EXCLUSIVE! Here’s Who Will Be Replacing Jenelle Evans on ‘Teen Mom 2’

Well Juh-nelle…I see ya’ve been replaced!

Jenelle Evans was fired from Teen Mom 2 today, and she can let go of any hope that MTV will hire her back, as The Ashley has learned that the network already has a girl in line to take Jenelle’s coveted spot, and has for a little while.

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that Jade Cline from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant will be taking over for Jenelle.

“The network plans to move Jade from ‘Young and Pregnant’ and she will be the fifth girl on ‘Teen Mom 2,” a behind-the-scenes source told The Ashley. “Jade has been filming for ‘Teen Mom 2’ and the other ‘Young and Pregnant’ girls aren’t currently filming.”

“The other girls’ crews have known for several weeks, even the ones who are not on the Jade shoots because everyone talks and some work on multiple girls’ shoots,” the source added.

The Ashley hears that Jade was being filmed as a “just in case,” as the producers were not sure when they started filming her what would be happening with Jenelle.

“The other [‘Teen Mom 2’] girls started filming around when Jade did,” the source said. “They figured if Jenelle wasn’t let go, they could move the Jade footage over and use it on ‘Young and Pregnant.'”

As for Jenelle, MTV made it clear in statement released today that she has not been filmed since early April, and will not appear on the upcoming Season 9B. 

“MTV ended its relationship with David Eason over a year ago in February 2018 and has not filmed any new episodes of Teen Mom 2 with him since,” an MTV spokesperson exclusively told Us Weekly in a statement on Tuesday. “Additionally, we have stopped filming with Jenelle Eason as of April 6, 2019 and have no plans to cover her story in the upcoming season.”

Stay tuned…The Ashley will update this story when she has more info. 

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  1. I’m kinda glad she has finally been fired. she chooses deadbeats to be with and puts herself and her children in danger when she gets with abusive people. how can you be with someone who does harm to your animals?

  2. Ugh, Jade and Ashley are the two most insufferable girls from Y&P. I couldn’t stand that show, and was only able to tolerate watching Brianna and Lexi. I guess it’s definitely better that it’s Jade and not Mac McKee, but she’s still not a great choice. Also, same gripe I had with Cheynne, Jade was never a teen mom. She was a young mom, but she did not deal with having a child during her high school years, she was 20/21 and was already living on her own with her boyfriend. She was an adult.

  3. I wonder how feasible it would be to combine the originals from both Teen Moms into one show. That would be so much better than playing musical chairs with all these new girls. The only reason the show has lasted so long is familiarity, I think.

  4. Apparently WeTV announced they’re going to have Jenelle and Lurch on Marriage Bootcamp…

    1. I saw that too….If this is true, I can’t believe WeTv…then again they employ felons and crack heads like Mama June and her boyfriends of the month. Channel should be called shameless.

  5. In reference to People mentioning other trash networks picking up a show about D + J – don’t these shoes have to have “insurance?” Wouldn’t they be too much of a liability/too expensive to insure? I’m not sure how that all works… I can remember back in LiLo’s public train wreck days no one would work with her cuz she was too much of a liability to insure… not sure if it’s different with tv than with movie production companies. Anyways, doesn’t Viacom own half the trashy tv networks on the air?

  6. I think Jade is a decent choice. She puts it all out there and shared the ugly parts of her life… (aside from the weird mirror-pic incident where she said the line of powder on the bathroom sink was make-up… 🤔) but shes def got the “drama” element to bring to the show in Chinelle’s longgg overdue absence/termination.

    1. Of course they are and we all know it’s a money grab. She claims everything is fine and we don’t know what happens when the cameras aren’t there and he’s posting that he doesn’t need anger management. So why are they going on if they believe they are ‘fine’. Right, someone just lost a huge income doing nothing and there are multiple court dates coming up.

  7. So is Teen Mom Y&P getting cancelled??. Lexi was already canned and Ashley said she was done once and then changed her mind or something. I do think Jade is a good choice especially compared to some of the other new girls.

  8. Sadly, we will absolutely be seeing this couple on other reality shows. They are a train wreck and networks love that. David will cooperate as he has no other income.

    1. Any show that picks them up will lose sponsors and commercial revenue. David’s name is mud.

  9. I have nothing against Jade but, she’s never been a teen mom, she must be 23 or pretty close to it. I’m sure MTV can’t wait to film Jade’s mother, the woman has no shame and we know how MTV loves that.

