EXCLUSIVE! More Details About the Two New Moms Joining the Cast of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’: Meet Kaiya & Rachel!

“My chance at fame and fortune just shot from my loins!”

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant is finally coming back– and The Ashley has all the details on the casting changes MTV made for the upcoming new season!

The network released the first (very short) promo for the new season. In the promo, we see two young girls who are in labor, but have never been on the show before. As The Ashley told you back in January, original ‘Y&P’ cast member Lexi Tatman was given the boot (basically for being too boring), and would be replaced by a girl named Kaiya— and the new trailer proves this to be true.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal all of the interesting details about Kaiya and the other new cast member, whose name is Rachel Beaver. While Kaiya was the first girl hired to star on ‘Young and Pregnant’ after Lexi was let go, Rachel was brought on to fill Jade Cline‘s spot when she moved to Teen Mom 2.

Let’s meet the new moms!

Kaiya Elliott

Kaiya has a very interesting backstory. She gave birth to her son, Amour, in December 2018. Kaiya, who is 19 and from Virginia, was in a relationship with another woman– whose name is Teazha— during her pregnancy. (That’s Kaiya’s girlfriend standing next to her in the trailer during the scene that she is giving birth.)

The Ashley hears that Kaiya and Teazha are no longer together, but much of Kaiya’s storyline for the season will center on their relationship drama. 

As for Kaiya’s baby daddy, not much is known about him. However, The Ashley’s sources tell her that he is currently in jail. 

Rachel Beaver

Rachel– the girl who is taking Jade’s spot on the show– hails from Tennessee. (She lives about an hour from Maci Bookout, actually!) She is the mother of a baby girl named Hazelee, who was born in February.

Rachel’s baby daddy is not her on-and-off boyfriend, Koty. (The Ashley hears that they are back together currently, but can’t confirm that yet.) Her baby daddy Jay is not in the picture currently.

Rachel was 16 when she gave birth to her daughter.

The Ashley’s sources describe Rachel as “a spitfire.” She also has a sister, Mallory, who is also a very young mom. According to Hollywood Life, Rachel and Mallory “butt heads” because Mallory “prefers partying to watching her own baby.” (Mallory’s baby is a little girl named Emerson, by the way.) 

Ashley JonesBrianna Jaramillo and Kayla Sessler will also appear in the upcoming season. From what The Ashley hears, none of the original girls have met the new girls yet.

Hollywood Life was given a short synopsis of each girl’s story line for the new season.

“Ashley reconciles with ex-boyfriend Bar but must learn to juggle motherhood with her busy class schedule to become a medical assistant; Brianna’s world is turned upside down when a man reaches out claiming to be Braeson’s potential birth father; Kayla has to drop out of classes to watch baby Izaiah but she and new boyfriend Luke get some shocking news.”

(Spoiler alert: the “shocking news” is that Kayla got pregnant again. She gave birth to her second child— daughter Ariah– in August.)

The new season of ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ premieres Tuesday, October 22 on MTV!

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(Photos: Instagram, MTV)

51 Responses

  1. Racheals sister is abusing her baby Emerson!! Shame on mtv for promoting this kind of behavior!! Leaving the child nightly to go party shutting the baby in a room and let’s it cry and cry??
    Really MTV. DISGUSTING!!

  2. It is ridiculous that they are always “shocked” by becoming pregnant when they are not using any form of contraception. I think MTV should start paying them with birth control. ??‍♀️

  3. Can someone explain to me where these girls have time to find a new partner either during or after their pregnancy? I can’t understand why another teen would choose to involve themselves in that kind of situation nor do I understand the mindset of a girl who wants to attempt to date while they have a small baby at home.

  4. It’s pronounced Haze-lee. Not hazily or whatever whoever said. It’s unique, nothing wrong with that. People already talking about what they don’t know. Rachels my NIECE. Why such negativity? Is that all you all have to do is troll?

    1. It’s called having an opinion.
      Maybe your niece should keep her life private then, or better still keep her legs closed.

      If you do not like other opinions tough luck.
      Your niece sold her soul to devil so suck it up.

      Calling people with different opinions trolls, grow up you moron.

