Are Jenelle Evans & David Eason Really Going on ‘Marriage Boot Camp?’ Here’s What’s Happening (Exclusive Details!)

“I hope they have some real purdy gun racks for me to rest these here weapons on while we’re there!”

Jenelle Evans has been unemployed for one day but the former Teen Mom 2 star is already trying to line up her next TV deal.

TMZ broke the news on Wednesday that Jenelle and her banned-from-MTV husband David Eason are being sought out by producers of the WEtv show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars to appear on an upcoming season of the show. The Ashley can confirm that Jenelle and David have been contacted to appear—starting last week before Jenelle was even fired by MTV— but nothing is concrete and Jenelle’s camp (allegedly) leaking that story to TMZ may have just cost them the deal!

Jenelle’s manager (Johnny Donovan), told Page Six later on Wednesday that the reports of Jenelle and David going on ‘MBC’ are “false information.”

“She really doesn’t want David involved in her business at all,” her manager said. “She learned a lot.”

However, the story about them being courted for ‘Boot Camp’ is very real, except that nothing had been confirmed when that story was leaked. TMZ reported that Jenelle and David have a meeting scheduled with WEtv next week in New York City to discuss the deal, but this is not true, at least not as of press time, according to The Ashley’s sources. 

Last year, The Ashley told you that WEtv was basically begging Jenelle and David to come on ‘MBC.’ Right around the time David was fired from ‘Teen Mom 2,’ WEtv was in talks with the Easons to appear on their show but, at the time, Jenelle and David turned the opportunity down. 

“WE has been hardcore negotiating with them for the last few weeks, but Jenelle and David have already turned down three offers,” a WEtv network source told The Ashley in April 2018. “They keep saying no but WE keeps offering them more money.”

“Hello, WEtv? Good news, I suddenly have some free time in my schedule!”

Radar Online states that, this time around, Jenelle is trying to negotiate “more than $250,000” for appearing on the show.

The Ashley can confirm that $250,000 is what ‘MBC’ pays some of its biggest leads. (Other ‘Teen Mom’ stars such as Amber PortwoodKail Lowry and Farrah Abraham and their assorted exes and family members have appeared on the show and were offered that rate or comparable.) 

“Jenelle would have been offered that sum, and David’s pay would have come out of that $250,000 as well,” the WEtv source tells The Ashley. “The ‘spouse’ is not paid separately for appearing. They’re paid as a couple, at least that’s been the standard for this show.”

One behind-the-scenes ‘Teen Mom’ source tells The Ashley that “this is still way under what Jenelle will be losing by getting fired from ‘Teen Mom 2.’ This is a one-off show and one-time payment, as opposed to the steady payments from MTV she has been getting for 10 years.” 

“Cal-i-for-nia here we come! This will be even better than livin’ in the sinkin’ swamp!”

Last year was not the first time WEtv has courted Jenelle and David to be on ‘Marriage Boot Camp.’ As The Ashley told you back in 2016, Jenelle had been planning to the ‘Family Edition’ version of the show with David and her mother, Barbara Evansbut Barb backed out. Farrah and her parents went on the show in Jenelle & Co.’s place.

As of press time, Jenelle and David are not officially booked onto ‘Boot Camp,’ and the show’s producers are none too happy that the story was leaked before any of the details were even discussed. 

UPDATE! WEtv has released a statement, via Hollywood Life, stating that Jenelle will not appear on their show.

WE tv has no plans to cast Jenelle Evans on Marriage Boot Camp,” a WEtv spokesperson told the site. 

The network was getting some much flak after the story ran this morning, that it posted an official statement on its Twitter account.

Jenelle also released a statement to Hollywood Life. While she was truthful when she said she has not received any paperwork for ‘MBC,’ her denial that anyone from the show has contacted her is not truthful, according to The Ashley’s sources.

“All of these comments are not true,” Jenelle said. “If I go out of town next week it’s for something completely different than trying to be on a new show. I have not spoken to anyone about ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ at this time. I have not discussed any new show and no paperwork has been given to me at all. All of these claims are rumors.”

“Well Juh-nelle Ya should know better than to count ya chickens before they’ve hatched! You’re a homesteader!”