  10. I think it’s time the show just dies. These girls have been put in s position where if it ends they will have had no real job experience whatever except MTV. Nearly 30 and no real job. Jenelle really shot herself in the foot. She’ll have no real resume, a medical certificate she won’t be able to use and a terrible reputation. Worse she’ll be unemployed when she goes up against Nathan for custody. I think he stands a great chance to get Kaiser back. Added her willingness to go back to David after numerous extensions of support will show child neglect if she is being investigated by CPS. I the only two that will be fine after this is Kail and Chelsea because Kail has multiple businesses and is in a better position to use degree and Chelsea has a husband and father who would continue to support her financially to stay a a stay at home mom. I don’t see her going back to work since she didn’t seem to enjoy it the few months she did, all these clothing lines will end too because their only success is based on notoriety. MTV needs to give these girls a chance to succeed without them cause it will be sad if they are like 40 and nothing to show for life then mtv reality star.

    1. I disagree about no job expertise. Farrah worked her backdoor off. If you don’t call making molds of your naked private parts work I don’t know what to say. She has even helped her daughter learn photography while filming her ass injections. Sophia will value that picture taking skill when she applies to college. Keiffer can make pipes too. That’s a highly useful skill lol

  11. All jokes aside isn’t anyone afraid David will retaliate against MTV and the producers. The man has an arsenal!!! You hear those stories of men that target their former place of employment after being fired. The entire situation is frightening if you really think about it.

    1. I don’t know. It would require him to actually leave the swamp, the place that has all his drugs and he can be the big fish in the little pond. Like he’s almost too lazy to do it.

  12. Why did they have to replace her..the girls get like 7 minutes each an episode as it is

  13. I like Jade, she has a good head on her shoulder and reminds me a lot of Maci. TM is fizzling out and while I’m interested in some of the story lines, I don’t really want to watch an hour about them when I can read about them online. TM started when being young and having babies was taboo but now a days it’s common in society. They aren’t young anymore and have the same ups and downs like the rest of us. Kid or no kid.

  14. I hope Jade is better than Brianna and the Coven De Jesús. The Mother is a horrible person who wants to scream about Puerto Rico and being Latina, her sister is a gangbanger and Brianna is just a idiot who wants to have a kid with everyone.

  15. TM Just seems incredibly boring now. How many times does kail have to get pregnant by some random dude, leah neglect her girlsies, and of course brianna’s man cheating on her? (lol)

  16. This is dumb. Why add someone who has no ties to teen mom? This girl is from the reboot. Why can’t they get a girl from the franchise? They did the same dumb shit with OG. Adding people who have no ties.

  17. I like Jade but I think it’s time to end tm. It’s so boring now. It’s like really I wasted my time watching this. Kail bitching. Chelsea holding babies. Bri yuck. Leah’s always boring.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
        Save the children

  18. So no more Babs???? Don’t get me wrong…I’m thrilled Janelle was fired, but couldn’t they just replace her with Barbara???? She was the most entertaining person in the entire cast!!!

  19. hallelujah. MTV finally did something right. Now the Eason’s Won’t have an income because both are lazy and uneducated. It’s only a matter of time until The Ashley will be reporting that The Land is in foreclosure.

  20. What does this mean for teen mom young and pregnant does that show get canned? You started that they aren’t filming, Lexi, was already let go, and now Jade is moving to TM2 so is young and pregnant done for? Just curious.

    1. They could bring new pregnant girls.

      TLC’s unexpected kept a couple of first season girls on while also adding new ones. It worked pretty well for them so maybe MTV will do something similar

      We’ll see!

  21. It’s about time MTV has given these low-life Trashy Women a good life and they spit in MTV’s face let them go out and make a living like the rest of us

  22. Janelle let a man get her fired from her job in her only source of money sweetheart get rid of his ass before he starts beating you is he already doesn’t

    1. I think she’s too stupid to realize the value of employment and money because she’s been employed by MTV since she was 16 and has never actually been broke…give her 6 months. She’ll come crawling back just like Farrah has. In the words of Diddy right before he fired Aubrey from Danity Kane on making the band…”it gets real dark and lonely”. Jenelles gonna learn the hard way.

  23. The wording in the statement is suspicious… it doesn’t say they ‘cut ties’ with her, it says they’re ‘not covering her on the upcoming season,’ while I really Hope MTV is done with her ass, I can’t help but think they’d bring her back on the condition that she leave David for good.

    1. this a thousand times read how they worded lurch when he was fired no doubt about what they said. but hers they simply say she won’t be seen next season. they did this to shut up fans and the other moms but it most definitely leaves the window up for her return especially when she starts her Im the victim train. she will make the same claims she does every single time she gets rid of a guy like the exact same claims. she will threaten she will kill herself or that she doesn’t’ have a reason to live and use it against mtv to hire her back.