      1. First off I’m so very proud of Rachel cause she’s a wonderful mommy!!! And seconddd You don’t even know Rachel yet so why judge? Especially on her FIRST BIO!?? watch one show first please cause it’s defiantly trolling if not!….an don’t everyone have babies? “kEep hEr leGs cLosEd” this show is a message for young parents, it’s not easy being a young mommy but they’re strong even with the everyday struggles they have to face.

    2. Maybe your sibling should have done a better job parenting your nieces and they wouldn’t be worrying about what to name their children or fight over who wants to go out partying when they should be ‘watching’ their kids.

      1. All of you have nothing better to do..the show hasn’t even aired yet and you’re judging the only thing you can, her daughter’s name.

    3. And most people in the South pronounce the word “hazily” as two syllables like “haze-lee” so I stand by it. If y’all can’t handle shit being talked on the first day information is released, you’re gonna catch hell once the show airs. Your niece signed up to make her life VERY public and to profit from it, so I suggest you go on and prepare her for what’s to come.

    1. Way to go MTV. Fire the only “normal,drama free ” girl and hire more dysfunctional young girls so you can encourage MORE dysfunction. Bunch of idiots running MTV.

  5. I fucking hate it when they say ‘watch their kids!’ Like Kayla had to drop out of classes to ‘watch her kid.’ THAT’S NOT HOW THOS WORKS! You don’t ‘watch’ your kids, you raise them. Unless you’re gutter trash on MTV letting yourself get pregnant on a one night stand with a criminal when you’re in a relationship with a woman.

  6. Will not be watching ANY Teen Mom series as long as Amber is being kept on as a cast member. Farrah and Janelle were small potatoes! Amber is a full-on psycho that MTV is choosing to give almost a half-million to film her ABUSIVE, ex-con, hillbilly ho-hum ass. That’s some BS.

  7. I once had a person arrested at my department named Shit’hd.
    Shi-thid. I ? you not, also
    Please tell me the drunk country singer & wooden Indian name?

    1. Waylon (as in Jennings) Kawliga (Kaw-Liga from the Hank Williams song).

      My husband wanted to name our daughter CODEINE because of a Waylon Jennings song and I shot that down. Maybe I should suggest it to some of these girls?

        1. He started with Auburn (University) then Vidalia (the song about the woman making the man cry, but it’s still an onion…) then Codeine. We ended up naming her Mattie. When I was pregnant with Waylon, he came up with a girl name that blew all those out of the water, but I cannot for the life of me remember it. It’s like my brain blocked it out it out to protect itself because the name was so stupid.

        1. Earle (as in Steve?) wouldn’t be bad for a boy, especially in comparison to what we’ve seen between MTV and celebrities like the Kardashians.

  8. Hazelee. She named her human child Hazelee. It’s just a “cute” spelling of the word “hazily”. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

    And I’m asking this as somebody who named one child after a drunk country singer and a wooden Indian statue and another child after a pocket knife company. Yet I still have room to judge because HAZELEE.

        1. It’s a comment section, if the comments are not liked, then don’t sell your soul to the devil.
          Keep your lives private, and not out there for the world to see.
          Maybe think of the kid instead of mtv$$$$

          1. Y’all, it’s going to be a great season if we keep this Auntie BBBYYY around. I cannot wait to have her defend every stupid thing that happens on the show. This will be more fun than having Hannah around to argue with us!

        2. Your niece signed up to be on a show that is primarily watched by people that want to talk shit on this site. If y’all can’t handle us making fun of her kid’s silly name, I can’t wait to see how you react once the juicy stuff airs.

  9. What is wrong with this girls? They just pick random letters and voila, that’s their baby’s name? Izaiah? Hazelee? Amour? (I know that’s a French word and so is fromage but you wouldn’t name your baby that). And it looks like their parents pulled the same move too when they were born. Teazha? Kaiya? Wtf?

    1. I actually don’t think Izaiah or Amour is that bad. Neither is the name Kaiya. But, it’s all personal preference. I’m excited to see these new girls though.

      1. I have a theory that these sorts of people – the same kind you see on the Maury show – just grab a handful of scrabble tiles, throw them down, stick in a random apostrophe and voila, they have a baby name ?

        1. Don’t forget the all time favorite way.
          Combining mother & baby dad’s name. Is that old fashion now?
          It reminds me of when people ship two celebs together,Bradjalina.
          Ensley would be Da’Jenelle.

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