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(Photos: MTV, WEtv) 


  1. I think that was his plan. To completely isolate her, but his dumbself didn’t realize that is how they eat. He will probably leave her once the money dries up. He’s cold blooded like that. I really do wish her well and hope she gets away from that man.

  2. From the minute David came on the show I stated he will be the worse one yet. Sadly I was right. It was something in his eyes. I remember everyone praising him saying he’s a good dude and me getting attacked on teen mom 2 pages for my opinion. I truly hope she finds the courage to leave, but sadly she’s an abused woman stuck in an awful situation. He definitely killed that dog to show his dominance and to show her what he’s capable of. He’s dangerous.

  3. From the minute David came on the show I stated he will be the worse one yet. Sadly I was right. It was something in his eyes. I remember everyone praising him saying he’s a good dude and me getting attacked on teen mom 2 pages for my opinion. I truly hope she finds the courage to leave, but sadly she’s an abused woman stuck in an awful situation. He definitely killed that dog to show his dominance and to show her what he’s capable of. He’s dangerous.

  4. I think this show had better backtrack on this . As recent events have shown, the guy isnt just an asshole, he is an actual DANGER to those around him. If he goes on one of these shows that thrives on conflict I guarantee someone is going to get hurt. He is a human time bomb. Not a bit amusing anymore. Really scary.

  5. Please people, do anything, complain, complain with producers, sponsors, anything, to get these two of television, and out of the media any legal way possible.

  6. These two need professional help there actually far from it Janelle is a basket case her husband is just an idiot those poor kids she let her stupid hisband ruin any kinda career she coukd have had, the authorities should have pressed charges against them along time ago they do stupid things for attention, and now no money but karma finally came to bite them both in the ass!!!

  7. Think of how they acted when they had money, not the stress is building, he wasted all her money on all that crap, and he’s the reason she got fired. A normal relationship does not survive that,The crazy has just begun, this won’t end well

    1. Not to mention she’s been paying his thousands of dollars in back child support…. what a winner! 🤦‍♀️

    2. I think that was his plan. To completely isolate her, but his dumbself didn’t realize that is how they eat. He will probably leave her once the money dries up. He’s cold blooded like that. I really do wish her well and hope she gets away from that man.

  8. This show is such trash anyway, so this isn’t surprising. The fact is they tried to capitalize from David’s horrific killing of an innocent animal. Even if they backpedal, they already showed their true colors. No way will I ever watch that show.

  9. Looks like Karma may finally be catching up with these two degenerates.. Now just gotta get those children in a safe, nurturing environment.

  10. If they ever ended up on MBC, they’d last two or theee days before they packed up and left. MBC requires at least some effort and honesty. For these two, it’s just not a fit. The whole season would focus on de-escalating BOTH of their tantrums.

  11. I’ll bet anything Jenelle will now try to get on any reality TV show that she thinks will let her on. I’ll bet she’s already reached out to “Naked and Afraid”, “Celebrity Big Brother”, and “Doomsday Preppers”.

    Jenelle isn’t a great writer or speaker so she won’t be able to get a lucrative book deal or podcast.

    Wherever she tries to go to make money though, enraged fans and PETA will find her!

  12. MTV hasn’t filmed Jenelle since April 6, I wonder if this means there’s still some footage of her that they will show. David’s filming stopped and they showed him the first few episodes of the new season that year.
    I’m delighted that they finally did away with her despicable story line but, I still think it took way too long for MTV to address the outraged public. MTV needs to be cutting a big donation check to help animals in need.
    MTV should have stopped her trashy story long ago before she could afford the dog and the gun that killed it.

  13. It’s doubtful that any well known networks would cast these two and any small network most likely wouldn’t have the budget.

    Honestly their best bet is a far right network, ie Breitbart tv channel or similar. The drawbacks of that are obvious enough not to elaborate.

  14. Can you imagine David getting into fights with fellow MBC cast mates and showing up the next day with an assault rifle?

    My question to WeTV is simple: Guys, WTF?

  15. So both of these narcissists are going on a show that they will have to admit their wrongdoings? Sure Jan! David doesn’t need no anger management cause nothing is wrong with him. This will go well. Jenelle won’t admit she and,the kids have been beaten by this heathen and everyone on the show will be threatened by Lurch. I pray WeTV wises up and moves on.

