Newly Surfaced Video Allegedly Shows Former ‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel Taking Hallucinogenic Drugs at House Party

Raise your hand if ya like to party…

On the heels of avoiding jail time for sexual assault charges by paying a $500 fine, Thomas Ravenel is back in the spotlight for yet another not-so-charming display of behavior.

According to People, a newly surfaced video filed in court by the former Southern Charm star’s ex and baby mama, Kathryn Dennis, allegedly shows 57-year-old Thomas experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs at a house party. The video, according to a sworn statement by Kathryn, also shows Thomas engaging in inappropriate and violent behavior.

“Violent and inappropriate behavior?! You must have the wrong guy!”

The shaky footage obtained by DailyMail (and assumingely filmed using a cellphone) shows Thomas standing among a group of people in the bathroom of his home before sticking his hand into a plastic bag.

“I’ve never tried this in my life,” the father of two is heard saying before seemingly encouraging his party guest to join him, “Just one, just one.”

At one point in the video, a woman can be heard warning Thomas of partaking in the favors by telling him he’s “gonna geek out right now.”

From Thomas to ThoMESS in 3…2…

“I wouldn’t want to do it,” the woman continues. “I just don’t want to hallucinate.”

Thomas then responds to the woman through slurred speech, “It’s just mushrooms.”

The alleged “magic mushroom” video was reportedly part of the court documents filed by Kathryn that noted Thomas’s penchant for watching “muscleman p0rn” and recalled an incident in which he followed said act by masturbating onto Kathryn’s back while she slept.

“Still trying to wipe that entire experience from my memory, thanks.”

While the date of the footage is unknown, Kathryn claimed in the affidavit used toward her fight for full custody that videos of this nature featuring her children’s father were pretty common.

“ … various people have sent me all kinds of things regarding Thomas over the years,” she stated in the document.

In fact, Kathryn went on in the affidavit to cite a video that Thomas allegedly sent directly to her, in which he is slurring his words and calling the couple’s son Saint by their daughter’s name. This incident, according to Kathryn, was a breach of the agreement that the exes have to not be intoxicated or under the influence while caring for their children.

While Thomas pleaded guilty to assault charges against his children’s former nanny just two weeks ago, he remains the primary legal custodian of he and Kathryn’s children as of a judge’s ruling last month. He and Kathryn share joint custody of the kids and currently, neither has been ordered to pay child support.

Watch the alleged mushroom video featuring Thomas below:

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(Photos: Bravo; Instagram; DailyMail)

14 Responses

  1. Thank you Ashley!
    He’s going to swear under oath that those were Portabello mushrooms and Kathryn will once again get dicked over by this disgusting flea. #fuckthegoodoleboysystem.

    1. Kathryn, needs to try to get along with the father of her children. No one will benefit with accusations, and Attorneys involved! For their sake, and the sake of their children they have to make some changes!

    1. How can you have primary and joint custody at the same time? No sarcasm i really don’t understand… I’ve never been in that position of having to split custody.

        1. Joint custody is what they have but I think she’s going for primary custody which wouldn’t mean they don’t share custody. It just mean’s that she will be the one that has them all week while he gets them every other weekend.

      1. He has primary legal custody which means he can make decisions for them without consulting Kathryn but joint time custody.

        “Legal Custody: Parents who have legal custody are able to make legal decisions on matters impacting the child. Physical Custody: Children live with parents who have physical custody. Sole Custody: One parent has both physical and legal custody of the child.”

  2. Well, since she lost custody for smoking weed, I’m assuming he’ll loose it for taking shrums. If he doesn’t, there is a real problem with South Carolina’s family court system.

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