      1. Absolutely! MTV couldn’t not do anything when advertisers pulled ads and fans were swamping their social media pages with #firejenelle & #justicefornugget. Jenelle will complain that she was let go for something her husband did, and she couldn’t do anything about it because he was abusing her and her kids and she was ‘so afraid of him, that she couldn’t do anything about it.’ While I don’t doubt that’s not far from the truth, she needs to get out now before it gets BAD down on the swamp. I don’t think either David (or Jenelle for that matter) ever thought this would happen. Nathan and Doris need to get Kaiser out of there NOW. Poor Maryssa & Ensley. They don’t have a chance. Where the hell is Maryssa’s mom? I read somewhere that she’s an addict, you’d think she’d get her shit together or have a family member try and get custody of her.

    2. I hope it means that MTV will not profit off their dysfunction anymore and pay for the therapy for her and the kids because they will need it.

    1. She is actually not as stupid as a lot of the girls and I like her personality. She has a job takes care of her kid and seems to have her priorities in order.Her mom is a junkie narcissist nightmare though. Shes better than jenelle I can tell u that much.

  24. I really don’t understand what their deal is with McKenzie McKee, everyone knows she wants to be on tm and I actually liked her on tm3. I liked her way better than Brianna! But from what I’ve seen of Jade I liked her. I guess the important thing is…no more Jenelle!! I hope Barb put some money in savings for her and Jace!! Thats the ONLY thing I hate about Jenelle being fired, I truly like Barb and I’m sure she could use the money. But no more income for David’s lazy pathetic ass is sooo satisfying lol!

    1. Mackenzie is so boring and she tries way too hard. She has nothing of interest happening other than her mom’s cancer and the series follows the moms stories, not the grandparents stories.

    2. McKee is an interesting case. On TM3, which I tried to watch, her mumble mouth baby daddy and her mother’s exasperation over her decisions became boring after awhile. But then they shocked me by actually getting married (when on the show it looked like that kid would rather have his teeth pulled than be around her), having babies, fake sex tape, boobs enlargement, wrecking vehicles, and flushing wedding rings. Sounds fun, no? Now her mother is dying of cancer… why isn’t MTV jumping on this? There has to be more to this story because it’s clear Mack has been practically begging MTV for a chance.

  25. Dear Cacti gods… just merge TM and TM2 and be done with it. Or just let this last season be it’s last. I don’t care about anyone else, and frankly MTV has a terrible track record of thier replacements; Bristol, Cheyenne, and Briana… which didn’t add to the show at all. Just… learn something MTV, you can’t keep trying to resuscitate your cash cow when she’s clearly been sick and dying for a few years now. The show and some of its castmembers are more of a liability than a teaching oppertunity, then maybe do a special a few years from now catching everyone up. Maybe when all the kids graduate?

    1. Bristol, Cheyenne, and Brianna were awful choices…and they were also adults with bigger kids on a show called “Teen Mom”….I’ll never understand why they chose them out of the many girls from the 16 and pregnant seasons…I don’t know much about Jade, but I will say at least she’s an actual teen mom…I remember her moms kind’ve wacky and the BD was wishy washy…I think she’ll be able to show actual Teen Mom problems….and at least her people haven’t murdered any animals (that we know of).

      1. I honestly wonder why they don’t just pull from those who filmed 16&P during the same season as TM2’s cast. Those ladies actually did have to go the teen pregnancy route without MTV money for years and it would be nice to see what thier life is like. While Jade is actually a teen mom, she’s already had MTV money, I think it would be better to give someone else a shot that, you know, may actually use that extra money to help themselves out. Nothing against Jade, but let’s stop calling it TM or TM2 when random are just being adding in now

  26. Meh. The important thing is Jenelle is gone. Wonder when the divorce and bankruptcy will hit lmao

    1. Are we taking bets?!? I think initially they’ll survive off clickbait/interviews and possible savings for maybe 6 months. After that it’s going to be insane – getting real jobs will be the last thing these fools do to try to maintain thier house. I’d be willing to bet actually seperation/divorce by the year marker and Jenelle begging Babs to help her with a place to stay and child care. It’ll be a nightmare for the children

  27. I don’t know why they just don’t combine the two shows. Get rid of Bri and keep the best Girls.

  28. HA!!! Jenelle WILL NOT be missed!…From the (few) episodes I’ve seen, I actually like Jade…and I’m glad she’s from the franchise, and not another chick from a random show….an actual Teen Mom.

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