    1. In case they go out of town next week lol
      Sure Jan.
      David will not do a lie detector or participate in group sessions.

  16. Hopefully, enough people will bombard WeTV (and its sponsors) with anti-Eason messages, so that this will never come to fruition.

    If the network does move forward with this horrible idea, I am guessing that Lurch the Loon will peace out immediately. He is going to explode at the first sign of any type of constructive criticism regarding his disgusting behavior/mental health. WeTV will end up replacing him with Barb soon after filming begins.

  17. This B can run like a monster so her unemployed husband has spending money but can’t run to get her children away from this monster. Disgusting, Jenelle Evans Eason is just a s sick as David Eason.

  18. I’m so sick of reading these comments about Teen Mom and complaining it’s still on! You idiots have to stop watching first! As long as you watch, they’ll keep it going. Duh

    1. Pretty sure the 80 or so regular commenters here don’t represent the hundreds of thousands people who watch Teen Mom 2. I wish we represented the majority because the show would for sure be canned, but unfortunately we don’t.

  19. Couldn’t believe a network would have the audacity to hire these 2 liable buffoons after all the evil crap they’ve pulled, but it is WETv…they employ felons, horrible moms and crack heads…so there’s that.

  20. Anybody that would beat and shoot a 10lb dog would sexually abuse their children. Yes I said it. I always thought the pics he posted of his girls were inappropriate. Yes I honestly fell David would. Poor Maryssa looks like she has been thru hell.

      1. I hope not either. Just the way he has no regard for anything/anyone. He has no respect for authority. Just signs that I see.

        1. I must admit maryssa gives off a vibe that something other than verbal abuse goes on, but I thought I was just over reacting.

          My heart breaks For this kids, and other animals stuck on that cesspit

    1. Did you see Chester the Child Molster hand Kaiser a banana with 2 hands and those eyes of Maryssa? Or the posting of Kaiser picture when he was a baby and had his hand down his diaper? Yep Chester is his name.

  21. Could this be why Jenelle and David we’re facebook single awhile ago? Trying to drum up drama for more money?

    I’m all for contacting any advertiser and the TV show – Abuse both against humans and animals should never be tolerated and rewarded with new ventures. MTV let it go on long enough and it needs to stop.

    Jenelle has been asking for years for people to LEAVE HER ALONE.. so maybe it’s time.

  22. It’s funny her manager said David isn’t in on her business decisions. David is the only one making Jenelles business decisions. I can’t see them going on that show. How are they going to the she shed? 24 hour filming. None scripted. If they go on that show I give it 24 hours before they leave. Who would be on that show knowing David will be on it too?

    1. David wouldn’t go on the show once they told him he would have to leave the Land to film and couldn’t bring his guns.

  23. But seriously, how tf is this possible for them to do? Who would take the kids? I highly doubt Babs would. Maryssa has no other options. I doubt Jenelle would be cool with Nathan taking Kaiser for a prolonged period of time.

    I swear the girl forgets about the fact she is responsible for other humans

  24. Why in the world would MBC want them on the show when they saw what a huge backlash TM2 got, both from viewers and advertisers??

  25. So can we all start e-mail WeTV and tell them to rethink this decision? I’ve watched episodes in the past and it’s obviously just for fun, nothing seems real on it. However, watching a team of people try to patch up a relationship with a known abuser and animal killer…no thank you!

  26. Can Anyone guess how much she’s made so far this year with TM2? I ask because from what I understand she has to pay taxes at the end of the year on that money. And I’m SURE she hasn’t saved it from what she’s already been paid. Id imagine that’s A LOT of money to owe at one time even when you are still working. She’s going to be screwed next year tax time.

    1. If she has a decent tax advisor, she’d either withhold on what she received or make quarterly estimated tax payments.

      That being said, it’s Jenelle. I doubt she even files her taxes, let alone has a decent accountant or financial advisor

  27. Cool, so I won’t watch marriage boot camp then. I’m not supporting anything that’s putting any money into those POS’s pockets.

    1. She’s had offers from Discovery ID: “Evil Lives Here” and Oxygen: “Buried in the Backyard”!!!!!

  28. WeTV needs to take a close look at all the SM backlash against these two. They also need to consider their liability risk should they push Lurch off the brink. Bad idea.

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