    Their entitled attitudes are so infuriating and pathetic. Like who the heck do they think they are? Kail always bangs on about the show being her job.. well then TURN UP FOR WORK! And we all know that Jenelle can’t go because of the molecules dude.. and because Lurch won’t allow it.

    1. And people wonder why most of the cast are a bunch of self entitled brats.

      Why would they show up if they dont feel like it? Better yet come when you you feel like who cares if you cost money or worse inconvenience everyone else.

      Jenelle shows up when she wants & does what she wants & then wonders why she is excluded & no one likes her.

  8. This article reads like mtv was doing it’s best to have a meeting of the five families on neutral territory. Or that they have to find a way to come to a compromise over which prison gang will control which hustle behind bars. The monsters mtv has created have officially taken over the asylum. Tell them all the show has been canceled, pull the whole franchise off the air for one year, (let the cameras, the easy money, the tabloid covers and bs endorsements go away) then see how much more agreeable they all become.

    1. She has esophageal spasms…it is very serious & to painful to fly.

      Going to Florida a few months ago was ok because it was a short flight. NYC is also a short flight but since it is going north it is higher elevation.

      Going to New York Fashion week was ok because of the way the planets aligned plus not being able to go to the reunion will cost MTV more money & inconvenience the staff & other girls which elevates the spams.

  9. Everyone says reality tv is real. Ok, how can you refuse to go to work? Have physical fights with coworkers? Threaten coworkers? Kail is once again playing victim. Yes we all know David is using physical violence but Kail actually did it on camera. Kail went after Bri and Javi on camera. Still don’t understand how everyone takes Kails side when she always starts drama.

    1. Sorry but i dont think anyone says its real. We all know it is scripted.

      By the way….yes Kail went after Javi a few years ago at their house. But Brianna came out yelling at Kail & Brittney snuck her from behind.

      Kail is more concerned about David & his obsession with weapons since he threatens people & he did bring a weapon to a taping (he came with his knife & stabbed balloons because he was sad)

  10. I totally agree, except I do think they have a legitimate concern about being anywhere near David. The rest of it is stupid and they should be fired if they don’t do their jobs.

  11. Just want to point out the maturity from Chelsea and Leah when it comes to reunions. Not everyone is quite so dramastic…

  12. Please get rid of Briana. Only her mom and sister are entertaining. Briana is boring and not a nice person. Leave Kail alone ! She has gone to school, wrote books, and she’s very sweet with her boys . Bye Bye Briana. Trouble maker

  13. proofread your article. you initially said Briana would be Skyping in, and then in the next few sentences, you referred to her as being there in person.

  14. MTV created these primadonna monsters now they have to deal with them. I wish they would just cancel the show and let all of these trashy girls slip back into reality and poverty.

  15. It needs to be part of their contract that they forfeit their salary (not just $1500-that’s peanuts FGS) if they miss the reunion *for whatever reason*. These primadonnas need to be brought down several pegs. They are overpaid.

    1. Especially since Jenelle not showing up cost them thousands…they now have to pay the crew & Dr Drew to fly to her in North Carolina (thats gotta be a few thousand there, pay them to work that extra day, rent a place to film get all the equipment there. This is all an extra expense.

      But Jenelle can & will due what she wants because she is the train wreck that brings people to the station

  16. Holy shit, these women are famous for not understanding the concept of birth control. They do not need these kind of security measures. They’re brats, tell them to get over it, act like adults and be professional or they don’t get paid. It’s really not that hard.

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